Re: [IRCA] 1330 KENU Enumclaw
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Re: [IRCA] 1330 KENU Enumclaw

Doug wrote:
> I'm hearing what sounds alot like "KJR G1" by a man at 5, maybe 10 minute 
> intervals.  I'm guessing this is KENU, but what doe's it mean? Couldn't pull 
> up their website.  Stations in the background are CJYM, and KWKW.

That's KENU. They're owned by Green River Community College these days, 
and they're a sister station to KGRG-FM, which does alternative rock. So 
they rebranded 1330 as "KGRG-1, The Alternative Past," and they use it 
to play modern rock from the 80s and early 90s.

Website is

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