[HCDX] IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 9/28/00
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[HCDX] IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 9/28/00

          WELCOME TO THE AM-DX NEWSFLASH  -  September 28 2000
                            Vol 6  No 26

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Deadline for next issue - Thursday, October 5 2000 @ 1400 UTC

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"*" denotes that the tip/info/etc. came from the IRCA eGroup (used by 
permission). You must be a member of IRCA to subscribe to the eGroup at 
http://www.egroups.com.  International Radio Club of America

"**" denotes that the following items were originally posted on the 
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                X X        X X  X X     X X   X     X
               XXXXX       X  XX  X     X  X  X     XXXX
              X     X      X      X     X   X X     X
             X       X     X      X     X    XX     X


 CPC DX tests


      9/30/00 Sat - 0100-0200 - 1180 - WJNT - Jackson MS (IRCA)
     10. 6.00 Fri - 1200-1600 -  153 -        Ingoy

Saturday, September 30, 2000 - WJNT-1180, Jackson, MS will conduct a DX 
test from 1:00-2:00 am EDT. WJNT will run their regular talk programming 
(Coast to Coast AM), news at the top and bottom of the hour, along with 
Morse code IDs. WJNT will be operating with 50 Kilowatts (full daytime 
power), non-directional pattern during this period.

Reception reports may be sent to:
P.O. Box 1248
Jackson, MS 39215-1248
Attn: Stan Carter - C.E.

E-mail: email@xxxxxxxx, WWW: http://wjnt.com
 (Arranged by Lynn Hollerman for the IRCA CPC.)

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you don't hear a test, be sure and drop a card, 
letter, or e-mail to the station personnel, thanking them for going to 
the trouble to run a test!
  Also, if you hear a test, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know, via either e-
mail or in rec.radio.shortwave! And if you send a reception report to a 
station, please remember to include return postage with your report...

***Bernt Erfjord - berfjord@xxxxxxxx

153 transmission
  Due to late arrival of some important parts for establishing the 
programme feed to Ingoy, the planned special broadcast will be 
postponded slightly. It's now been scheduled to take place on FRIDAY 6TH 
OF OCTOBER between 1900 and 2300 UTC.
  The transmitter was put on the air yesterday at half power (50 kW) and 
should now be operating at full power 100 kW.  Until the studiofeed is 
ready during next week, the transmitter will relay NRK P1 (including 
regional programmes from NRK Finnmark).  As soon as the studio feed is 
OK, programme will be switched to NRK Europakanalen (// Kvitsøy 1314 
kHz) but with regional programmes from NRK Finnmark as well.
  This will give you an opportunity to listen to 153 kHz from now on, 
and be fully prepared for the special show to be broadcast in English 
and Norwegian on friday the 6th.  A special QSL-card will be available 
for correct reception reports to that broadcast, and we plan to mail 
them from Ingoy with the postmarks of the local Ingoy postoffice.  A 
goodie for you stampcollectors as well!  
  Until the coming friday, feel free to give us a status-report on how 
you receive the signal!
  Updates on http://www.dxlc.com/longwave/ingoy.html






FREQ.    CALL SIGN           OLD INFO        NEW INFO
 550  KGME PHOENIX, AZ       SPORTS        KFYI - NWS/TLK        9-06
 590  WMBS UNIONTOWN, PA     A.C.          OLDIES                9-13
 630  WDGY HUDSON, WI        TLK/SPTS      SPORTS - 1 ON 1       9-06
 680  WCNN ATLANTA, GA       URBAN AC// WALR  SPORTS - ESPN      9-06
      WJCE MEMPHIS, TN       R&B OLDIES    ALDT STNDS -WW1       9-13
 860  WRFB COCOA, FL         EZ LIST.      SILENT                9-06
 880  KJOJ CONROE, TX        RELIG/TALK    TALK // KPRC          9-13
 910  KFYI PHOENIX, AZ       NWS/TLK       KGME - SPORTS         9-06
 980  WTRY TROY, NY          OLDIES // FM  WOFX - FOX SPORTS     9-13
1170  WPLX GERMANTOWN, TN    STNDS         C. CHRIST // KKLV     9-13
1240  KJOP LEMOORE, CA       SPANISH       CATHOLIC - EWTN       9-06
      KLTH SAN BERNARDINO, CA REL // KLTX  RELIG.                9-06
      WDFL CROSS CITY ,FL    C&W WW1 // FM DROPS // FM           9-06
      WKIQ EUSTIS, FL        TALK          CL. C&W  - JRN        9-06
      KCCR PIERRE, SD        AC/TLK        CL. HITS/TLK          9-06
1300  WMTM MOULTRIE, GA      C&W // FM     OLDIES // FM & S GSP  9-06
      KRBI ST. PETER, MN     AC // FM      AC/TALK               9-13
1330  WNTA ROCKFORD, IL      TLK/STNDS     TLK/RHY OLDIES        9-13
      WXEE WELCH, WV         VARIETY       SILENT                9-13
      WHGT WAYNESBORO, PA    C&W // WAYZ   CL. HITS // WSRT      9-13
1390  KLTX LONG BEACH, CA    RELIGION      SS RELIG. // KMRO     9-06
      WEOK POUGHKEEPSIE, NY  TLK/SPT       SPORTS-ESPN              1
1420  KPAR GRANDBURY, TX     C&W           CL. ROCK JRN // KCUB  9-06
1450  KSIW WOODWARD, OR      SPT // WWLS FM  HOT C&W // KWFX     9-06
1460  WWKL HARRISBURG, PA    OLDIES //  FM   OLDIES              9-13
1490  WWPR BRADENTON, FL     ADLT STNDS    OLDIES                9-06
      WDLC PORT JERVIS, NY   A. STNDS      SILENT                   1
      WDUR DURHAM, NC        BLK GSPL// WTRG   OLDIES // WTRG    9-06
1540  WRTK NILES, OH         ROCK // WNCD  OLDIES // WBBG        9-06
1570  WNST TOWSON, MD        CATHOLIC      SPORTS 1 ON 1         9-13
      WCLE CLEVELAND, TN     C&W // FM     C&W - ABC REAL C&W    9-13
1590  KGAS CARTHAGE, TX      C&W // FM     S.GSPL - SRN          9-06
1600  KCKK LAKEWOOD, CO      CL. C&W // FM CL. C&W               9-06
1660  KQJD WEST FARGO, ND     ----         ADLT STNDS            9-04


                              CHANGE SITE TO:  32-21-38 89-25-14
                              1200 NIGHTS DA-2 FROM NDA
                              CHANGE NIGHT SITE TO 42-01-09  83-14-23
                              TO 34-20-63 102-57-18
                              47KW DAYS DA-2
1280  KVOD DENVER , CO        CHANGE SITE TO 39-36-05 104-
                              CHANGE SITE TO:  32-47-06  96-57-15


                              10KW/10KW DA-1  (CJVI MOVES TO FM)
                              42-26-30  83-10-23
                              2KW NIGHTS, NDA
                              MOVES SITE TO: 37-55-55  86-43-19
1290  WKNE KEENE, NH          CHANGES SITE TO: 42-56-46  72-18-23
                              NDA FROM DA-N
                              DA-N FROM NDA CHANGES CITY OF
                              LICENSE TO SHASTA, CA MOVES SITE TO
                              40-33-14 122-22-53



The NRC AM Radio Log, 22nd Edition, including cross-referenced listings 
from 530-1700 khz., is compiled from both listeners' reports and 
official sources, making it the most accurate listing of U. S. and 
Canadian AM stations available. Unbound, three-hole punched for standard 
binders. Still only $16.95 to U. S. and Canadian IRCA/NRC members; 
$22.95 to U. S. and Canadian non-NRC members. Airmail to members:  Latin 
America, $24.00; Europe, $25.00; rest of the world: $28.00. Order from:  
NRC Publications - Box 164 - Mannsville, NY 13661 (NY residents, please 
add sales tax).

**Russ Edmunds - Blue Bell PA - wb2bjh@xxxxxxxxx

 The following item is quoted from the New York radio Guide 
  (September 8) - Listeners tuning in to 1380 AM this past week heard 
something unusual... a repeating teaser announcing the station`s soon-
to-be-introduced format. WNNY ("Noticias New York", formerly WKDM) plans 
on breaking new ground with the nation`s only Spanish-language 24/7 All-
News format, which explains WNNY`s three-month down-time while the new 
format has been readied.  Since the station`s purchase from 
Multicultural Broadcasting was finalized on June 30th, new owner Mega 
Communications has been assembling its staff and preparing new studio 
facilities at 360 Lexington Avenue. According to Mega CEO Alfredo 
Alonso, regular programming is set to begin during the last week of 

**Patrick Griffith - AM-DXer@xxxxxxxxx

  WNVR 1030 in Vernon Hills, IL is still on at this time with Polish 
language programming. To my knowledge they are daytime + CH only. Full 
TOH ID at 2300 EST with cities of Vernon Hills / Northbrook / Chicago. 
Also mention of Polskie Radio, WRKL in NYC, and internet presence at 
www.polskieradio.com. Audio cutting out frequently for 1 or 2 seconds. 
Test transmission? 
  Can be nulled just enough to hear WBZ undereath even though I am only 
15 miles from the WNVR transmitter and in front of their directional 
  (reporting on the road from Libertyville, IL using NewMar model NAV-
121 Mk II receiver with built-in top mount rotatable loop antenna).

***Erich Bergmann - Ansback GERMANY - e.bergmann@xxxxxxxxxx

  R. Moldova has reactivated the frequency 873 kHz, heard today at 0300 
UTC with news in Rumanian, also on the September 19 about 1945.

**Frederick R. Vobbe - Lima OH - fredv@xxxxxxxxxxx

  The Detroit Free press Friday edition report that WJR has lost the 
rights to the Detroit Redwings for this season and the Tigers starting 
in 2001.
  Starting next year WXYT-1270 in Detroit will host the games.
  It's a 50 million dollar deal for CBS/Viacom which owns WXYT and a big 
loss for ABC's owned WJR.
  The Tigers have been on WJR for 39 years, and the Redwings for 30 

*kevin redding - Mesa AZ - lwdxer@xxxxxxxx

KFYI, KGME switch at midnight 9/24/00
  In the Phoenix market KGME 550 and KFYI 910 are to switch frequencies 
this evening at midnight. Both stations are owned by the megacorp Clear 
Channel. The 550 frequency one year ago belonged to KOY which had that 
frequency since the 1920s, is also owned by Clear Channel. For Clear 
Channel to move the 910 KFYI signal to 550 is tantamount to the Clear 
Channel elecs admitting moving the highly listened to KOY to a peanut 
whistle frequency of 1230 as a major mistake. 
  The 550 frequency is the most valuable in Arizona and covers more of 
the state than any other. This will help KFYI to gather more listeners. 
The move of KGME to 550 from 1350 by Clear Channel was a dismal failure 
because KGME never achieved more than about a 2 share where KOY had 
always gathered between a 4.2 and 5 share consistently with its Oldies 
and AC format. 
  My opinion which is worth less than two cents is that Clear Channel 
had made a mistake moving KOY off to 1230 and they are losing 
advertising dollars over it. They will never move KOY back to 550 
because they don't want to lose face and the best they can do is move 
KFYI which has outperformed KGME consistently to the 550 spot. I find 
this particularly amusing and get a bit of satisfaction out of it since 
the sports shock jocks at KGME were so disgusting in the treatment of 
the KOY listeners in the first hour of their programming. I think that 
the failure of KGME to reach the desires of the Clear Channel gurus is 
kind of a fitting justice for that treatment. 
  As for KFYI in all of this, some of the KFYI new programming heaves me 
puzzled, especially in the night slots. We will all have to see how this 
will shake out. 

**Pete - radioguy@xxxxxxxx

  According to a tape loop, WNNY-1380 is due to hit the air Wednesday, 
September 27 according to a note on the NYRB.

Chris Martin - Brisbane AUSTRALIA - MartinCG@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Australia's newest X Bander commenced transmission on August 4th from 
Dalby Queensland . 4DB is running 400 watts on 1629 kHz 24 hours a day 
with a 'Country Rock' format. P.D. is Geoff Roberts. Address is P O Box 
630 Dalby 4405, Qld. Phone number (+61) 0746698555.
  1629 kHz is becoming a little congested here in the south east corner 
of Qld as Brisbane station Radio Italia on 1629 seems to be running more 
than 400 watts. I have noted its ground wave to be travelling further 
than others in the area, like Radio 1701, in daylight hours.
  Filipino X Bander logged here in Brisbane. Thanks to a tip from Kazeto 
Unabara in Japan, I have been able to log the Manila station on 1674 kHz 
at 1030 UTC giving id as DZBF.



*Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

 531  JOQG  JAPAN, Morioka, good over 2MC w/JJ talk at 1345 9/23
 540  JO..  JAPAN, NHK 1 sunchros here //531 at 1348 9/23 (PM-OR)
 558  JOCR  JAPAN, Kobe weak to fair with JJ Pops and female ancr in JJ 
       at 1334 9/2 (PM-OR)
 567  JOIK  JAPAN, Sapporo, good // 531 1346 9/23 (PM-OR)
 594  JOAK  JAPAN, Tokyo  good // 567 w/JJ talk at 1340 9/23 (PM-OR)
 666  JOBK  JAPAN, Osaka  // 594 w/JJ talk at 1342 9/23 (PM-OR)
 693  JOAB  JAPAN, Tokyo good with News in EE at 1400  9/23 (PM-OR)
 954  JOKR  JAPAN,Tokyo  good w/JJ talk at 1347 9/23 (PM-OR)
 963  JO..  JAPAN, JJ talkat 1351 9/23 (PM-OR)
1008  JONR  JAPAN, Osaka, good w/JJ talk and music at 1356 9/23
1053  JOAR  JAPAN,Nagoya  fair  with QRM from jammer with JJ talk at 
       1355 9/23 (PM-OR)
1071  JO..  JAPAN, JJ Talkin passing at 1350 9/23. (PM-OR)
1107  JO.. JAPAN  a jumble of weak JJ talk,several commercial stations 
       listed at 1347 9/23 (PM-OR)
1179  JOOR  JAPAN, Osaka, good at 1354 9/23, JJ talk (PM-OR)
1242  JOLF  JAPAN, Tokyo, good with male & female JJ talk at 357 9/23.
1287  JOHR  JAPAN, Sapporo, quite weak JJ talk at 1402 9/23. he Southern 
       JJs seemed better this morning. (PM-OR)
1314  JOUF  JAPAN, Osaka, fair with female in JJ at 1336 9/2 (PM-OR)
1413  JOIF  JAPAN, Fukuoka, weak in 1410-1420 splash at 1343 9/23

Drake R8, EWE Antenna, K9AY Antenna

 531  1XPI  NEW ZEALAND, Auckland, Samoan programming at 1325 9/24
 531  JOQG  JAPAN, Morioka, bits of JJ talk u/1XPI at 1325 9/24
 540  JO..  JAPAN, Synchros here w/JJ talk at 1326 9/24, u/o domestics
 549  2CR  AUSTRALIA, Orange fair in 550 splash with ABC News at 1300 
       9/24 (PM-OR)
 558  JOCR  JAPAN, Kobe, poor with JJ talk at 1310 9/24 (PM-OR)
 558  D....  PHILIPPINES, prob DZXL, but buts of Tagalog talk way behind 
       JOCR at 1335 9/24 (PM-OR)
 594  JOAK/ 3WV  JAPAN/AUSTRALIA mix here at 1350 9/24 (PM-OR)
 612  4QR  AUSTRALIA, Brisbane, very good with Olympic coverage 
       discussion at 1410 9/24 (PM-OR)
 639  2CS  AUSTRALIA, Coffs Harbour very good with discussion program at 
       1415 9/24 (PM-OR)
 648  UNID  BIts of garbled audio at 1405 9/24. (PM-OR
 702  2BL  AUSTRALIA, Sydney good with ABC News 1402 9/24 (PM-OR)
 711  7NT/4QW  AUSTRALIA //702 at 1402 9/24  (PM-OR)
 729  5RN  AUSTRALIA, Adelaide, very good with folk mx at 1355 9/24
 774  3L0  AUSTRALIA, Melbourne good w/ABC News at 1404 9/24 (PM-OR)
 792  4RN  AUSTRALIA, Brisbane, good with Olympic news discussion at 
       1357 9/24 (PM-OR)
 810  UNID  Station here in unk language way behind KGO, tried to phase, 
       but after I knocked out KGO, the UNID was too weak. At 1411 9/24 
 873  2GB  AUSTRALIA, Sydney, good at times with Olympic coverage at 
       1345 9/24 (PM-OR)
 891  5AN  AUSTRALIA, Adelaide, good at 1415 9/24  (PM-OR)
 900  KNUI  HAWAII, Kahalui, dom. most of the morning with nice Hawaiian 
       pop mx noted at 1335 9/24. (PM-OR)
 918  UNID  AUSTRALIA? Station here playing Pop mx, but faded before any 
       ID at 1412 9/24 (PM-OR)
 927  4CC  AUSTRALIA, Gladstone, good signal at 1414 9/24 with "Four 
       double C" ID. Very nice fade up. (PM-OR)
 936  4PB  AUSTRALIA, Brisbane very good in discussions with several 
       passing from 1330-1415 UTC 9/24 (PM-OR)
 945  UNID  AUSTRALIA? Pop mx at 1418 9/24. (PM-OR)
 954  JOKR  JAPAN, Tokyo fair w/JJ talk at 1340 9/24 (PM-OR)
 963  UNID  Pop mx here noted at 1355 9/24 (PM-OR)
 981  UNID, bits of mx at 1336 9/24 (PM-OR)
 990  JORK  JAPAN, Kochi, bits of JJ talk mixed in with domestics at 
       1342 9/24. (PM-OR)
1017  AUSTRALIA/JAPAN, a mix of presumed 2KY and JOLB at 1337 9/24
1053  JOAR/ JAMMER at 1321 9/24. JOAR peaking up from jammer off and on
1062  DZEC  PHILIPPINES, Quezon City. US Pop mx and "DZEC" ID by woman 
       at 1345 9/24.  This Filipino seems to be the most common of late. 
1071  UNID  Pop mx station here 1351 9/24. (PM-OR)
1134  JOQR  JAPAN, Tokyo good with JJ talk at 1322 9/24 (PM-OR)
1179  JOOR  JAPAN, Osaka, fair in splash with JJ talk several times in 
       passing 1300-1400 9/24 (PM-OR)
1206  UNID  AUSTRALIA?, bits of talk at 1414 9/24 2GF? (PM-OR)
1242  JOLF  JAPAN, Tokyo, good at 1333 9/24, JJ talk (PM-OR)
1503  PHILIPPINES here o/u JJ at 1322 9/24. (PM-OR)

Drake R8, K9AY antenna, EWE antenna, MFJ-1026

*Frank Aden - Boise ID - n7sok@xxxxxxx

 620  KWAL  ID, Wallace, 9/19 & 9/20, heard weakly fighting with KKPL in 
       parking lot of Post Falls ID Outlet mall & then in Osburn. 
       Running CW & AP News, "Silver Dollar Radio," twin towers straddle 
       I-90 in Canyon.  IDed as "Wallace" but listed as licensed to 
1610  TIS  Craters of the Moon ID, 9/21, running continuous loop about 
       monument.  This one ought be heard at home.
1620  KBLI  ID, Blackfoot, so sign of them at all in the morning & 
       afternoon of 9/21 from Dubois to Arco & then to Fairfield.  Makes 
       me wonder if they were on.  No sign of them in Boise during 
       daytime either.

1998 Ford Winstar Radio

Tim Hall - Chula Vista CA - halls@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

TRH-CA  Tim Hall, Chula Vista, CA   ICF-2010, KIWA Loop

1660  MM 9/11 0434  u/KXOL, faded up for ID that sounded like "16-60, 
       WKJB(?)".  (TRH-CA)
1670  WNEG268  CA  Sacramento  9/22 0609  Poor-fair with road 
       information for the Watt Avenue project.  Mentioned web site 
       www.wattave.org and phone number (916)978-7691.  Licensed to 
       Sacramento County DoT.  New.  (TRH-CA)

MEXICO: Per the Mexican SCT's web site 
(http://www.sct.gob.mx/satelital/am/am_sin.html), XECU-1470 Los Mochis 
has indeed moved to 1450 kHz and increased their day power to 10kW 
(still 1kW nights).  This matches the ID and power announcement I heard 
on July 3rd. The station is non-directional days and nights, so could 
make for an interesting sunrise or sunset target for a lot of DXers.  

***Mika Makelainen - FINLAND - mika@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Thanks to a tip from Bernd Trutenau, on Saturday evening local time, I 
heard an interesting station on 1188 kHz, rebroadcasting Radio B2 92 and 
Radio Drina from Serbia. Seemed to be a powerful transmitter - so this 
may have been a relay of MDR, because MDR programming was not heard at 
the same time with the Serb. Telephone numbers for ANEM, the (Yugoslav) 
Independent Media Association, were announced, so this is probably an 
operation of the opposition, just before the Sunday elections.
  More about my logging at: http://www.makelainen.com/dx/homelog.htm

***Guido Schotmans - gs@xxxxxx

  Yes, I was able to receive the station at quite good strength 
yesterday evening (23 Sept) at 2200 UTC.  Most of the time this channel 
is covered by VRT Radio 2 (BEL) here but I was lucky that the (presumed) 
Mainflingen station was strong at the top of the hour. Looks like the 
relayed station was R. Drina.
I've put a recording on http://gallery.uunet.be/gs/real/RDrina1188kHz.rm

***Bernd Trutenau - btr@xxxxxxxxxx

  I would like to point out that the following thoughts are pure 
speculations, but I think they might be worth a further research.
  The official B2-92 statement "Radio B2-92 programmes can also be heard 
on the AM waves of Radio Sombor on 666 and 1188 kHz" certainly does not 
imply at all that the signal on 1188 kHz must come from Hungary.
  A confirmation is needed whether those stations in Hungary (incl. 
150kW Szolnok) are indeed on the air at present and with which 
programme. There are indications which suggest that the B2-92/Radio 
Drina relay is not transmitted via Hungarian transmitters on 1188 kHz, 
but is originating from the territory of Bosnia-Hercegovina, in 
particular from the former SW transmitting site of R.Yugoslavia in 
  After expelling the Yugoslav staff from the transmitting center on 20 
August, the equipment (two 500 kW shortwave transmitters, acc. to some 
sources) could have been tuned to mediumwave, or alternatively a new MW 
transmitter could have been installed.
  Especially the relay of Radio Drina suggests that the transmitter 
might be located within the coverage area of this station. Reports which 
I received tell that the audio of the R. Drina relay does indeed suggest 
a "local" signal, while the B2-92 relay evidently is picked up from 
satellite. R. Drina started to relay Radio B2-92 earlier this summer.

****T & M Ritola - ritola@xxxxxxxxxx

Acc. to R B292 they have news in English at 1555 on 1188 kHz. They 
launched their programme on 1188 kHz on Friday. And R Drina confirms 
that the transmitter they use is located in Hungary.

****Julius Hermans - hermans.j@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  I have also noted the new station on 1188 (thanks to your tips!!) On 
sept. 24th I noted them at 2130 UTC with popmx and a clear radio Drina-
ID. I also noted them tonight (sept 25th) at 1945 with a newsreport. On 
both occasions the signal strength here was amazing. Very strong!!
  I did some comparisons on the MW-band: the station on 1188 was 
stronger as Vienna on 1476!! But Croatia on 1134 AND Slovenia on 918 
were just a little stronger as this station on 1188!! Also 1188 had 
little more fading in the signal (just as Karel Honzik reported). If 
this really comes from Hungary, which transmitter are they using and at 
which power???
  Acc. to Herman Boel's excellent MW-list Slovenia has 300Kw on 918 and 
Croatia has at least 600 KW on 1134. If the station on 1188 is only 
marginal weaker as 918 and 1134 is this really Hungary??? The Bijeljina-
story as dropped by Bernd Trutenau seems very likely to me: 1-If I 
compare the signal strengths I think it could be Bijeljina("almost as 
strong as Croatia and Slovenia", a 150 Kw-tx in Hungary should produce a 
weaker signal!!)

***Andy Sennitt - andys@xxxxxxxxxx

  It appears to be Radio Sombor. Just over an hour ago I added the 
followig to the Media Network media news page:
  The Web site of Radio B2-92 reoports that ANEM and Radio B2-92 have 
launched a solidarity project coordinated by The World Association of 
Local Radio Stations. Romanian non-governmental organisations recently 
agreed to broadcast Radio B2-92 programmes, as well as television 
coverage and programmes from the ANEM info-package. This experimental 
programming is primarily intended to keep the Serbian minority in 
Romania objectively informed, but a large part of Serbia, including some 
parts of Belgrade will also be able to receive it. The radio will be on 
89.2 FM and TV programmes will be on UHF Channel 42.  Radio B2-92 
programmes can also be heard on mediumwave via Radio Sombor on 666 and 
1188 kHz. (c) Radio Netherlands Media Network.
  Details of Radio Sombor can be found at 

****Bernd Trutenau - btr@xxxxxxxxxx

  Igor Pifat in Belgrade tells me tonight, that the station is comming 
from north/south direction in the Yugoslav capital, so my Bijeljina 
speculations can be written off (Bijeljina is straight west of 
  As the signal strength on 1188 shows a stronger signal than the old 
135kW in Szolnok (sorry, I miswrote 150kW recently), we have mainly 
three options: 1. a completly new, powerful transmitter, maybe not far 
from the Yugoslav border; 2. a new, more powerful transmitter in Szolnok 
or 3. one of the inactive, medium power transmitters (like 500kW 
Marcali, ex 1251 and 300kW Lakihegy, ex 1341, or even the 2000kW unit in 
Solt, ex 540) was tuned to 1188 kHz.

Info from Igor Pifat, Belgrade, 29.09.00:

"Latest info indicate that the exact location of 1188 kHz TX is Marcali 
in Hungary, and as of 1600UTC today it will start relaying VOA/RFE 
programming in Serbian/SerboCroatian. All times below are in UTC. 

MAR-A   0030-0230  INSERT 1188  A/ND  NET RL-5 SC (RFE)
        0230-0330  INSERT 1188  A/ND  NET RL-5 SC (RFE)
        0530-0600  INSERT 1188  A/ND  NET E SERB  (VOA)
        0730-0800  INSERT 1188  A/ND  NET RL-8 SC (RFE)
        1600-1700  INSERT 1188  A/ND  NET RL-8 SC (RFE)
        1700-1730  INSERT 1188  A/ND  NET E SERB  (VOA)
        1730-1930  INSERT 1188  A/ND  NET RL-8 SC (RFE)
        1930-2000  INSERT 1188  A/ND  NET E SERB  (VOA)
        2000-2100  INSERT 1188  A/ND  NET RL-8 SC (RFE)
        2100-2130  INSERT 1188  A/ND  NET E SERB  (VOA)
        2130-2400  INSERT 1188  A/ND  NET RL-8 SC (RFE)"

*kevin redding - Mesa AZ - lwdxer@xxxxxxxx

Heard on a Realistic DX-440 with a RS 18-1583 loop:

 690  CBU   BC, Vancouver [p] 9/25/00 0600 with CBC news of Canada with 
       a story about parliament. Heard from 0600 to 0605 when drowned 
       out by KVOI Tucson. 
1150  KXTA  CA, Los Angeles 9/29/00 0900 with "Extra Sports" ID and an 
       ad for olympics reports before you see it on TV. It was in a very 
       tight null of KCKY. [new]
1170  KCBQ [p] CA, San Diego 9/24/00 1010 with a show for seniors led by 
       a man named George. Ads for seniors in and around San Diego. 
1220  CJOC  AB, Lethbridge 0845 with Canadian ag report. Rare here in 
       AZ. A nice international catch here in Arizona.
1340  KPGE  AZ, Page 9/28/00 0905 playing "Young Girl" by Gary Puckett 
       and the Union Gap. 
1520  KVTA  CA, Port Hueneme 0910 with a traffic report and ID. 

***Karel Honzik - karel.honzik@xxxxxx

My monitoring of this channel [1188] (Times in UTC):

  1645 - Radio Drina Second Program 93.0 MHz (Language: Serbian) 
Alternative rock - entirely in Serbian, IDs
  1706 - Announcement: "Citizens of Serbia! Where is Ivan Stambolic? ... 
Set Ivan Stambolic free! ..." Phone numbers to Beograd, mobile phone 
numbers to advocates of Ivan Stambolic. "Committee for Liberation of 
Ivan Stambolic"
  1724 - "Sloboda za Miroslava Filipovica!" (Set Miroslav Filipovic 
  1728 - Announcement about jailed journalists. "Sloboda za Zorana 
Lukovica!" (Set Zoran Lukovic free!)
  1731 - ID of Radio B2-92 and regional TV B2-92 ("Regionalna 
radiotelevizija B2-92") "... 24 hours over Balkan" (Language: Serbian)
  1733 - Radio B2-92 NEWS (incl. frequencies: Hot Bird satellite, FM 93 
MHz, Radio Sombor 666 kHz), bad modulation. Relay of Radio B2-92 
continues ... transmitter technical problems: off air 1744-1745 ... pop, 
entirely angloamerican songs
  1803 - Talk on elections in Serbia, reports ... interviews ... without 
music, still talking at 1830 ...
  1836 - Back to pop songs ...
  1840 - Another comment of Radio B2-92 on elections

very good, very strong in peaks, but also some deeper fade outs...

Robert Wien - San Jose CA - robert.wien@xxxxxxxx

  Logged WNEG-268 -1670 Sacramento, CA. this morning finally, coming in 
fairly good with mentions of http://www.wattave.org  (their website).  
I'll try and log KGME/KFYI freq. swap which happened last night (KGME 
moved to 910, KFYI to 550), got lazy on that one...  I also think 850 in 
1000 Oaks, CA. is now KACD.

***Karel Honzik - karel.honzik@xxxxxx

  Today (SEP 25) I spent a sunny and warm afternoon in nearby forest by 
a sand mine (some 10 Km from Plzen) together with my GRUNDIG Satellit 
700 and two 50 metres long wires.
  At 1640 UTC I found a Russian speaking religious station on 1566 kHz. 
Weak signal but quite clear. To my surprise it was HLAZ from Korea. I 
heard a clear ID in Russian at 1659, followed by transmission in Korean.
  Best signal was on North-South running wire. I heard this station for 
the first time - here in the middle of Europe.

**David Hochfelder - hochfeld@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Last night (9/26), 0445-0515, WNOP came booming through here in New 
Brunswick, NJ. Jazz format, ID'd at 0510.  FCC on-line database lists it 
as 30W of nighttime power (assuming I'm reading the database correctly), 
so either they're running daytime power or conditions are great for 
east-west propagation.  I don't use top-flight gear either--a Select-a-
Tenna inductively coupled to a Magnavox D2999 general coverage receiver.  

***kazeto unabara - JAPAN - kazeto77@xxxxxxxxxxx

 648  DYXR  Philippines,  1650-1700*,good signal 1555 as full ID "Manila 
       Broadcasting Company....DYXR Action Radio Philippines...."and 
       national antem.(Sep,9,2000)
1188.4 DXIF  Philippines,1330-1345*,very strong signal with women long 
talk Bombo Radyo Network announcement, and national anthem.(Sep,12,2000)

John Bryant - bjohn@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Grayland 09.00 Dxpedition, September 22-25, 2000, Grayland Washington, 
Kiwa-ed NRD 535 receiver, Various two-wire beverages each about 300 

 531  AUSTRALIA, 2MC Kempsey, SEP 22, 1250-1330,  mixing at equal levels 
       with lovely Polynesian programming from 1XPI, Auckland, NZ. 
 558  AUSTRALIA, 4AM, Atherton, Queensland, SEP 22, 1410-1417, presumed 
       this directional station in Northern Queensland which protects a 
       co-channel in southern Queensland. Phone-in show hosted by male 
       at low level. (Bryant-WA*)
 594  AUSTRALIA, 3WV, Horsham (pres.) SEP 24, 1220 noted with a phone-in 
       show at good level. (Bryant-WA*)
 612  AUSTRALIA, 4QR Brisbane (pres.) SEP 22 noted with Aussie-accented 
       talk, fair at 1230, rising to arm-chair levels with a radio play 
       at 1439 (Bryant-WA*) Also noted at excellent levels on SEP 24 at 
       same time, and //1548, 4QD. Also noted // 1548 at 1420, SEP 
 693  JAPAN, JOAB, NHK2, Tokyo SEP 23, 1223 noted as first Japanese of 
       the DXpedition with a Japanese lang. discussion at fair level. 
       Also throughout opening on SEP 24.(Bryant-WA*)
 702  AUSTRALIA, 2BL Sydney (pres.) SEP 22, 1235. political discussion 
       by males in Aussie-accented EE, good level. (Bryant-WA*)
 738  AUSTRALIA. 2NR Grafton noted throughout 1240-1440 opening, SEP 22. 
       Sometimes mixing with French programming from Tahiti.(Bryant-WA*)
 747  JAPAN, JOIB, NHK2 Sapporo heard throughout morning (0900-1430), 
       SEP 24, sometimes at excellent levels.(Bryant-WA*)  
 774  AUSTRALIA, 3LO Melbourne, SEP 22 with RA Metroploitan programming 
       throughout 1240-1440 opening, sometimes at good levels. 
 774  JAPAN. JOUB, Akita, SEPT 23, Excellent level throughout morning 
       opening (1230-1430) with various NHK2 programs.Also heard 
       throughout opening on SEPT. 24.(Bryant-WA*)
 792  AUSTRALIA, 4RN Brisbane. SEP 22, 1440 heard at good level with 
       pops music program at band fade. Also noted at 1250, SEP 25. 
 828  JAPAN, JOBB, Osaka, SEP 25, 1330 with NHK2 programming at good 
       level. This outlet was heard but not noted on SEP 23 and 24 also.  
 846  KIRIBATI, T3K1, Naranakei, SEP 24, 0907. Presumed this one here 
       with continuous island music, 0907, SEPT.24. (Bryant-WA*)
 873  JAPAN, JOGB, Kumamoto. SEP 24, 1330 carrying NHK2 programming at 
       fair to good levels//828. Also SEP 25.(Bryant-WA*)
 891  AUSTRALIA, 5AN Adelaide SEP 24, 1330-1340, logged at excellent 
       level with ABC TOH News.(Bryant-WA*)
 954  JAPAN. JOKR, Tokyo hrd at 1324, SEP 23 with basu baru play-by-
       play, fair level.  By 1305 was at armchair level with pop music 
       show. SEP 24, noted as early as 0900. Also noted at fair/poor 
       levels around 1300, SEP 25.(Bryant-WA*)
 963  JAPAN. SEP 25, 1327. NHK1 synchros noted with female JJ talk at 
       fair level. 
 972  KOREA. HLCA, KBS Tangjin (pres.) SEP 23 1246 Korean discussion by 
       M+W at threshold level. Also noted at higher level with pops 
       record show at 1330, SEP 24 and with TOH pips and ID at 1200, SEP 
1008  JAPAN. JONR, Osaka SEP 23 Discussion program building to excellent 
       level by 1330.(Bryant-WA*)
1035  JAPAN, NHK2 synchros, SEP 25, 1358 fair with EE lessons. 
1053  JAPAN, JOAR, CBC Nagoya peaked briefly just before 1300, SEP 23, 
       then Korean jamming dominated across TOH before JOAR returned 
       with news program with male news reader.(Bryant-WA*)  
1062  AUSTRALIA, 4TI Thursday Island running ABC RR Service programming 
       as a remote transmitter here at fair to good level, 1420 until 
       band fade at 1445, SEP 22.(Bryant-WA*)
1062  KOREA, HLKQ, Chongju (pres.) SEP 25, 1345 heard with EZListening 
       western music at good level. (Bryant-WA*)
1098  UNID throughout 1200-1430 opening, SEP 25, very strong OC with 
       possibly a small amount of modulation. Given the conditions, 
       would guess that this was Korean.
1134  JAPAN, JOQR, Tokyo heard at good levels from 1334 to 1427, SEP 23, 
       with teenage programming.Also good at 1342, SEP 24 and SEP 25, 
1242  JAPAN. JOLF, Tokyo (pres.) SEP 23, 1346. Threshold Japanese talk 
       at 1346, SEPT 23. Logged at excellent level, 1330-1410 tune out 
       on SEP 24, also. Noted at good level, 1307, SEP 25. (Bryant-WA*)
1278  JAPAN, JOFR, Fukuoka (pres.) SEP 23, 1350 Noted in Japanese at 
       threshold levels. (Bryant-WA*) 
1287  JAPAN, JOHR, Sapporo SEP 24 0930 with coverage of sporting event 
       (sumo?). Good at peaks.(Bryant-WA*)
1296  JAPAN, JOTK, Matsue SEP 24 1246 NHK1 programming heard at 
       threshold level.(Bryant-WA*)
1305  KOREA,R. HLSV, KBS Uljin, SEP 23 1355 Korean lang. talk by deep 
       voiced male. Also throughout opening, SEP 25. (Bryant-WA*)
1314  JAPAN, JOUF, Osaka SEP 23 1355-1405. Hrd at excellent level with 
       commercials, male voice-over music to end the program and into 
       TOH routine. Same on SEP 24 and with good signal at 1308 on SEP 
1332  JAPAN, JOSF, Nagoya SEP 23, 1407. Hrd at excellent level with a 
       teeny-bopper pops show. Heard // 1287 JOHR with sporting event on 
       SEP 24. Also noted with good level at 1308 on SEP 25.(Bryant-WA*)
1368  JAPAN, NHK1 synchros SEP 23, 1408. Noted at good level(Bryant-WA*)
1377  JAPAN, NHK2 synchros SEP 23, 1409. Noted with English lessons at 
       fair levels.(Bryant-WA*)
1386  JAPAN, NHK2 synchros SEP 23, 1410. Noted with English lessons at 
       fair levels. Also noted throughout SEP 24 opening. // 774//747 
       building to excellent level by the time of the NHK2 English 
       language news cast at 1400. Also noted on SEP 25. (Bryant-WA*)
1404  JAPAN, Japanese graveyard frequency jumble here at 1405-1430, SEP 
       23. Same from 1230 on SEP 24. Out of the jumble, probable ID as 
       JOVR Shizuoka with news and music show after 1400, SEP 
1413  JAPAN, JOIF Fukuoka with threshold Japanese language by male at 
       1410, SEP 23. Heard at good level, TOH pips and ID at 1300, SEP 
       24. (Bryant-WA*)
1422  JAPAN, JORF, Yokohama SEP 23, 1411-1430. Logged with a radio play 
       at excellent level. Noted as early as 0945, SEP 24. Also at good 
       level, SEP 25.
1467  JAPAN, low power NHK2 synchros noted at poor level, 0940, SEP 24 
       and at good level at 1313, SEP 25.(Bryant-WA*)
1475  MALAYSIA, RTVM Kota Kinabalu het noted SEP 23, 1233 for only 
       logging on DXpedition. (Bryant-WA*)
1485  JAPAN, Japanese graveyard commercial frequency pile-up noted in 
       passing, 1306, SEP 24.(Bryant-WA*)
1503  JAPAN, JOUK, NHK1, Akita SEP 23, 1413. Japanese talk by M+W at 
       good level; similar logging on SEP 24.(Bryant-WA*)
1548  4QD Emerald SEP 24, 1435 Superb signal and a Billy Graham-like 
       religio-philosophical interview. Same programming noted on 612, 
       4QR.Also noted the two in // at 1420, SEP 25. (Bryant-WA*)
1566  KOREA, R. HLAZ, Cheju Island SEP 23, 1414 Christian program in 
       standard Chinese. Wall to wall signal at 1300, SEP 24 and SEP 
1584  JAPAN, low power NHK1 synchros SEP 24 1416  Threshold level 
       Japanese. (Bryant-WA*)
1593  JAPAN, NHK2 synchros (Matsue or Niigata) noted with Italian 
       language lessons at fair level from 1416-1430, SEPT 23. Also 
       throughout SEP 24 and SEP 25 openings at fair levels.(Bryant-WA*)
1602  JAPAN, NHK2 synchros noted with Italian language lessons at poor 
       level from 1417-1430, SEP 23. Also throughout SEP 24 
1683.23  AUSTRALIA, Radio Club AM, Sydney SEP 22 1337-1402 noted here 
       with usual continuous Greek music, running at fair level. In 
       July, they were at 1683.13, so they must be continuing a slow 
       upward drift.(Bryant-WA*)
1701  AUSTRALIA, Radio Devine, Sydney. SEP 24, 1230-1330. This ID caught 
       at 1300 by Walt Salmaniw as we all monitored the continuous Hindi 
       programming off and on. Also noted doing rather well on SEP. 25, 
       1238 (Bryant-WA*)

  Sept 22 was what I'm told is unusual for this time of the year on the 
Pacific coast, with reception conditions favoring Australia, almost 
exclusively. Nothing was heard from New Zealand, the Pacific Islands or, 
especially, Japan.  September 23s dawn was what I'd been led to expect 
for this time of year: Japan and Korea, with little else available. 
September 24 was also unusual with BOTH Japan and Australia pounding in 
simultaneously. Previously, even when I've heard both countries on the 
same morning, the reception windows have been at different times, with 
conditions "switching" from Australia to Japan, etc.  On September 24, 
Japan was available on the northwesterly beverage and Australia was 
available to the southwest at the same time and often on the same 
frequencies. September 25 was rather disappointing, with reception 
conditions having deteriorated markedly.  Tho' stations were received 
from Japan, Korea and - late - Australia, the only really high quality 
reception was from the Korean peninsula.
  Looking at all four days, the reception was probably considerably 
better on MW than we had any right to expect here at the peak of the 
sunspot cycle.  The fact that most trans-Pacific DX was confined to the 
dawn enhancement period was not very limiting thanks to the relatively 
shallow angle of the sun in this northerly location. Dawn enhancement 
lasted at least two hours each morning. Wonderful!    



*Dennis Gibson - dcgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  The last couple of times I have done a night bandscan from a rest stop 
off Highway 101 near Paso Robles, California (last time was last night) 
I have heard what appears to be a very weak TIS on 1680. Does anybody 
have any ideas on what and where it might be?



*Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

 620  KWAL  ID, Wallace rec. QSL info sheet in 30 days : No V/S . 
       Address: PO Box U, Osburn  ID  83849 (PM-OR)\

***Paul Ormandy - paulorm@xxxxxxxx

1550  XENU  Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. Brief e-mail verie text with 
       promise of QSL on station letterhead. 30 months after posted 
       report, 3 months after e-mail follow-up. V/s Sergio Korlowksy, 
       Head Engineer, Organizacion Radiorama. e-mail addr:   

***Mika Makelainen - mika@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In April I received a nice QSL card for the AM transmission on 612 kHz, 
v/s Editor-in-chief Siarhiej Shupa. Address: P.O.Box 3245, LT-2013 
Vilnius, Lithuania.



Glenn Hauser - Enid OK - wghauser@xxxxxxxxxxx


Days and times strictly UT. RFPI returned to 42m on September 20, so 
nominal new schedule for this and 15049 are now reflected here, 
resulting in fewer overnight repeats Monday-Friday. It always pays to 
check RFPI frequencies beyond the scheduled hours.

Wed 2330 WOR WBCQ1 7415
Thu 0130 COM RFPI 6969 15049 21815-USB
Thu 2030 WOR WWCR 15685
Fri 0930 WOR WWCR 7435
Fri 1900 COM RFPI 15049 21815-USB
Fri 1930 WOR RFPI 15049 21815-USB
Fri 2030 WOR WBCQ2 9330-CUSB [irregular]
Sat 0030 WOR WWCR 3215
Sat 0300 COM RFPI 6969 15049 21815-USB
Sat 0330 WOR RFPI 6969 15049 21815-USB
Sat 1100 COM RFPI 6969
Sat 1130 WOR RFPI 6969
Sat 1130 WOR WWCR 15685
Sat 1730 COM RFPI 15049 21815-USB
Sat 1800 WOR RFPI 15049 21815-USB
Sun 0130 COM RFPI 6969 15049 21815-USB
Sun 0200 WOR RFPI 6969 15049 21815-USB
Sun 0230 WOR WWCR 5070
Sun 0628 WOR WWCR 5070
Sun 0930 COM RFPI 6969
Sun 1000 WOR RFPI 6969
Sun 1830 WOR WWCR 15685
Sun 2300 WOR RFPI 15049 21815-USB
Mon 0000 WOR WWCR 3215
Mon 0501 WOR WWCR 3210
Mon 1500 WOR RFPI 21815-USB
Mon 2200 COM RFPI 15049 21815-USB
Tue 1100 WOR WWCR 15685
Tue 1400 COM RFPI 21815-USB
Tue 1900 WOR RFPI 15049 21815-USB
Tue 2000 COM RFPI 15049 21815-USB
Wed 0300 WOR RFPI 6969 15049 21815-USB
Wed 0400 COM RFPI 6969 15049
Wed 1200 COM RFPI 21815-USB
Wed 1730 COM RFPI 15049 21815-USB

  For updates on this version of our schedule check 
  WOR and COM homepage including complete info: 
  Master schedule by time: 
  DX Listening Digest: 

***Mike Brooker - aum108@xxxxxxxxxxx

  After decades on WJR-760, the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings are moving 
to WXYT-1270.  WXYT will begin airing Red Wings hockey immediately, and 
will become the Tigers new flagship for the 2001 baseball season.
  From the Detroit News http://www.detnews.com/2000/sports/0009/21/-
  Tigers, Red Wings to move broadcasts to WXYT
  By Tim Kiska and Lynn Henning / The Detroit News
  Detroit's sports-radio landscape shifted dramatically Thursday when 
the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings informed WJR-AM (760) that the teams 
will be moving to WXYT (1270) in a six-year deal worth up to $50 
  The announcement was to be made formally at a news conference today. 
But Steve Stewart, operations chief for WJR, said Thursday that the 
station had been told it had lost the two teams' play-by-play rights. 
Announcers for the two teams are expected to shift to WXYT.
  WJR had been the flagship station for the Tigers since 1961, and for 
Red Wings games since the early '70s, but it could not match the money 
or promotional promise WXYT's owner, CBS/Infinity Broadcasting, offered 
in its package.
  WXYT will begin airing Wings games as early as next week and will 
assume Tigers broadcasts next season. The station already is the 
originating station for Detroit Lions broadcasts.
  In opting for WXYT as a flagship station, the Tigers and Red Wings 
must at least temporarily live with WXYT's weak (5,000-watt) signal, 
which requires a string of affiliate stations to reach a statewide 
audience. WXYT is expected to petition the Federal Communications 
Commission for a boost to 50,000 watts, matching WJR's signal.
  WXYT also is expected to turn to an all-sports format that would pit 
it against all-sports WDFN-AM (1130).

**Frederick R. Vobbe - Lima OH - fredv@xxxxxxxxxxx

  The FCC has issued a very large report summarizing an extensive staff 
review of the Commission's rules and looking toward certain changes:
  The very large report: 


  WTOP To 'Trimulcast' On AM 1500 & 820; FM 107.7.  Beginning in Dec.  
  From www.dcrtv.com 's front page:
  DCRTV learned on 9/22 that DC's all-news station, WTOP, will be adding 
a new AM frequency, creating a "trimulcast," starting in December on 820 
AM in Frederick. 
  TOP owner Bonneville also owns 820 WXTR and currently programs classic 
country on the station. 
  With the addition of 820, TOP says it will be able to cover a hole in 
its coverage area including the Frederick and upper Montgomery county 
areas, as well as eastern Loudoun County. 
  WXTR has a 4,300-watt signal during the day and 430-watts at night. 
TOP's main 50,000-watt AM frequency at 1500 is highly directional and 
does not put out a lot of wattage to the west and southwest of its 
Wheaton transmitter site, particularly at night. 
  Several years ago TOP started an FM relay from Warrenton, first on 
94.3, then on 107.7, to improve the station's coverage in Virginia. 
  Earlier this year, TOP also kicked off "WTOP 2," an internet only 
audio stream which focuses on the activities of the federal 
  Speaking of TOP, we hear that 1500/107.7/(and soon)820 will very soon 
be making a decision as to whether to carry the Orioles next season - 
like this week. Stay tuned.....

**Russ Edmunds - wb2bjh@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Looks as if my guess on the unfolding addition of 820 in Frederick to 
the WTOP group was incorrect as to the status of Orioles broadcasts, and 
WFMD-930 may retain them after all. The following is from DCRTV:
  "After 22 years, all-newser WTOP (1500 AM/107.7 FM) dumps the Orioles 
for next season and it looks like the struggling (winning-wise) Birds 
could be flying to all-sports WTEM (980 AM). The Orioles home team 
station in Baltimore will remain WBAL (1090 AM). TOP only carried O's 
games this season if they aired on weekends or on weekday evenings so as 
not to interfere with TOP's promise of "traffic and weather on the 8's." 
More in the 9/26 Post. DCRTV reported last week the TOP was planning to 
make a move regarding the O's this week."

Olle Alm - o.alm@xxxxxxxxx

ARC Information Desk 25/9 2000
Olle Alm, Tjädervägen 6A, SE-871 65 HÄRNÖSAND
Tel/fax: +46-611-21098; e-mail: 

  This text is using the 8 bit West European Windows character set. If 
you are using a 7 bit system or a different character set some words may 
look funny. Our new copyright statement below is in line with the 
requirements for all use of HCDX information. Most DX bulletins already 
apply the basic principle of free flow of information. If you want to 
use HCDX or ARC material in a magazine, bulletin, broadcast, etc. with 
restrictive copyright, then those restrictions will have to be lifted 
before any such use. 
  Copyright statement: The ARC supports the free flow of information 
policy. Items from any MV-Eko section may be quoted freely, but full 
credits, including a reference to the specific section or to ARC MV-Eko, 
must be given for all items quoted. A similar free flow of information 
policy must be stated for the column or magazine, web page, broadcast, 
etc. where material of a copyright nature from MV-Eko is used. Cf. 

1620 2AM carries the Voice of Islam programme and several other language 
shows, for a 1 hour duration. Also the full listing of the Radio Italia 
network is the following: 1629 Adelaide, 1629 Brisbane, 1620 Darwin, 
1620 Canberra, 1611 Griffith - all above 400 watts, 1593 Melbourne 5 kW, 
1575 Wollongong 200 watts, 1539 Sydney 1 kW, 801 Gosford 5 kw proposed, 
1620 or 1629 Perth 400 watts, Albury 1296 1 kW. All are owned by the 
Italian newspaper group. (John Wright via HCDX 62)
1620 2AM Sydney is now IDing as 2KM and playing oldies. Apparently 2KY 
1017 has taken over the station (it is cosited with the 2KY 1017 
transmitter), and is now running it's own programming even
though the licence is still held by Tourist Radio, the operators of 2AM. 
(Richard Jary via HCDX 125)

1566 The synchronized network of Radio Mayak transmitters on this 
frequency has been off the air since about 1st August. (Various)

1377 CNR-1 noted from 2000 and until 1732 with a good signal on this 
channel. This appears to be a new highpowered transmitter in Western 
China. In the Geneva Plan, 1377 was assigned to a synchronised network 
in Tibet using a total power of 121 kW. This station has also been 
widely heard in Western Europe, but since 11th September is wiped out by 
France. (OA) - I've heard it widely from many locations from India to 
Malaysia, and I suspect the location is most likely somewhere in SW 
China. Reception is often at similar strength with the other new CNR-1 
channel, 1593 kHz, so I suspect they may be coming from the same general 
part of the country. I have never been able to hear the station listed 
on 1377 directed towards Taiwan; generally the CNR-Taiwan and Haixia MW 
transmitters are not well heard in SE Asia, although I did manage to log 
most of them - but not 1377 - a few months ago, listening in Sandakan on 
the east coast of Sabah in Malaysian Borneo. (Alan Davies) 
I also observe that CNR-1 often gives strong signals on 1008 kHz, listed 
in WRTH99 with 10kW in Yunnan - I wouldn't be surprised if more power is 
actually now in use on this channel. Also last night I noted an 'echoey' 
signal on 576 kHz, also from Yunnan, which suggests that multiple 
transmitters are now being used on this frequency. I have not noticed 
this before on 576, although it's commonly heard on a number of regional 
networks in neighbouring Guangxi (notably 1224 kHz) where it appears 
that audio from some of the transmitter sites is slightly delayed, 
presumably some of them being fed by satellite. Last time I heard an ID 
on 576 (not last night), it was calling itself 'Yunnan Weixing Guangbo 
Diantai' (Yunnan Satellite Radio Station), a change from the WRTH 
listing. (Alan Davies)
639, 720. Merlin Communications International has secured a £600000 
contract with BBC World Service to project manage the re-engineering of 
their Ladies Mile transmission facility in Limassol, Cyprus. The project 
will see Merlin manage the replacement of two 500 kW medium wave 
transmitters and the station's power infrastructure over the two year 
contract period. (Merlin press release July 6 via BDXC-UK)
The Ladies Mile site, on the east coast south of Limassol, was opened in 
1978 using four F&CO 250 kW transmitters combined to two 500 kW pairs. 
At that time the older 2x100 kW Marconi transmitters from 1955 and 1963 
were moved to 1323 kHz. (OA)

1602 ERTU Siwa is the correct QTH of the ERTU station that broadcasts 
local Matruh programmes in parallel with 1593. (Per-Ole Stenman (FIN) 
17.08.2000 via EuroLog 19.8.2000)

612 The Christian society "Estonian Christian Ministries" has erected 
the highest European radio mast for MW broadcasting in Kavastu, a small 
village in South Estonia. From this location programmes will be 
broadcast from Tartu Pereraadio (Tartu Family Radio) in Russian. The 
programmes will mainly be produced in the USA. Semeinoje Radio (Family 
Radio) in Russian, which is owned by Pereraadio, will start at the end 
of this year. It is stated that they will cover the whole of Estonia, a 
big part of European Russia, and the other Baltic States. (Estonian MW 
correspondent via Herman Boel via MWC e-mail news 17.08.00) 

Falkland Islands
550 The following was reported by the Falkland Islands News Network: At 
Approximately 11:00 AM on Monday, 07 August 2000 the Medium Wave 
transmitter owned by the Falkland Islands Government was clipped by a 
Tornado Aircraft. The mast was damaged to the extent that Medium Wave 
transmissions were knocked out. (J. Brock (FINN), from Paul Bowery via 
MWC e-mail news 09.08.00)
For the time being FIBS will not be able to broadcast on MW, but it is 
hoped that if repairs are possible MW broadcasting will be up and 
running in two or three weeks. If the mast has to be demolished, it may 
take up to three months. (Via Mike Terry, DX LD, Aug 15, BC-DX 480)
Note that BFBS 2 are also using the facilities of 550 kHz from Bush 
Rincon. (Bengt Ericson)

'Radio Bleue' became 'France Bleu' on September 4th. (Pieter Johan 
Pijpers via MWC e-mail news 29.08.00). All local stations on FM (and the 
few that also use MW) will change names too. For instance Radio France 
Alsace on 1278 kHz will be known as "France Bleu Alsace". Actually Radio 
France are integrating three programmes into a single one: Radio Bleue, 
Le Mouv and the network of local and regional stations become a single 
network called France Bleu. (Rémy Friess via MWC e-mail news 29.08.00)
Before the change there were all-night transmissions on 1242, 1404, 1494 
and 1557. During the week 4th to 11th September all other MW frequencies 
gradually started all-night transmissions. This affects 603, 711, 792, 
837, 864, 1205, 1278 and 1377 kHz. (OA)

AFN schedules: http://www.afneurope.army.mil/Radio/schedule.htm 
(schedule updated 27 July 00) 
(Steve Whitt via MWC e-mail news 16.08.00)
AFN Germany operates parallel programming on 1143, 1107 & 873kHz at 
night, apart from local community messages e.g. at 2351UTC when all 
three transmitters carried separate local community information for 
about 1 minute. This formed the first half of an advert break in the 
satellite fed country music show that AFN was relaying. The second half 
of the break was AFN networked so all transmitters were in parallel. The 
local information seems to be precise enough to positively identify the 
transmitter you are listening to. (Steve Whitt via MWC e-mail news 
576 Mega-Radio broadcasts here from a transmitter at Wöbbelin near 
Schwerin using a power of 250 kW since 1200 on 29th August what is 
supposed to be a regular progr. Until 1700 some jingles were inserted 
between the music tracks, other guys reported even news. However, when I 
checked after 1700 I heard just one track after another, no jingles or 
spoken word at all. (Kai Ludwig-D, Aug 29, in BC-DX 481, Martin Elbe-D, 
Aug 28, in BC-DX 481). 576 audible all day in Ljungby, southern Sweden. 
The Mega-Radio music mix sounds much like Atlantic 252. (OA)
702, 855 The media authority of North Rhine-Westphalia has finally 
awarded 702 (Jülich) and 855 (Nordkirchen) to the common youth radio 
project of Radio NRW (based in Oberhausen, producer of Mantelprogramm) 
and VIVA TV. (Radio NRW press release via Kai Ludwig 22.9.2000)
According to another Radio NRW press release, the youth radio 
(Jugendradio) project of Radio NRW and VIVA TV on 25th August received a 
licence for operating the two medium wave channels mentioned above. They 
hope to start "soon", maybe in a couple of months. (Kai Ludwig 

720 WDR  Langenberg & 774 WDR  Venusberg. VERA, the 24h DAB/satellite 
traffic info broadcasts for Nordrhein-Westfalen are now duplicated on 
these frequencies during commuter hours, replacing WDR2. Schedule: Mon-
Fri 0500-0800 and 1500-1700. (Kai Ludwig, 22.9.2000)
855 Berlin. Hansjörg Biener points out that since Sep. 6 there is a 
regular broadcast each Wednesday from 10 PM CET (2000, at winter 2100 
UTC), offering the "ZDF-Nachtstudio", i.e. simply consisting of the ZDF 
TV soundtrack I guess. Accordning to Hansjörg this stuff also goes out 
on 177, as is also the case of some other 855 broadcasts, while some 
other ones are on 855 only while 177 continuos in parallell with FM, 
satellite, 990 and 6005. It seems to be impossible to find out a logical 
system for the usage of 855 only or together with 177, respectively. 
(Kai Ludwig, 22.9.2000)
873 The AFN Frankfurt transmitter was struck by lightning on Sep. 14th. 
Due to unfortunate circumstances the lightning protection failed, and 
the transmitter was damaged. The frequency was silent for about two days 
and has since been operated on what appears to be reduced power and with 
lower grade audio quality. Other AFN MW stations temporarily changed to 
other feeds than their normal ones. (Kai Ludwig and others via OA)
999 This station has now changed the tape they have been running for 
more than a year. Now they announce Power Radio instead of Talk Radio. 
Pure Techno music. (Martin Elbe via MWC e-mail news 05.09.00). Has a 
techno mix much like 612. (OA, listening in Ljungby, SWE))
It was intended to use 999 for a new mediumwave programme of "Hitradio 
Antenne" (a network of FM stations in various German states) from 
Hannover. But the media authority in Schwerin rejected this plan as the 
licence requires programme production within Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. 
Finally the planned talkradio network never materialized, so licence 
holder Thomas Thimme decided to go on air with a youth programme as 
originally planned when he was awarded the 999 channel. The station will 
be called "Power-Radio Mecklenburg-Vorpommern" and broadcast from 
studios in Rostock. It is indeed a sister station of the Kiel-based 
"Power 612". As far as we know, the loop currently run on 999 is of two 
hours duration. It was further stated by Thimme that the other allocated 
frequencies will also be used, i.e. Rostock 558, Neubrandenburg 657 and 
Putbus 729; Thimme added, that the activation will require some time due 
to the need of first installing new transmitter equipment. (Kai Ludwig)
1431 A 10 kW (20 kW?) Telefunken (Thomson?) transmitter for Mega-Radio 
arrived at Wilsdruff (Dresden) around 17th September and is expected to 
go on the air before the end of September. It will be multiplexed into 
the 154 m tubular mast used for 1044. Pictures from the Willdruff site 
are available at http://members.tripod.de/JanBalzer/wilsdruf/wils01.htm. 
(Jan Balzer in A-DX list 21.9.2000; Kai Ludwig 22.9.2000)
1575 Since 2nd September Mega-Radio is also on the air on 1575 from the 
Burg site. Here is the latest information from Mega-Radio director Horst 
Bork, obtained by Michael Fuhr: Burg 1575 is running 10 kW only and will 
remain on this modest power, the frequency is now designated for 
regional coverage only, no longer for nationwide coverage at night, as 
"we have better frequencies for that purpose". The transmitter feeds 
through a multiplexer into the ARRT antenna which is otherwhise used by 
two 50 kW longwave transmitters on 261 and 139. 1575 noted for the first 
time at 2140 UTC, 01/09/00. (Hartmut Wolff via MWC e-mail news 
Mega-Radio plans: It is planned to put Braunschweig-Königslutter 630 
(daytimer) on air soon. Reportedly, the installation of the facilities 
for 693 at Zehlendorf is also under way. Once 693 goes on the air, VoR 
will of course have to leave this channel; I guess Deutsche Telekom will 
simply remove VoR freehand into 891 or another vacant Berlin MW channel. 
(Kai Ludwig 4.9.2000). 
693 has still VoR from Berlin-Uhlenhorst, there is an assertion that 
Zehlendorf will start Mega-Radio service on this channel in December. 
Regarding 1440, it is claimed that RTL Radio will continue here until 
mid-2001; recently Mega-Radio director Bork indeed suggested that he 
will use this frequency but not from now on. Bork states that according 
his information the "Luxembourg 208" project is dead, meaning that Mega-
Radio will be able to use Marnach 1440 nearly around the clock, just 
interrupted by the well-known religious and RAI stuff. (Kai Ludwig 2, 5, 
Some corrections/updates for WRTH users:
Bayerischer Rundfunk: Hof and Würzburg transmitters were never on 801 
but until recently on 520 and now on 729 instead. These transmitters 
have also changed from B5 Aktuell to Bayern 1 and are parallell to 801 
except for the foreign workers programmes.
Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk: Burg 531 off and silent definitely [as far as 
MDR is concerned]
Norddeutscher Rundfunk: Definitely off and silent on Helpterberg 657 and 
Putbus 729, which in the meantime have been allocated to commercial 
stations. Hannover-Hemmingen 828 daytime power now 20 kW only.
Sender Freies Berlin: 567 kHz carries SFB Multikulti, power 2 kW.
Südwestrundfunk: Note double frequency listings.
Westdeutscher Rundfunk: Langenberg 720 kHz around the clock but now 
using 20 kW only [power to be increased again to 65 kW soon]. (Kai 

1530 Acc. to monitoring observations, the MW outlet of AFN in Keflavík 
on 1530 kHz seems no longer to carry any local items at all, not even 
local public announcements. All local shows have been moved to FM (Power 
104 on 104.1 MHz). The AFN stream on MW includes large relay portions of 
National Public Radio a.o. (Bernd Trutenau in Reykjavík)

684 Recently I've been hearing very strong signals from AIR Port Blair 
684 kHz, maybe the planned increase to 100 kW has come through. 
1125 An AIR station first noted on 1125 kHz at 1535 on 23 September 
appears to be another of the planned new stations for NE India. Noted 
relaying news in English from Delhi to 1545, then local music and 
announcements until 1555, when a news bulletin in what sounded like 
Assamese was carried, the only parallel frequency noted being Gowahati 
4940 kHz. Then off after local announcement and 'Jai Hind' at 1600. No 
comprehensible local ID heard so far. Quite a good signal in Mae Hong 
Son, Thailand, noticeably stronger in fact than the existing, similar 
station on 1512. (A likely candidate is the planned 10 kW station in 
Tezpur, Darrang district, Assam. Another possible candidate is Dhubri, 
also in Assam, although this one was planned for FM /OA)
1134 The 1000kW transmitter near Calcutta on 1134 kHz has recently been 
heard with many audio problems (heavy distortion alternating with 
periods of undermodulation), also appears to be operating rather 
intermittently. (All items: Alan Davies in Thailand, 24.9.2000)

RRI Jakarta transmitter sites: 999 kHz Cimanggis, 1215 & 1332 kHz 
Kebayoran. (Juichi Yamada in Jembatan DX via HCDX 75)

1593 United Christian Broadcasters. Logged here identifying as Cross 
Rhythms. This frequency is unlicensed. (Dave Kenny, UK, 04.09.2000 via 
EuroLog 11.9.2000). The good signal suggests 1 kW or more. (OA)

738 Kol Israel, Tel Aviv-Zoran. This 1200 kW transmitter closed down 
since 17.08.2000, after losing its radiation permit. It broadcasts Kol 
Israel's Arabic service. (BBC Monitoring via DXLD 17.08.2000 via EuroLog 
High-power Arabic tx still off the air. KOL Israel's Arabic channel - 
Network D - has been unheard on its main MW 738 freq since the closure 
of the Zoran tx on 17th Aug over radiation fears. The Arabic service 
continues to be observed on SW freqs 9815 and 12140 as well as on its 
lower-powered 50 kW
MW outlet on 1026. The Israelian newspaper "Ha'aretz" reported on 21st 
August that an agreement had been reached to resume transmissions from 
the Zoran station for a three month period with one seventh of the 
station's usual output power of 1200 kW. (BBC M 21 Aug, via DXLD, in BC-
DX 481)
1539 Arutz 7 in their daily update have made an announcement that they 
have changed their AM foreign language broadcasts from 711 kHz to 1539 
kHz. Reporter Mike Brand told us that the change in frequency is similar 
to that used previously used by the Voice of Peace (1540 kHz), and are 
broadcasting a very strong signal. It appears that the old 711 frequency 
has ceased to operate. The station broadcasts throughout the day in 
Russian, and in French in the evening from 7-9pm, with English 
programming from 9pm-Midnight. (Ray Woodward, BDXC-UK via Pieter Johan 
Pijpers, MWC e-mail news 30.08.00). The station is broadcasting in 
Russian overnight and identifying (Radio) Sedmoy Kanal, which is Russian 
for Arutz 7 (Arutz Sheva). (OA)
English is broadcast Sunday-Thursday 1800-2100 UTC according to info on 
their website at:
http://www.a7.org. (Dave Kernick via HCDX 102)

1449 RAI 2 New transmitter sites on this frequency: Como and Bolzano.
1449 RAI 1 New transmitter site on this frequency: Alessandria/Biella.
1485 RAI 2 New transmitter site on this frequency: Vicenza. (Last three 
items: El Dial 8-9/2000 via EuroLog 5.8.2000)
1494 The private Italian station which broadcasts for the Bologna/Modena 
area on 1494 kHz has returned to the air, this time relaying national 
network Radio 101 Network. Don't know if this rebroadcast is official (I 
doubt it), anyway a nice opportunity to hear Radio 101 Network outside 
Italy. (Stefano Valianti via MWC e-mail news 06.08.00) (Earlier this 
year Radio Pane, Burro & Marmellata was using this channel -OA)

Korea, South
1188 HLKX Inchon schedule: 1100-1230 English, 1230-1700 Mandarin, 2000-
1100 Korean.  
1566 HLAZ Cheju schedule: 1000-1230 Mandarin, 1230-1345 Japanese, 1345-
1630 Mandarin, 1630-1700 Russian, 1700-0000 Korean. (Both items from the 
FEBC website via OA 15.9.2000)
FEBC transmitter and station photos are available at 

1584 Radio "The Future", Kuwait. This anti-Hussein station has dropped 
1593 and 1575 and is now here. ID in Arabic 'Al-Mustaqbal'. (Pankov via 
WWDXC 01.08.2000 via EuroLog 6.8.2000)

576 A private radio station in Osh has started to use 576 kHz (listed 
with 40kW) for programmes in Uzbek (!) and Russian. This transmitter 
used to carry R. Mayak from Moscow until it was switched off in the late 
1990's. The sources do not give a clear mention of the station's name. 
(Osh Media Resource Center via FSU mailing list, 02.09.2000, via Bernd 
Trutenau in MWDX 2.9.2000) 
The programmes on 576 kHz are provided by the (private) Information and 
Commercial Center DDD in Osh (which stands for Dostuk-Druzhba-Dustlik; 
"friendship" in Kyrgyz, Russian & Uzbek). Director of the center is 
Mamyrjan Shakirov, and the radio station can be reached at the email 
address: <trk_ddd@xxxxxxx>. (via Bernd Trutenau in MWDX 2.9.2000) 

576 Although I tentatively noted Vientiane on 580 in March, it has been 
consistently on 576.0 since April, //6130. Distinguishing features in 
the evening include chimes prior to the main news at 1200-1230, English 
and French language lessons at 1300-1330. Signs off at 1500. (Alan 
Davies in Thailand, 24.9.2000)

576 R. Liberty via Riga. Transmitting station address: Rigas 
radiostacija No 1, Stropinu pag, LV-2130 Ulbroka. (Kuznecovs via OA)

612 R. Baltic Waves (RBW) has a new schedule since 1 September. It is 
now on the air 0300-0800 & 1200-2030: 0300-0400 R. Liberty (RL), 0400-
0800 R. Racja (from Warsaw); 1200-1300 RBW, 1300-1430 RL*, 1430-1500 
RBW**, 1500-1630 RL, 1630-1700 R. Polonia, 1700-1830 RL*, 1830-1840 
Lithuanian Radio*, 1840-1900 RBW**, 1900-2030 RL. All prgrs are in 
Belarusian, times are summer UTC. The transmitter power is 100 kW; the 
transmitter location is Vilnius/Virsuliskes with a 2-mast phased 
antenna, gain +4dB at 30/200 deg (cardioid pattern). Email: 
<rbw@xxxxxxxxxx>. *) timeshifted, **) repeat. (Rimantas Pleikys/RBW via 

810 Deutsche Welle confirmed their transmission in Macedonian language 
on 810 kHz via Skopje with f/d QSL after 37 days. V/s is Horst Scholz, 
Transmisison Management. This is probably the easiest way to QSL this 
country. (Enzio Gehrig via HCDX 124)
567 R. Strumica - Schedule: 0600-1800.
639 R. Stip - This frequency not in use. The station is on FM only. 
720R. Struga - Schedule: Mo-Fr 0700-1700; Sa-Su 0700-1130. Address: 
Marshal Tito bb, 96330 Struga. 
720 R. Veles - New on this frequency (ex-R. Titov Veles, 1341 kHz?). 
Power 1 kW. Schedule: Mo-Fr 0455-2000. Address: ul. Shefat Salt, br. 4, 
738 R. Tetovo - This frequency not in use. The station is on FM only. 
936 R. Gevgelija - No local px on medium wave according to home page - 
on FM only.
945R. Kumanovo - Power 2 kW. Schedule: Mo-Fr 0600-2400 (1900-2400 
Satellite Radio); Sa-Su 0700-2400. (Sa 1900-2400 Satellite Radio; Su 
1550-2400 Kumanovo Music Radio). Address: 11 Oktomvri 1, Kumanovo. 
eMail: rtvkum@xxxxxxxxxxx 
1035 R. Krusevo - New one here. Power 150 watts. Schedule: Mo-Fr 0900-
2000; Sa-Su 1500-1900. eMail: radkrus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
1197 R. Kriva Palanka - Schedule: Mo-Fr 0800-1800; Sa-Su 0700-1300. 
Address: Marshal Tito b.b., PP 3, 91330 Kriva Palanka. eMail: 
1242 R. Ohrid - Power 10 kW. Schedule: Mo-Th 0600-2100; Fr-Sa 0600-2400; 
Su 0600-1800. Address: Sv. Kliment Ohridski 2, 96000 Ohrid. eMail: 
1287 R. Kocani - This frequency not in use. The station is on FM only. 
1323 R. Gostivar - Schedule: 1400-1800. Px also in Turkish and Albanian.
1323R. Delcevo - Schedule: Mo-Fr 0700-1700; Su-Sa 0700-1200. On the last 
Friday of every month Radio Delcevo broadcasts its own Night programme 
until 2300. Address:Metodi Mitevski - Brico 38, 92320 Delcevo.
1323 R. Bitola - Schedule: Mo-Fr 0445-2300; Sa-Su 0500-1830. Address: 
Tomaki Dimitrovski 7 ,97 000 Bitola. eMail -address: radiobt@xxxxxxxxxx
1386 R. Kratovo - Power 1 kW. Schedule: 1100-1800. Address: " Toso 
Kukovski" 4, 91320 Kratovo. 
1431 R. Probistip - Power 150 watts. Schedule: Mo-Fr 0650-1700; Sa-Su 
0750-1600. Address: Cvetko Tonev bb, 92210 Probistip. 
1485 R. Kavadarci - Power 1 kW. Schedule: Mo-Fr 0700-1700; Sa 1000-1700; 
Su 0700-1300. Address: 7 Septemvri 1, 91430 Kavadarci 
1485 R. Berovo - Power 1 kW. Schedule: Mo-Fr 0800-1800; Sa-Su 0800-1400. 
Address: Marshal Tito 68, 92330 Berovo
1521 R. Makedonski Brod - New one here. Power 1 kW. Schedule: Mo-Fr 
1100-1600; Sa-Su 0800-1300, other times relaying R. Skopje or Radio 
Herc. Address: Partizanska 12, 96630 Makedonski Brod. 
1530 R. Sveti Nikole - This frequency not in use. The station is on FM 
1566 R. Demir Hisar - New one here. Schedule: Mo-Sa 0700-1700; Su 0900-
1700. Address: M.Tito bb, PB 13, 97240 Demir Hisar 
1584R. Radovis - Power 1 kW. Schedule: Mo-Sa 0800-1800; Su 0700-1200. In 
summertime during weekends broadcasts five hours evening programme, 
1800-2300. Address: Ilindenska bb, 92420 Radovis. 
1584 R. Prilep - This frequency not in use. The station is FM only. 
1602 R. Resen - Power 1 Kw. Schedule: 0700-1700. Address: "29 Noemvri" 
25, 96310 Resen.
1602R. Kicevo - Schedule Mo-Sa 0700-1700; Su 0700-1300. Address: 
Aleksandar Makedonski 72, 96250 Kicevo. The parallel frequency 1485 not 
in use. 
1602 R. Debar - Schedule: Mo-Fr 0800-1830; Sa-Su 0800-1300. Px also in 
Albanian and Turkish. The parallel frequency 1485 kHz not in use. (All 
items: Internet via PUL in EuroLog 08/2000)

RDP Madeira still is active around the clock with relays of RDP Antena 1 
program on 531, 603, 1125 and 1332 kHz. They have local programs during 
the morning. The signal on 531 kHz is coming from Porto Santo Island. 
603 kHz is transmitted from Madeira Island but can also be heard well on 
Porto Santo.
Posto Emissor do Funchal transmits on 1530 kHz (//1017 kHz Santana). 
They have a different program on 92.0 FM. The station recently 
celebrated its 50th anniversary. During the evening they relay Deutsche 
Welle in Portugese. From 2315h local time and during the night relay of 
Radio Renascença. 1530 kHz also reaches neighbouring Porto Santo Island 
in a good signal quality.
Estação Rádio de Madeira, which used to transmit on 1485 kHz (// 96.0 
FM), currently is off the air after it was bought by another local 
station. Btw: The listed relay of Rádio Turista with programs in several 
European languages was non-existent already during a stay on Madeira 
three years ago. (Harald Kuhl via MWC e-mail news 25.08.00)
783 now noted on this new frequency after Syria and Saudi Arabia sign 
off (at appr. 2330 and at 2200, respectively). Their former frequency 
1349 has been silent for a long time. (T&M Ritola via Paul Bowery, MWC 
e-mail news 19.09.00). The Geneva plan shows an assignment for 20 kW on 
this frequency. (OA)

Moldova cuts radio broadcasts. Moldovan state radio has eliminated its 
night broadcasts as of 8 August due to a lack of funds, Romanian Radio 
reported the previous day. As of 14 August, the radio's second channel 
is also to be eliminated, while medium-wave broadcasts will be cut from 
18 to 8 hours daily. The radio will continue its regular, 18 hours of 
daily broadcasts only on FM. The radio's management says the measures 
are "temporary" and due to Moldovan Radio being some $1 million in debt 
to the state company that relays the broadcasts. Moldovan Radio's entire 
budget for 2000 is $2 million. (RFE/RL Newsline, 8 August 2000 via BT). 
MW output (summer UTC): 0300-0600 & 1600-2100 on 873/1494kHz. RM2 has 
been temporarily suspended (BT)
621 1900 VOR Albanian & 1930-2000 VOR Bulgarian additional programmes. 
(Observer-BUL Nat Radio, Ivo Ivanov and Anguel Datzinov via BC-DX)

990 Voice of Mongolia using 500 kW at 120 degrees. Schedule: 0930-1000 
Mongolian, 1000-1030 Chinese, 1100-1130 Mongolian, 1130-1200 Chinese 
(website via OA)

675 According to a recent verification received the postal address of 
Radio10FM is: Postbus 910, 1000 AX Amsterdam. The Internet site of 
Radio10FM is: www.radio10.nl. (Henk Poortvliet via HCDX 102)
1557 On board the former Laser vessel, the MV Communicator, which still 
has a berth at Almere harbour, a second transmitter will be put in the 
hole. Next to the 1224 kHz, which is used for the station Q the Beat, a 
second transmitter will be on for the station Colourful Radio. In the 
future the 1557 kHz will be used for them. (Via Paul Bowery, MWC e-mail 
news 12.09.00)
1584 According to Radiovisie, 1584 AM The Bells has changed its name to 
Radio Paradijs (Paradise in English) on August 31st. This was done 
because the owners believed that 1584 AM The Bells was too difficult a 
name for the audience. (Herman Boel via MWC e-mail news 04.09.00)

New Zealand
783 Samoan Capital Radio New Zealand, Wellington, rec. nice verie letter 
in 35d from M. Lui, Station Administrator, along with station profile, 
for mint stamps. Address: Level 2, Rostrevor House, Cnr 
Vivian/Marion Sts. PO Box Box 6647, Te Aro, Wellington. (Patrick Martin, 
Seaside OR via HCDX 125)

153 According to plans the new transmitter on Ingøy, west of Nordkapp, 
will start around 1st October. A special broadcast is planned for some 
time around 28th or 29th September. More information below and from 
www.dxlc.com (Bernt Erfjord via BE)
Press release from DX-Listeners' Club, Norway: A special broadcast from 
Norwegian broadcaster NRK is scheduled to take place on 153 kHz around 
the end of September. Exact date and time has not been confirmed as yet, 
since the transmission will take place as and when the transmitter is 
ready to be switched on. The transmission will be carried exclusively 
from the new Norwegian longwave site at Ingöy, close to North Cape in 
northern Norway. This 100 kW Telefunken transmitter will replace the 20 
kW mediumwave transmitter at Vadsö on 702 kHz. If everything goes well, 
the transmission is likely to take place around the 28th or 29th of 
September at the earliest. Up to the minute info on this special 
broadcast and background will be available on http://www.dxlc.com around 
the 25th, so check this site regulary to be sure not to miss this 
opportunity to hear a new transmitter on the air! After this special 
broadcast, 153 kHz is expected to carry the NRK Europakanalen in // with 
1314, 630 and 675 kHz. We hope this broadcast will be heard over a large 
distance! A special QSL-card will be issued for correct reception 
reports to this broadcast. Reports to DX-Listeners' Club, P.O.Box 7080 
Vestheiene, N-4668 Kristiansand, Norway. E-mail: longwave@xxxxxxxx 
(Bernt Erfjord, DX-Listeners' Club via MWC e-mail news 18.09.00)

702, 1413 Thomcast have been awarded transmitter contracts for BBC 
relays in Oman and Thailand. As the AM radio transmitter supplier for 
the new BBC WS Al Ashkharah station in Oman. Thomcast will supply two MW 
S7 HP txs series of 800 kW nominal carrier power each to MCIL. The 
future Al Ashkharah stn, which is owned by the BBC WS, is and will be 
totally integrated by MCIL - Merlin Communications International Ltd. 
This stn, located in the desert, is a replacement for the Masirah relay 
station in Oman, which will be closed by 2002. The BBC tx will be the 
tenth superpower S7HP tx installed in two years following installations 
in France [TWR?], Germany, Monte Carlo [TWR], Poland [LW 225], Cyprus 
[TWR], Sri Lanka [TWR], Korea and China [CRI Dongfang?]. With this 
order, the total installed transmitting power in the world with 
Thomcast's most recent full solid state families will be over 16,000 
kWs. (Excerpts from Thomcast press release, 5 Aug via BBC M via DXLD, in 
BC-DX 481)

Radyo Ukay. Main office: Cor. P. Reyes & Palma Gil Sts. Davao City, Tel. 
No. (6382)227-95-35, Fax (6382) 221-7824. AM stations: Format: News & 
Public Affairs, Drama. Stations:
783 DYME Masbate, 5 kW.
819 DXUM Davao City, 10 kW. Studio location: UM Matina Campus, Davao 
City. Harris DX10 transmitter. Antenna tower height: 285 feet. SM: 
Roland R. Raval.
891 DYSR Dumaguete, 10 kW. Studio location: Camp Seasite Banilad, 
Dumaguete City. Kaissar transmitter AM 10. Antenna tower height: 300 ft. 
SM: Alvin Bandiola.
936 DXDN Tagum, Davao del Norte, 5 kW. Studio location: UM Tagum School 
Compund, Tagum City. Kaissar transmitter AM 10. Antenna tower height: 
200 feet. SM: Roger Israel.
1044 DXLL Zamboanga, 10 kW.
1089 DXCM Cotabato 10 kW. Studio location: UM School Compound, Cotabato 
City. Kaissar transmitter. Antenna tower height: 210 feet. SM: Mariz 
1134 DXMV Valencia,Bukidnon, 5 kW. Studio location: Mt. Kitangcad Cor. 
Kanlaon Street, Valencia, Bukidnon. Kaissar transmitter. Antenna tower 
height: 200 feet. SM: Engr. Romy Chiang, Jr.
1161 DXDS Digos, Davao del Sur, 5 kW. Studio location: Highway Digos, 
Davao del Sur. Kaissar solid state transmitter. Antenna tower height: 
150 ft. SM: Florencio Campaner. (Website via OA)
1458 DWRF FEBC Iba schedule: 1230-1300 in Zhuang to China. (FEBC website 
via OA 15.9.2000) Zhuang is the largest minority language in China with 
12M speakers. It belongs to the Tai family. (OA)

Polskie Fale Srednie S.A. has been incorporated with the purpose of 
implementing a project of reviving the medium wave in Poland. 92 
licences were granted in March 2000, but clearance from the Ministry of 
Communications is also needed. Frequencies available are: 531, 963, 
1062, 1332, 1395, 1413, 1485, 1584, 1602 kHz. (Witold Parzonka via 
Krzysztof Rybus, Poland, www.rybus.net, via HCDX 84). Polskie Fale 
Srednie S.A. means Polish Mediumwave Company. (OA)
531 Twoje Radio Kluczbork (Kluczbork, Opolskie voivodship) and Twoje 
Radio Lipsko (Lipsko, SE of Radom, Mazowieckie voivodship) will be the 
first stations to go on the air in the community radio project of Fale 
Srednie SA. Both will operate on 531 kHz with 0.1kW. Fale Srednie is 
expecting the technical licenses from the telecom authorities in the 
very next time. 6 more stations are in the preparation process. (BT). 
Twoje Radio means Your Radio (OA)

1395 11.8 1810 UTC Radio Vacanta seems to be on a new frequency. In 
parallell with Radio Cluj (noted the same px on 909 kHz), Radio Craiova 
and Radio Antena Bucuresti. 
1584 11.8 -1759 UTC Radio Popular Iasi with very good signal completely 
covering all the other Popular stations here, clearly overmodulated and 
tendencies to the same bad sound as Hungary-1602. Local ID at 1757 and 
ending their local program for the day at 1800 UTC. (Both items from 
Per-Ole Stenman via HCDX 70). Power is 2 kW. Address: Str. Armeana 12, 
6600 Iasi. (Solatie & Stenman via EuroLog 19.8.2000)

153, 261 Transmissions from Taldom were resumed on 30th August. Most 
probably this was at least in part caused by the Ostankino TV tower fire 
that took the channels off the FM band. (OA)
621 R. Khabarovsk. Address ul. Lenina 71, Khabarovsk 680013 
(internet/PUL via EuroLog 13.8.2000)
666 BBC WS via Yekaterinburg. On July 1st, after 7 years on 1260 this 
station moved onto 666 kHz. (Guzei 01.09.2000 via EuroLog 11.9.2000)
765 R. Khabarovsk (?). New one on this frequency. Schedule:08-20 local 
time. Power 10 kW. License holder Teleradiokompania 'Delovoy Mir'. 
(Guzei 25.06.2000 via EuroLog 5.8.2000)
990 R. Slavyanka, Moscow. This radio station of the Ministry of Defence 
of Russia has schedule: Mo-Fr 1100-13.00. (Klub-DX 16.07.2000 via 
EuroLog 6.8.2000)
1053 R. Maria, Fund "Radio Mariya", nab. Kanala Griboedova, d. 82, kv. 
25, 190068 St. Petersburg. Their schedule: (10 kW ND) 24 h a day. 
(Mikhail Timofeyev, St.Petersburg via HCDX 64)
Mailing address: P.O. Box 732, 190068 Sankt-Peterburg. (Alexey Osipov, 
Sankt-Peterburg via OA)
1134 Avtoradio, Khabarovsk. Avtoradio is the new name for this station 
in Khabarovsk (ex- R. Nostalgie, ex- R. Invar). Re-transmitting px from 
Moscow. (Guzei 25.06.2000 via EuroLog 5.8.2000)
1161 R. Orfey, Volgograd, reported to be inactive but heard around 11 
September // 1152, 1125, so it is back on the air. (OA)
1170 IBRA R in Arabic 2000-2130. (Observer-BUL Nat Radio, Ivo Ivanov and 
Anguel Datzinov, Sep 10, via BC-DX)
1269 Radio Ussuri, Ussuriysk, new one here, previously on 1503 kHz as R. 
Ussuriysk. (Klub-DX 09.07.2000 via EuroLog 6.8.2000)
1386 LBH Radio, Kaliningrad. Acc to the QSL-card received today, LBH 
Radio returns to the air on Oct 1st. They do not mention the freq, but I 
guess 1386. (Stefan Björn-SWE, Sep 7, in BC-DX 482)
1386 Avtoradio - Narodnaya Marka, Irkutsk. This frequency in Irkutsk is 
now relaying the national edition of Avtoradio from Moscow. Earlier 
occupant Radio Avtos is now only on FM (106,4 MHz). (Klub-DX 16.07.2000 
via EuroLog 6.8.2000)
1386 Radiostation "L-centr", Stavropol, closed broadcasting on 1386 kHz. 
(Guzei via RUS-DX 86-C)
1413 Russkoye Radio, Khabarovsk, new one on this frequency. Schedule 08-
21 local time. (Guzei 25.06.2000 via EuroLog 5.8.2000)
1503 Ekho Moskvy, Ussuriysk. For Radio Ussuriysk, earlier using this 
frequency, see 1269 kHz above. (Klub-DX 09.07.2000 via EuroLog 6.8.2000)
1557 Europa Plus, Vladivostok, address: ul. Pologaya 72, 690090 
Vladivostok. (website via OA)
Radio Rossii, the Russian main state broadcasting network, has just 
changed its programme format. One and the same progr without any "time 
shifted versions" is on the air 24 hrs a day starting on Sept 4th (there 
were five 20 hrs a day R Rossii versions with s-on at 1700, 1900, 2100, 
2300 and 0100 in the summer - one hour later in the winter). (Mikhail 
Timofeyev-RUS, Sep 4, in BC-DX 482)
Radio Rossii has also adopted an on the hour musical signature 
consisting of the first bar or so of the National Anthem played on a 
xylophone-type instrument. (Dave Kernick via HCDX 109)
VOR Russian from 3rd September 2000
0100-0300 1215 (Bolshakovo-RUS, 600 kW)
1200-1400 648 (Orzu-TJK, 1000)
1200-1400 693 (Berlin-D, 5), 1215 (Bolshakovo-RUS, 600), 1323 
(Wachenbrunn-D, 1000)
1900-2000 621 (Grigoriopol-MDA, 500), 1314 (Gavar-ARM, 1000)
1900-2100 612 (Kurkino-RUS, 40), 693 (Berlin-D, 5), 1215 (Bolshakovo-
RUS, 600)
(Nikolai Rudnev, RUS-DX Aug 15)

1485 RFE Bratislava, new site for RFE. Broadcasts are // 1233 kHz. (Per-
Ole Stenman & Honzík 04.08.2000 via EuroLog 5.8.2000)

South Africa
1269 Chinese Community Radio. New one. South African Community Radio 
targeting the area of Greater Gauteng. Power 2 kW. Schedule 0500-1900. 
In Chinese and English.
1422 Tembisa Info Community Radio. South African Community Radio. Power 
1 kW. Schedule: 0300-2200.
1485 R. Today. South African Community Radio targeting the area of 
Greater Johannesburg. Schedule: Mo - Sa 0400 - 2000; Su 0500 -2000 in 
English. (All three items: HAL via EuroLog 10.9.2000)

666 SER Radio Barcelona has already moved to Rambla 94-98, P4, ES-08002 
Barcelona. This move was originally planned for mid 2001. (Roberto 
Pavanello via PDX 1079)

The Göteborg (Gothenburg) Radio Museum has received a permit for test 
transmissions on either 981 or 1584 kHz. The organizers hope to go on 
the air in October in connection with activities celebrating the 75th 
anniversary of Swedish Radio. The power will be something like 200 watts 
using a modified coastal radio transmitter. (Krister Eriksson via swedx)

648 Khersonske oblasne radio, Oktiabrske. Schedule: 0310-0330; 0510-
0530, 1240-1300; 1510-1530 and 1700-1730. Px in Ukrainian language. In 
Russian only on Sun, 1510-1530. Also the ads at 17.12 and 17.19 can be 
in Russian. eMail: ofis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Skura-FM)
1485 R. Biznes-Novini Luhanskini. This Luhansk oblast public radio 
company station has schedule: Mo-Fr: 0610-0630; 1640-17.00; Mo: 1345-
1400; Wed & Fri: 0435-0445; 1340-14.00; 1610-17.00; 1800-1830; Sat: 
1630-17.00;1420-1445; 1040-1050; Sun: 0610-0630. (Skura-FM via EuroLog 
1593 Radio D-I, Dnipropetrovsk inactive. (Skura-FM via EuroLog 6.8.2000)

United Arab Emirates
Radio Asia is operating on 1152 kHz from Ras Al Khaimah,UAE with 200 kw 
for Indian expatriates in the Gulf and programs are in Hindi, Urdu and 
Malayalam. Their address is Dolphin Recording Studio, Box 8588, Dubai, 
UAE. (Jose Jacob, India via HCDX 85)

United Kingdom
The Orfordness 648 beam is targeted on 130 degrees. The gain of the 5 
mast antenna array is 5.3 dB. 
Looking at the plot of the hrp there's a nibble up the North Sea- good 
reception in Aberdeen then the next pulse is towards the tip of Norway 
then the main beam with 130 degrees running through Luxembourg. 
Reception is for all the EU former Common Market countries day and 
night. The 1296 antenna is a 6 mast affair and is set to 96 degrees. The 
gain is 8 dB. Looking at the plot there is only one minor side lobe 
towards central Denmark. The main beam is Dusseldorf/Prague. The night 
time service is intended for Poland, Czech Republic and the former East 
Germany. Daytime of course it all Benelux. The beam is non moveable on 
648. On 1296 minor adjustments are possible and a "slew" of 10 degrees 
either side is technically possible but the two transmitters prefer to 
be on the 1296 true bearing as the system is then well balanced. On both 
antennas there is negligible back radiation into the UK except for bits 
of East Anglia and Kent. 1296 is much tighter on back radiation than the 
648 service. (Mike Barraclough, Letchworth, England via Guido Schotmans)

Unknown country (Hungary?
1188 An unidentified transmitter was heard from 23.9.2000 with Radio 
Drina and B2-92 relays. Radio Drina is an FM station located in Bosnia-
Hercegovina and B2-92 is the former Belgrade station that was closed by 
the Yugoslav authorities on 17th May and has resumed broadcasting via 
Radio Drina. Programmes are in Serbian. It has been reported that the 
station announced as follows: "Radio B2-92 programmes can also be heard 
on the AM waves of Radio Sombor on 666 and 1188 kHz." Speculations are 
that the transmission on 1188 originates from Hungary or from the 
Bijeljina area of Bosnia-Hercegovina. R. Drina on inquiry says that 1188 
is located in Hungary. The programme has been confirmed on 666 (from 
2200) by Mauno Ritola, Finland. (Various sources.) (This could be a 
temporary arrangement for election reports. 1188 may be the otherwise 
silent Szolnok transmitter in Hungary. /OA)

Vatican City State
Vatican Radio has a new URL: <http://www.radiovaticana.org with 
information on various language sections, as well as audio live and on 
demand. (Dr. Hansjörg Biener-D, Aug 23, BC-DX 480)

740 correction to last issue (cf. Cambodia): This frequency has the VoV 
2nd prgr.
1089 On further listening, I now believe the provincial station I 
reported last time on 1089 kHz is Kien Giang rather than neighbouring An 
At present I am observing the following from the Voice of Vietnam 
national services in Vietnamese:
1st Programme: 2200-1600 (Fri -1700) on 594, 630, 648, 657 (s), 666, 675 
(h), 690 (m), 711 (w)
2nd Programme: 2200-1600 on 549, 558v (s), 702v (l), 729, 740, 783 (w)
h: probably in Hanoi area
l: may also carry local opt-out programming
m: also carries portions of the 4th network in minority languages
s: believed to be in the Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) area, WRTH lists 
location as Quan Tre
w: believed to be in SW Vietnam, putting very powerful daytime signals 
into Cambodia & east coast of Peninsular Malaysia; there are also strong 
signals on 873 (apparently local programming in Vietnamese and 
Cambodian) and 1242 (external service) which appear to originate in the 
same area.
Their web-site (http://www.vov.org.vn/docs1/english/index.html) is 
rather out of date, but more or less corresponds with the above. They 
also list the first network on 945 and the 2nd on 1089. I haven't heard 
either, the only VTN station heard on 1089 being the ?Kien Giang local 
mentioned above. (Alan Davies in Thailand, 24.9.2000)

1566 R. Jasenica, Smederevska Palanka Has been received regularly in 
Finland at nights. The station has an eMail -address: 
jasenica@xxxxxxxxxxx (various, FIN, via EuroLog 5.8.2000)

Yugoslavia (Kosovo)
549 R. Kosova, Pristina is the public broadcaster set up in the province 
since the NATO action there, broadcasting on mediumwave and FM. (Dave 
Kernick via HCDX, via EuroLog 5.8.2000)

Radio Cook Islands website: http://www.radio.co.ck/ 
Tonga Broadcasting Commission website: http://www.tongabroadcasting.com/ 
(Pentti Lintujärvi, Helsinki, Finland via HCDX 85). 
Fiji Broadcasting Commission website: http://www.radiofiji.org. (Bruce 
Porter via HCDX 85)
Vanuatu Broadcasting & Television Service website: 
http://www.vbtc.com.vu/ (Guy Atkins, Bonney Lake, WA USA via HCDX 87)
A list of websites is available at: 
http://www.rnw.nl/realradio/html/hitlist.html (Andy Sennitt via HCDX 86)


*Stephen S. Howe - showe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  I received the following e-mail this morning.  Some of you may want to 
check it out:
  Dear Radio Club,
  With this mail I want to draw your attention to my QSL Information 
Pages QIP at http://www.clandestineradio.com/martin/qip-indx.html
  After visiting these pages you'll certainly find them useful.
  In order to improve the pages I'd like to get more qsl-logs for my
  If you club issues qsl-logs on a regular basis I'd be glad to receive 
these logs via E-mail. I'm interested both in old logs from the past and 
new logs. If you don not want me tu use the new logs, you set a time 
(for instance 1, 3 or 6 months after publication) after that I'm allowed 
to use the logs.

Mark Connelly - MA - MarkWA1ION@xxxxxxxxxx

  I have just posted on-line documentation for two compact easy-to-build 
antenna phasing units, DXP-2 and DXP-3.  These are designed for simple 
operation on DXpeditions.  Go to my RF Circuits page at 
"http://www.qsl.net/wa1ion/index.html"; for links to these articles as 
well as to other documents of possible interest.

***Sergei Sosedkin - radonezh@xxxxxxxxx

  I just discovered a neat Web-site for book lovers worldwide at 
<www.addall.com>.  It makes comparison shopping at different book 
sellers for you, including the shipping charges.  Check it out.  
  For instance, if you live in the US, you can pre-order WRTH 2001 for 
only $19.25 (with a cupon).  I checked this site for other radio-related 
books, and the prices were better than at the local book store.
  P.S.  I'm not connected with this site in any way--just a satisfied 

****Mika Makelainen - mika@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Some 30 recordings of unidentified North American AM stations are now 
available as WAV files, and v/s information on a recent QSL is also on 
the site at http://www.makelainen.com/dx/index.htm

***Martin Elbe - elbe@xxxxxxxxxxxx

  I just returned from a DXpedition to Denmark. From 20 to 27 September 
I was guest in Wilhelm Herbst's house near Fjerritslev in northern 
Jutland. Wilhelm bought an old farmhouse up there in the middle of 
nowhere. And he converted the farmhouse into a DX-receiving station. On 
an area covering 4.4 hectars he constructed a lot of antennas. Apart 
from some longwires (25 and 44 meters, a 6 m Vertical) there are the 
following Beverage antennas:

150°  160m
180°  140m
195°  160m
210°  160m
220°  120m
230°   90m, in Winter up to 290m when the neighbouring farmers don't
            need the fields.
245°   80m, in Winter 270m.
260°   80m
270°   75m
280°   75m, in Winter 250m.
290°   80m
300°   90m
315°  240m
330°  175m
345°  330m
  0°  330m

  OK, in northern Finland or Sweden an antenna of 80m is not regarded as 
a Beverage antenna, but don't let us be more catholic than the pope. ;-) 
All antennas are supported either by bamboosticks or by tomato-sticks, 
height about 1.5m, the antennas are grounded via a resistor at the end.
  And then there are antennas for FM-DX (an 8-element Yagi with Rotor 
and TV antennas). Alone on FM more than 1300 stations from 32 countries 
were logged so far. Not bad at all!
  Anyway, a nice selection of antennas to choose from, and Wilhelm rents 
out his home as a "DX-Hotel". He has 3 guestrooms and space for 3 DXers 
to listen. Accomodation is cheap, in summer it's 90 DKK (less than 11 
US$) per day, in winter it's 120 DKK. Interested? Contact Wilhelm 
Herbst, Husbyvej 183, DK-9690 Fjerritslev for more information.
  All antennas can be selected via switchboards.
  I had my Wellbrook K9AY with me to compare the performance of this 
antenna in relation to the Beverage farm.
  Concerning the K9AY here are some quotes of Wellbrook's Webpage, 
  The Wellbrook antenna provides a cardioid reception pattern with up to 
30dB front-to-back ratio over a very large bandwidth. The antenna uses 
two Delta Loops with a reversible beam direction to provide a 360 degree 
  A unique feature of the K9AY, is the Remote Controlled Variable 
Termination. This allows the user to optimise the null during changes in 
the arrival angle of interfering signals and provides a considerable 
improvement in reception quality.
  The K9AY is specifically designed to simplify the construction of this 
Loop antenna. The K9AY comprises of two assemblies: Antenna Control 
Unit, and an Antenna Head Unit.
  The Antenna Control Unit provides the antenna control functions, 
supplies the power to the Antenna Head Unit, and feeds the signal to the 
receiver. A 10-15dB Broadband Amplifier is fitted. The Antenna Head Unit 
provides the variable antenna termination, Beam Reversal and the Loop 
selection electronics. Integrated into the Antenna Head Unit is a 9:1 
Balun. This Balun has the feeder winding isolated from the antenna so 
that the antenna is magnetically coupled to the feeder. This reduces 
antenna/feeder interaction and mains borne noise from TVs, computers 
  The K9AY antenna uses a coaxial feeder cable without an antenna tuner. 
Low noise performance is assured because there is no antenna return path 
to mains earth. The K9AY, is also suitable for non-directional short 
wave reception and will provide far lower noise performance (similar to 
the T2FD) than an equivalent length Longwire antenna. The electronics 
are encapsulated in synthetic resin to form a weather proof 
  Comprehensive operating and installation instructions guide the user 
to a easy and safe erection. The K9AY is supplied complete with an 
Antenna Control Unit, Antenna Head Unit. To operate the K9AY, the user 
must provide a 12volt regulated Power Supply, antennna wire, the 50 ohm 
feeder cable and the twin lead control wire.


· Up to 30dB F/B ratio 60kHz to 2MHz · Lower noise than Longwire  
· 2 Loops for 360 degree coverage · Coaxial feeder reduces local noise 
· Variable Null depth control · Static discharge path to earth 
· Rotary beam direction control  · Optional 10-15dB amplifier 
· Omni-directional up to 30MHz · Weather proof construction 


  This antenna was originally designed in the US by a radio amateur, 
Gary Breed - K9AY, and has been used successfully used by radio amateurs 
and medium wave listeners.
  The unique feature of the K9AY is the constant high front to back 
ratio over a very large bandwidth. The K9AY is probably the only medium 
size passive antenna that can provide a significant improvement to 
medium and long wave reception.
  The antenna simply requires up to two 25m wire Loops. A single 8m 
vertical support is required such as a tree. However, it is important 
that the antenna is erected away from buildings and sources of 
interference. The K9AY only requires an area of 9m x 9m to complete the 
erection. Thus, it will fit into most gardens.
  So much from Wellbrook. To erect the Loops I had my Spieth-mast with 
me. That's a telescopic fiberglass mast, fully erected 10m high, 
collapsed a little bit over a meter long and about 1.5 kg of weight. For 
earthing I used a 1m long copperpipe, the earth was rather wet, so that 
seemeed to be enough. On sandy soil, rock or under other poor earthing 
conditions you may use a counterpoise instead. Both loops had a length 
of 20 meters. My fault that I did not take more with me, I think a 
little bit more wire would have given better signals.
  Construction was rather simple. First I hammered a broom-stick into 
the soil. Then I connected both loops at about 7m height at the mast. 
Then I erected the mast and putted it over the broom-stick. Then I used 
4 tomatosticks to fix the loops around the center mast. That proofed to 
be a bad solution. Next day I went to Fjerritslev in order to buy 4 tent 
pegs instead. I couldn't find any, so I bought 4 Kebabspits and a 
Nylonrope. With that I could easily fix the antenna.
  Of course the Spieth-mast bended like a bow, but that's pretty normal 
and just an aesthetic problem. The mast sometimes tends to collapse 
under windy conditions, so I fixed the elements with a bit of force. No 
good idea: That turned out to be really bomb-proof when I dismantled the 
antenna after a week and there was a lot of swearing and four-letter 
words until the mast was fully collpsed. :-) Better use a bit of tape to 
fix the elements.
  Setting up the antenna took me about 40 minutes from unpacking till 
the antenna was up. Another 20 minutes to run all the cables through the 
house to the antenna head. All in all less than an hour and I was ready 
to listen.
  Now to the results. My main interest is MW from Canada and USA, and 
there the K9AY was inferior compared with the Beverage-antennas. In 
about 80% of all cases the Beverage had a louder signal with absolutely 
no background noise. In 10% of the cases both where on par and the rest 
the K9AY had the edge. Mostly in cases where european splatter was 
strong, like KNR Greenland on 650 kHz. But the hammering signals of CHVO 
560, VOCM 590, VOWR 800 or CJYQ 930 were more impressive on the 
Beverages. S-meter pegged to S9+20 dB is an impressive show! Nothing can 
top this.
  But when I compared the K9AY to the two longwires there were worlds 
among these antennas. The K9AY had always the edge (valid for SW 
stations too). Compared to the longwires the K9AY was much more immune 
against any kind of noise. Even in this quiet surrounding this was an 
issue. The more in an noise-infested surrounding!
  When listening on the 9 kHz european channels the K9AY was very often 
better than the Beverage antennas. For example I heard HLAZ Korea on the 
K9AY almost like the proverbial local station. Simply by "switching off" 
County Sound, and then HLAZ was on top. Nothing on any of the Beverage 
antennas! Simply because County Sound was audible on any antenna. OK, 
with a phaser it would have been easy to phase out County Sound, but 
without one you could forget Korea.
  Next example: 1557 kHz, Family Radio from Taiwan. Again, I "switched 
off" France, and in the remaining mess of croatian and UK stations they 
came through. Nothing on a barefoot Beverage antenna. Wilhelm tried it 
with his SEM phaser, reception then was on par with my K9AY.
  OK, in these cases there was no beverage pointing towards Asia 
available, only the backbeams of some antennas. But even when the 
desired station was in the beam of the Beverage it was not always 
possible to get this station. An example was 1314, with the powerhouse 
from Norway and Italy sharing frequency. Not a beep from Italy on the 
180° Beverage, with the K9AY I could switch back and forth between Italy 
and Norway. If you're interested, I made a real audio file (91 kB) of 
this and you can listen for yourself.
  No problem at all when you use a phaser, but the pure Beverage didn't 
make it.
  Amazing, but reception during daytime was usually better on the K9AY 
than on the Beverage-antennas. E.g. R. Bloemendaal, 1116 kHz, came in 
best on the K9AY at 1340 UTC. Or the UK local "Fresh AM" on 936 kHz was 
absolutely in the clear on the K9AY, while on every Beverage there were 
traces of Radio Bremen.
  I had expected that the K9AY would show at least a little bit of 
directivity on 90 and 60m. But no, it behaved like an omni-directional 
antenna. In every case better than the longwire, but the Beverage-
antennas had better signals. On some frequencies one could separate 
stations easily with the Beverages. E.g. 11955, where I had Angola in 
french and a Chinese speaking station. Switching to the 180° antenna 
left nothing from the Chinese, only Angola was audible. Another example 
was 11925 kHz, R. Bandeirantes and a Chinese.
  The K9AY brought good and strong signals, very clean. But compared to 
the appropriate Beverage it came only out as second winner. Only on very 
high frequencies the K9AY had the edge, WJFP on 25870 kHz was audible 
only the loop.
  In general, the K9AY turned out to be an excellent performer, able to 
beat the Beverages in some cases. But: Who of us has the space to erect 
16 Beverages? But many of us will have a piece of garden of 8x8 meters! 
If you have a garden, you should really consider this antenna!


     Geomagnetic Summary September 21 2000 through September 28 2000 
      phil bytheway - Seattle WA - phil@xxxxxxxxxxx
      Tabulated from email status daily

  9/21   211    10    2    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 5
    22   232     7    2    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 4
    23   225     7    1    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 4
    24   225     9    2    low-mod     unsettled-active    - 6
    25   226    12    4    low-mod     unsettled-active    - 9
    26   224    21    3    low-mod     unsettled-active    - 9
    27   205    11    2    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 6
  9/28   202    12    1    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 5

CONVENTION - MEETING INFO (corrections/additions welcome)


*Eric Bueneman - n0uiheric@xxxxxxx

  The first of two fall midwest get togethers will be held at Ten Killer 
State Park SE of Muskogee OK and NW of Ft Smith AR. The dates are Oct 
  1 bedroom cabins are available for $48.00 and 2 bedroom $73.00. To 
reserve a cabin call 918 489 5641.
  This is an informal gtg with a quiz, logging contest, and plenty of DX 
talk. A good DX location for AM FM and TV.
  For more information contact John Tudenham at 417 624 8058 or E mail 



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Many subscribers listen to the tape to and from their place of work 
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   DXM-printed DX MONITOR (21x/year), SDXM-"soft" DX MONITOR (35x/year)

WORLD - SDXM $10.00
  USA - DXM $20.00,  DXM/SDXM $25.00
  Canada - DXM $22.00,  DXM/SDXM $27.00
  Overseas surface - DXM $23.50,  DXM/SDXM $28.50
  Airmail (Central America, Caribbean) - DXM $35.00,  DXM/SDXM $40.00
  Airmail (Europe, North Africa, Middle East) - $38.00,  
    DXM/SDXM - $43.00
  Airmail (rest of the World) - $41.00,  DXM/SDXM $46.00

To join the IRCA, send the appropriate dues to:  IRCA HQ
                                                 PO Box 1831
                                                 Perris CA  92572-1831
If you note any AM changes (call, format, slogan, etc), please send them 
to the NRC Log coordinator (Wayne Heinen) @ nrclog@xxxxxxx
END of 9/28/00 THE "AM DX NewsFlash"

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