[HCDX] Logs for Al Muick 06 December
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[HCDX] Logs for Al Muick 06 December

QTH:	Kabul, Afghanistan
RX:	WinRadio G303e
ANT:	200m Longwire/Randomwire
ACC:	Palstar MW-550P Mediumwave Preselector

930	UNID, heard in AR with Koran talks and singing at 0110 on 06 Dec.
OK signals but a lot of noise and this is where no station should be in this
region of 9 kHz spacing.  Wondering if this is Saudi Holy Koran program
shifted down from normal 936 or Pakistan shifted up from 927?  Station still
there after daylight here at 0214 but declining rapidly.  Any help would be
appreciated!  Not there when I checked this evening at 1755.  Not there at
0050 on 07 Dec either.  Possibly they found and corrected their error?

936	AFGHANISTAN, R. Zabol, Zabol Province, heard at 1220 on 06 Dec with
Interview.  Fair to Good signal, supposedly 10kW.  About 350-360 km to the
southwest of me.  Thanks to Mauno Ritola for the tip and prompting!

1269	UAE, R.Asia heard at 0039 on 06 Dec with Malayalam programming and
music.  Fair sigs here with 200kW but some seriously deep fades.  This is a
station serving the servants in the UAE.

1296	AZERBAIJAN, Azerbaijan TV & R. Broadcasting, heard at 0023 on 06 Dec
w/RS programming of talk show.  Nice clear sigs, but squashed completely
when local R.Free Afghanistan s/on early at 0027 w/VoA EG programming.  This
tx went up/down several times before they finally got the feed right and
s/on w/R.Free Afghanistan at 0030.  Hopefully I got enough details for a
QSL, but there's always tomorrow.  Azerbaijan is listed at 125 kW.  

1395	INDIA, AIR Bikaner, heard at 1700 on 06 Dec in HI w/station ID and
subcontinental mx.  Good sigs w/slow but deep fade at only 20kW.

1467	KYRGYZSTAN, TWR Relay, heard at 1600 on 06 Dec in Uzbek with TWR IS
into rlg. pgm with man and woman tag-teaming the listener.  Good to very
good sigs at 75kW.

9875	VIETNAM, VoV2, heard at 0635 on 06 Dec in VN w/light music and YL
talk.  Weak to fair signals w/no QRM.

12130	PALAU, T8WH World Harvest R., heard at 1026 on 06 Dec in English
with Christian light pop music.  Fair to good sigs but beat to death by
R.Free Afghanistan on 12140 which was splattering a lot.

An interesting day for DX all around!  The 930 kHz log is interesting.
Definitely not a spur, so I presume someone punched up the wrong freqs on
the tx'er, but you would think they would have seen some serious reflected
power by being off-freq.  Perhaps that is how they caught their error.

I sure hope thing continue to be quiet job-wise, so I can continue to DX for
the rest of this government-inspired holiday.

Best 73 de Al Muick

"The government deficit is the difference between the amount of
money the government spends and the amount it has the nerve to
 - Sam Ewing

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