Re: [HCDX] [mwdx] WNNZ on 640 is using daytime pattern
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Re: [HCDX] [mwdx] WNNZ on 640 is using daytime pattern

[edit] WNNZ
WFCR provides a full-time NPR news/talk programming feed to WNNZ, 640 kHz, licensed to Westfield, Massachusetts, which is owned by Clear Channel Communications. WFCR is providing the station's programming, and Clear Channel is selling underwriting advertisements.[1] [2]

The programming now heard on WNNZ was moved in 2007 from WPNI, 1430 kHz, in Amherst.

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  From: aurel chiochiu 
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  Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2008 6:45 PM
  Subject: [mwdx] WNNZ on 640 is using daytime pattern

  Warm greetings to all of you and season's greetings !

  WNNZ (Westfield, MA) is using daytime power on 640. I can barely null it off the back of my Sanyo MCD-S830's ferrite bar loop to pick up the Toronto station or something else.

  They are semi-local like, at least as strong as WVMT is on 620 from Burlington, VT.

  They are relaying NPR, I just heard an ID for WFCR 88.5 which it simulcasts. A quick research over Google relayed that is indeed WNNZ and not a new semi-local nightmare. An aurora should take care of this guys even on daytime power, since their groundwave signal is THRESHOLD and aurora leaves only groundwave from domestics and skywave from southern domestics, Caribbeans and Latins.

  I guess the chief engineer of WNNZ is buzy on New Year's Eve.

  As far as the px content goes, they talk about the issues concerning the Israel - Palestinian conflict among other items !

  If anyone in Europe needs WNNZ-640 or MA as a state (since WBZ-1030 is beaming away from Europe at night) or, if your are like me a foreign DXer with some limited short-skip DXing too, go, get that one.

  A few days ago, it's CFRA-580 who forgot their daytime rig one...

  May the good DX bless your ears and fullfill your New Year's Eve party !
  Bogdan Chiochiu in Pierrefonds / Montreal, QC
  Btw.: Maybe it can reach Venezuela with YVQO Unión Radio nulled out; YVQO is a regular during, at least, semi-auroral condx; otherwise WNNZ, CFYR and CMBC are jamming the channel. It appears that even Guadeloupe would be possible once again on 640 during the right condx...

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