Hard-Core-DX.com: Global Crisis Watch Podcast - Oct 10 2006

Global Crisis Watch Podcast - Oct 10 2006

Wednesday, October 11 2006

October 10, 2006 | Episode #34
North Korea: What Comes Next?

Global Crisis Watch convenes a roundtable discussion on North Korea and
the next possible steps with Rohan Gunaratna, Institute of Defense and
Strategic Studies, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, counterterrorism consultant
and author of "My Year Inside Radical Islam," and Josh Manchester,
Marine Reserve Officer and author of TheAdventuresofChester.com.

Link: http://www.GlobalCrisisWatch.com/gcw/gcw_061010.mp3
21 minutes | 9.8 Megs


Global Crisis Watch is an independent and weekly 30-minute current
affairs and news podcast focusing on the Global War on Terror, the War
of Ideas, and indigenous pro-democracy efforts around the world. Hosted
by Richard Lafayette in Minneapolis and co-hosted by Bill Roggio of
BillRoggio.com and Nick Grace in Washington, DC, the show features
interviews with brave activists and journalists about terrorism,
democratization, and indigenous efforts to promote freedom and liberty.