[HCDX] BPL in the Philippines (Sponsouring Computers etc. to local PHL school) to "put the shoe into the open door"
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[HCDX] BPL in the Philippines (Sponsouring Computers etc. to local PHL school) to "put the shoe into the open door"

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Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2005 2:11 PM
Subject: BPL in the Philippines (Sponsouring Computers etc.
         to local PHL school) to "put the shoe into the open door"

Ulrich Bihlmayer DJ9KR writes:

Dear Arasu,
the US-American firm "Nextream", together with a local provider, wants to
transmit TV, Internet and VoIP over powerlines (Broadband via Powerlines).
This would be in a part of the Philippines.

To introduce ("to put the shoe into the open door...") a local PHL school
were donated computers, video equipment, a language lab, software for
Chemistry and LEGO plastic stones.

Here is the news in details. Source: IARU EMC Reflektor, SUN STAR News

> Sent: Thursday, 15 December 2005 03:41
> Ref.: BPL on Philippines (donation to school)
> Saturday, November 12, 2005
> Firm offers cable TV connection via power lines
> By Joel E. Capundan
> ROXAS CITY -- For the first time in the country and probably in Asia, the
>  Capiz Electric Company (Capelco) would provide cable TV, telephone, and
>  Internet connection through its power lines to far-flung barangays in
>  Capiz.
> This was bared by Retired General Pedro G. Dumol, chairman of Nextream
>  Broadband Philippines Inc., and a native of Pontevedra, Capiz.
> The new communication and information technology would soon be available
>  after Capelco inks its joint venture with Nextream, a foreign firm that
>  provides new technology called Broadband Power Lines or PBL.
> The launching of this product was held on November 7 at the La Hacienda
>  Hotel here.
> Dumol said that two officials of Nextream are from Capiz and Iloilo. They
>  are Ty Javillana, Chief Executive Officer, a native of Iloilo and Ronald
>  Fesallon, chief technical officer from Romblon whose wife is from Cogon,
>  Panay.
> Provision
> According to Fesallon the venture would provide broadband Internet, voice,
>  and video services via power lines where radio energy passes through
>  power lines.
> These would be distributed into homes through a devise in the plugs a
>  normal wall outlet and typically provides an Ethernet connection to
>  a computer or home network.
> Mixed Feelings
> Governor Vicente Bermejo said that he has mixed feelings about this
>  opportunity for the Province of Capiz.
> "We have to exercise diligence in managing this venture with foresight and
>  without losing our sight from our real mandate. Senator Mar Roxas pointed
>  this out and I wish to reiterate this concern once again", said Bermejo.
> Primary Function
> Earlier, Roxas was worried that because the technology proposed would use
>  the same facilities used by Capelco in delivering electricity, all their
>  officials must exercise greater diligence in evaluating the said business
>  opportunity and always weigh benefits relative to the stability of its
>  primary function, which is to provide electricity at affordable prices to
>  all Capicenos.
> "There is a need to slowly evaluate this contract because any
>  mistake will ultimately be shouldered by the consumers of Capelco,"
>  Roxas said.
> Background Check
> Capelco for instance, must seriously look into the background,
>  experience and capability of the Florida-USA based Nextream to deliver
>  the said service.
> Assuming Capelco that his office would always be ready to assist in this
>  engagement, Roxas also urged the electric cooperative to "negotiate hard
>  for a good deal and not just grant long-term exclusive rights to the
>  foreign proponent in exchange for an unspecified investment promise."
> Also, if possible, the Senator said, public consultation with cooperative
>  consumers should be held to increase broader awareness and gain public
>  support.
> Guests
> During the launching, 10 units of computer, video equipment, language lab,
>  chemistry software, and Lego building kits and software for their science
>  lab were turned over to the Capiz National High School and received by
>  its principal Narcisa Artates.
> The launching was attended by City Councilor Pepe Del Rosario,
>  representing
>  Mayor Antonio Del Rosario, Engineer Edgar Diaz, lawyer Lolita Quisumbing,
>  vice president of Capelco, Jelly Farrinas, President of Capelco Board of
>  Directors; some local officials and several others.
> (November 12, 2005 issue)

> Sun.Star message board


Hi Arasu,
could you contact the relevant members of the Philippine Amateur Radio
Society to make them aware of the threat to amateur radio.

Fraternally yours in the Intruder Watch Business,
Ulrich (Uli) Bihlmayer DJ9KR
Coordinator of DARC Monitoring System Intruder Watch

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