[HCDX] Wednesday's catch
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[HCDX] Wednesday's catch

Peru, 6114.80, Radio Union, 1040-1150  Noted a man in steady
Spanish comments.  Noise and splatter
very heavy this morning.  (Chuck Bolland,  December 28,

Peru, 4835.48, Radio Maranon, 1056-1100  With a man doing
Spanish comments between musical
selections.  Signal was very poor.  (Chuck Bolland, December
28, 2005)

Peru, 4855.54, Radio La Hora, 1058-1105  Noted a woman in
Spanish Comments.  Weak signal
with heavy noise this morning.  (Chuck Bolland, December 28,

Tibet, 4905, People's Broadcasting Station, Lhasa, 1100-1110
Noted a woman in Tibetian language
comments with music background.  Once or twice a man
comments.  Signal was poor. Possible
parallel on 4920 kHz.   (Chuck Bolland, December 28, 2005)

Peru, 6188, Radio Oriente, 1113-1120  Noted music initially.
A woman give Spanish comments
between tunes.   Signal pops in to a good level when
splatter subsides. (Chuck Bolland, December 28, 2005)

Clewiston, Florida
NRD545 Dipole

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