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Good start

Thursday, January 11 2007

Year 2007 begun with excellent results for many of us, especially
those taking advantage of a few school and work vacation days, far
from the urban noises of their respective big cities of residence.

Highlights include reception of KRND Cheyenne, WY on 1630 on January
7, at 04.20 UTC. The exotic stations came up after two very rare
Caribbean NDBs had been logged at the same seaside location in
Liguria by Andy Lawendel, and at the same time by Aldo Moroni, in a
small town not far from Malpensa, Milan's international airport.
Details of these receptions can be found, with audio clips and
spectrographic analysis on:


Two days before, approx. the same time (05 UTC) Radio Bayrak
International from Cyprus Northern territory managed to generate a
decent signal in Liguria some nice recording. You can listen to the
peculiar soul and pop sound of this elusive station via a short
playlist arranged at:


Several contributions from other friend of the Italian DX scene in
some other locations will be soon published on:


Enjoy, and have a great 2007!