[HCDX] Fw: Issue with my RF2200
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[HCDX] Fw: Issue with my RF2200

Can any Panasonic RF-2200 owners help with the following inquiry?  I have 
never attempted any repairs or modifications to my trusty RF-2200 in the 
almost 28 years that I've owned it.


Mike Brooker
Toronto, ON

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From: DENNIS DAHLQUIST <rgvads@xxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Thursday, December 29, 2005 12:37 AM
Subject: Issue with my RF2200

I recently came upon your interesting website. It would seem you know a lot 
about shortwave radios and I was wondering if you had any ideas how I might 
clean the scrolling frequency readout on my RF2200? Would you happen to know 
if I unscrewed the unit from the back, would I be able to get to and gently 
wipe down the scrolling analog frequency readout that scrolls when I turn 
the tuning knob? I think it might be paper with the frquency designations 
printed on it. If I'm careful, I think I might be able to lightly brush the 
surface or wipe it witha cloth to get some old dust and dirt off the paper 
that show thru the plastic cover on the front panel. Is there any problem 
with an amatuer like me removing the backside screws and having a look 
inside? Seems like it would be pretty simple. have you ever done this? Or, 
do you know where and to whom I could send my radio for a inside cleaning 
and alignment? Any advice would be most appreciated.
Thank you kindly,

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