[HCDX] United Radio Broadcasters of New Orleans QSL cards now available
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[HCDX] United Radio Broadcasters of New Orleans QSL cards now available

United Radio Broadcasters of

New Orleans/WWL hurricane 

QSL cards now available




The International Radio Club of America (IRCA) has been granted permission
to act as the QSL Bureau for stations that participated in United Radio
Broadcasters of New Orleans (URBONO) effort.  URBONO - headed by WWL Radio
870 - came on the air following hurricanes Katrina and Rita which struck the
United States Gulf Coast area in late 2005.  Listeners from around the world
are invited to submit their reception reports to receive one of the special
QSL cards that have been printed to commemorate this unique response by
broadcasters to these natural disasters.


Stations that participated in the URBONO network were:


WWL-AM, New Orleans, LA, 870 kHz

WSMB-AM, New Orleans, LA, 1350 kHz

WLMG-FM, New Orleans, LA, 101.9 mHz

WNOE-FM, New Orleans, LA, 101.1 mHz

WTKL-FM, New Orleans, LA, 105.3 mHz

WODT-AM, New Orleans, LA, 1280 kHz

WRNO-FM, New Orleans, LA, 99.5 mHz

WYLD-AM, New Orleans, LA, 940 kHz

WYLD-FM, New Orleans, LA, 98.5 mHz

WQUE-FM, New Orleans, LA, 93.3 mHz

KHEV-FM, New Orleans, LA, 104.1 mHz

WYNK-AM, Baton Rouge, LA, 1380 kHz

WJBO-AM, Baton Rouge, LA, 1150 kHz

WFMF-FM, Baton Rouge, LA, 102.5 mHz

KRVE-FM, Baton Rouge, LA, 96.1 mHz

WSKR-AM, Baton Rouge, LA, 1210 kHz

KLCL-AM, Lake Charles, LA, 1470 kHz

KJEF-AM, Jennings, LA, 1290 kHz

WHRI-SW, Cypress Creek, SC


Listeners who wish to receive a QSL card should send a standard reception
report including the station they heard, date, time, frequency, and as much
program detail as possible (preferably up to 15 minutes). An individual QSL
card will be issued for each station heard and verified.


Be sure to include return postage in the form of mint U.S. stamps for either
domestic or international rates (remember, postage rates go up after the
first of the year), U.S. currency (US$1 should be sufficient for most
international replies) or International Reply Coupon(s). Please adjust the
amount of funds or postage send if reports for several stations are sent.


Please mail reports to:


                        URBONO QSL

                        P.O. Box 3777

                        Memphis, TN

                        38173-0777 USA


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