Re: [HCDX] WWV TO Add One Second
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Re: [HCDX] WWV TO Add One Second

> > WWV is going to add one second to the clock.  I believe it's on Dec.
> > but
> > missed the end of the message. Has anyone ever heard this before or
> > exactly when it's going happen?
> >
> >
> The leap second is inserted at 2359:59 UTC on Dec. 31..  that would be
> 1859:59 Eastern standard time.

It is inserted "after" and not "at".

On a normal day, the one second that follows
the second beginning at 23:59:59 is the one
that begins at 00:00:00 (and which begins the
next day).  In this case, the leap second is the
one that begins at 23:59:60, and the second
following that one will begin at 00:00:00.

As Mike said this will be the second before
1900 eastern time on 31 December. It will
just be an extra second before the tone beep
on WWV starting the next minute, nothing
special. These generally occur every 18
months, and reconcile atomic time to
astronomic time.

Sorry if this has been answered already, I
get a 'digest' feed here and sometimes an
behind a bit.

- Bob

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