[HCDX] computer-like growl and LW DX
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[HCDX] computer-like growl and LW DX

Warm greetings AND season's greetings to all of you !

I'm right now listening to France-162 at 0740 UTC with a fairly annoying growl in the background with the PK's Magnetic LW loop set to null out the buzz that is usually destroying reception on frequencies below 200 kHz. The signal is still quite easy to understand (the economical status of France vs other European countries, the duties of Nicolas Sarkozy, etc.) because it is quite strong AND because dawn enhancement at the Allouis transmitter site is undergoing right now, but on other channels the growl is unbearable ie. 171 with Medi Un already faded out.

Nothing from Spain on either 1134, 585 or 1143, in fact COPE on 1143 was never heard even though WRVA in Richmond, VA was always easy to null out at my location in the Montreal area.

May the good DX be with you !
Bogdan Chiochiu (even though I'm using the Aurel Chiochiu's e-mail address instead of my MSN account)
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