[HCDX] Dec 27 Logs
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[HCDX] Dec 27 Logs

** CHAD. 4904.97, RNT, 2145-2232*, Dec 27, Afro-pops, tribal drums.  
French talk. Sign off with National Anthem at 2231. Good. Alternating  
between 6165 & 4904.97. Heard yesterday at this same time period 
on  6165. (Brian Alexander, PA) 
** JAPAN. 6055, Radio Nikkei, 1020-1030, Dec 27, local music. 
Japanese  announcements. Poor. Weak. Very weak on // 3925.
(Brian Alexander, PA) 
** NIGER. 9705, LV du Sahel, 2235-2301*, Dec 27, French pop 
ballads.  French announcements. Qur`an at 2253. Sign off with local 
flute &  National Anthem at 2259. Test tone at 2301 & off. Weak. Poor 
with weak  co-channel QRM and noisy conditions. (Brian Alexander, 
** NIGERIA. 6089.85, Radio Nigeria, Kaduna, 2110-2204, Dec 27, 
talk in  listed Hausa. Tribal chants. Covered by Anguilla 6090 at their
2204 sign on.  Fair signal strength but poor to fair overall signal quality
due to DRM QRM  & adjacent channel splatter. Must use ECSS-USB
to avoid some of the DRM  mess. (Brian Alexander, PA) 
** RWANDA. 6055, Radio Rwanda, 2045-2100*, Dec 27, Euro-pop
music.  French talk. Sign off with short electronic instrumental tune
along with ID.  Good. Strong. (Brian Alexander, PA) 
** THAILAND. 12095, Radio Thailand, 0045-0102, Dec 27,  English
programming with review of upcoming local events. Weather. National  
Anthem at 0100. Chimes at 0101 followed by programming in Thai. 
Weak but  readable. Stronger than usual. (Brian Alexander, PA) 
** ZANZIBAR. 11735, Radio Tanzania-Zanzibar, 1800-1815, Dec 27,
English  news to 1809. “Spice FM” IDs. Swahili talk & a US pop tune
at 1809  followed by Swahili talk. Audio good yesterday, but today the
audio is  starting to get that warbling sound again. (Brian Alexander, 
** ZIMBABWE [non]. via Madagascar, 11610, Radio Voice of the 
People,  *1700-1756*, Dec 27, sign on with African music & English-
vernacular  opening ID announcements followed by vernacular talk. 
Short breaks of  African music. English at 1738. English news at 1747.
Closing English  announcements with contact information at 1754.
Good signal but some English  difficult to understand due to thick
accents. (Brian Alexander, PA) 
Brian Alexander, Mechanicsburg, PA,  U.S.A.   
Equipment:  TenTec RX-340, two 100 foot longwires  

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