[HCDX] Logs from NH-USA for week ending Dec.25th
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[HCDX] Logs from NH-USA for week ending Dec.25th

Merry Christmas! May you find that elusive DX signal
under your tree, lol.

3921.17, GUYANA, GBC, 0140-0204, Dec.18, English, OM
w/ mx prg. Talk re various musical artists and holiday
greetings. Fair/good. (Barbour-NH)

3945, IRAN, VOIRI, 0207-0216, Dec.19, Vernacular,
Announcer w/ numerous ments. of "Islam", mx bridge
followed by talk re "Iraq". Fair. Need USB to avoid
LSB chatter. (Barbour-NH)

4498.15, BOLIVIA, R.Estambul, 1006-1022, Dec.19,
Spanish, Music with solid ID at 1010. Various
announcers over music at 1017. Poor/fair, noisy by
t/out. Pleased to log this for the first time!

4796.33, BOLIVIA, R.Mallku, 0953-1003, Dec.22,
Spanish, Continuous SP music w/ nice ID at 0956. Poor.

4960, INDIA, AIR-Ranchi, 1135-1203, Dec.20,
Vernacular, Talks by OM and YL b/w Hindi music bits.
Ads featuring "doorbell" effects and URL I couldn't
fully copy. Hindi ballads at 1150. Nice ID at 1200
then "doorbell" ad again. Mx intro and OM at 1202.
Fair at t/in then slowly fading. (Barbour-NH)

5054.6, COSTA RICA, Faro del Caribe, 0141-0204,
Dec.19, Spanish, OM w/ SP Christmas music, talk b/w
selections. ID at 0202. Poor/fair w/ lots of slop via
5050-WWRB. (Barbour-NH)

5960, RUSSIA, RS Tikhy Ocean, *0935-1000*, Dec.23,
Russian, IS, Usual format reported by others w/ OM ID,
YL w/ talks, occasional OM and music. Poor w/ 5955
slop. Too weak to detail at my location. (Barbour-NH)

8743U, THAILAND, Bangkok Meteorological Radio,
1224-1247, Dec.19, Thai/English, Weather forecasts in
Thai(2 to 6 mins. in length) and English(2 mins. in
length) w/ 2-minute(+/-) IS b/w segments. Several ID
announcments w/ schedule and frequencies. Poor/fair.

9799.88, YEMEN, Republic of Yemen Radio, 1945-2005,
Arabic, OM hosting phone-in program. Pips/ID at 200.
Fanfare followed by OM. Poor, whisper quiet signal.

11735, ZANZIBAR, RTZ, 1922-1943, Dec.20, Vernacular,
Music at t/in, News at 1927 w/ mentions of Uganda,
Malawi and Dar-es Salaam. Music at 1932 w/ YL b/w
selections. Booming! (Barbour-NH)

11850, POLAND, R.Polonia, 1318-1336, Dec.19, English,
News re Polish politics. "News from Poland" prg.
Contest at 1326 re traditional Polish Xmas dinner.
Correct answers via e-mail win Xmas "goodie bag".
Music/talks featuring Henrich Goresky(sp-?).
"Soundcheck, 20 minutes of Polish music" at t/out.
Poor/fair. (Barbour-NH)

Scott R. Barbour Jr-Intervale,NH-USA
R75, 200' Beverage antennas, MLB-1 antenna.

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