Re: [HCDX] CFRX is back!
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Re: [HCDX] CFRX is back!

Bill Harms wrote:
An old friend is back! I am listening to CFRX 6070 right now 12/16 1730 UTC with its usual good signal. They were not on the air yesterday. How long were they off?

I have CFRX 6070 in @ 2044 UTC at Star City, Arkansas. S8 signal on the 75m dipole and S9 signal on the dipole going through the antenna tuner (transmatch). Rig is a Yaseu FT 897D. Sounds like the old days before CFRX went off the air. I just hope that CFRX station ID/QSL infomation anouncement used previously is timed with ad breaks and not programming.

Fritze H. Prentice Jr, KC5KBV
Star City, AR
Grid: EM43aw

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