[HCDX] R. Conakry
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[HCDX] R. Conakry

7125, Guinea, R. Conakry. December-26 FF 0718 at tune-in very low signal level but from 0725 a quick enhance revealing a hoped French talks, 0731 anmts about three "communiqué...", seems a list of proceeds and deliberations, including info of names and their respective fields "general(sounded like La Ponty) representant de le republique", 0733 folk string & voice music, 0734 as usual abrupt s/off in mid-song. At top 24422 (lob-B).


4845, Mauritania, R. Mauritanie, Nouakchott. December-26 FF 0742-0753 male non-stop talks. 34433 (lob-B). 


Lúcio Otávio Bobrowiec

Embu SP Brasil - Sony ICF SW40 - dipole 18m, 32m 
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