[HCDX] Queen and Paul Rogers needs radio support..
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[HCDX] Queen and Paul Rogers needs radio support..

Hello everybody, forwarding on a message from the hostess of Aussie
Queens - radio support is needed if it be pirate or non-pirate, all
enquiries please send to myself or to Nicole via her website.

Sorry to take up so much space in this list but the petition needs
200+ signatures within the week.

Aussie Queens is a group of fans that have come together to petition
the band Queen and Paul Rodgers to consider touring Australia and NZ. 
In order to get this happening Aussie Queens needs people to sign a
petition which will be presented to the Queen managment team for final

If you can help Aussie Queens would you be able to mention their URL
on air and/or play their promo ads for them and in return there are
various levels Aussie Queens can promote you back.  Aussie Queens has
a formal sponsorhip proposal availiable for those interested in coming
on board.  If you would like to view the proposal please contact
Nicole Pule-Leech (project inititiator and Co-ordinator) from Aussie
Queens or to get more details: aussiequeens@xxxxxxxxxxx

Sponsors currently supporting this project and their banners are up on
the Aussie Queens Website at  http://www.freewebs.com/aussiequeens

EMI Music Australia
The Official International Queen Fan Club
Free - Bad Company - Paul Rodgers Fan Club
Phoenix - Queen Radio

5yyy Community Radio
Call Sign is 107.7FM (Whyalla, Adelaide)

email: 5yyy@xxxxxxxxxxx

Rampage Systems
Rampage Systems Website

Hobart Radio International

FM 2000 LiveStream


Other Aussie Queens Corporate Supporters


Lighting PG and Designs

Informal assistance has also being given to Aussie Queens from  Casey
House Radio 97.7 fm, 6PR and Triple J Adelaide, TripleM, Xpress
Magazine and The Bendigo Advertiser.  We hope we add you to this list
and get more media support for this great cause and community project.


Rob Wise.

Hobart Radio International - 1 Year Old!!
Post Box 711, Rosny 7018
Tasmania, Australia.

Moderator of French Learning and
SW Radio News yahoo groups.

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