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Wednesday, January 17 2007

It really looks like the bug has bitten again. It's been a longtime
since we have last seen so much activity from friends of Quelli del
Faiallo, informally representing Italian DXers in Northern, Central
and Southern locations in the Country and their interests in the
field of NDB, mediumwaves, tropical bands and domestic shortwaves
monitoring. This log comes from Salvo Micciche', in Sicily, who's
been experiencing several nights of intriguing signals. Please refer to:


for other details about latest tips from Salvo and others (including
Walter Mola, Renato Bruni, Giampaolo Galassi)


1220 0028 Radio Globo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasile, often in my log
1700 0425 KVNS La Preciosa, Brownsville, Texas, "ranchera" mx, id,
jingles e talk in SS really a show for me
1470 0515 XEAI Radio Fórmula, Ciudad de México, la "Tercera Cadena
1380 0524 2 stations mixed in SS, one should be Radio Corporacion,
Santiago del Cile
1570 0530 2 stations mixed in SS one with colombian accent, Radio
Sensación, Manizales, Colombia? Or Honduras?
1039.63 0546 only carrier, here Giampaolo Galassi a Savignano sul
Rubicone reported some days ago La Voz del Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela

1060 0000 Radio Grande Belo Horizonte Deus é Amor, Pedro Leopoldo,

Tnx to Rocco Cotroneo, help me (and suggest also "AM" in the begining of
clip could be Gazeta AM)
rarely observed openings towards Mina Gerais here.
1190 0008 WLIB, New York, EE talk
1200 0010 Ceará Radio Clube, Fortaleza, Brasile, Tnx to Rocco
1370 0016 Super Iguatemi (ex Radio Atual AM), São Paulo, Brasile
1390 0026 Tx in PP unid surely Brasil
1470 0030 Radio Rural AM de Parelhas, Seridó, Brasile, hrd also by
Renato Bruni
1150 0040 Radio Globo Belo Horizonte, Brasile, uncommon tx from Mina
Gerais's area, mixed with unid
1230 0104 Two stations in PP, both unid
1030 0121 Radio del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, hrd also by Aldo
Moroni in Solbiate Olona
760 0136 Radio Atlántica, Mar del Plata, Argentina, after many year
820 0146 Unid seem to be in EE with religious talk, Radio Paradise 820,
Saint Kitts & Nevis
840 0153 suddenly a radio in SS (i think Radio Salta, Argentina), then
Radio Excelsior da Bahia, Salvador, Brasile, Rede Aparecida de
Comunicaçoes and few seconds before news
from Radio Bandeirantes, São Paulo;
1040 0206 Radio Capital, São Paulo, Brasile
1270 0208 gradito ritorno di AM 12-70 Radio Provincia, Argentina,
1610 0224 traces of Caribbean Beacon, The Valley, Anguilla
1320 0231 WSKN La Isla Super Cadena Noticias, San Juan, Puerto Rico
1470 0245 two carrier less modulation on 1470.05 e 1469.9
1690 0338 EE tlk su 1690, tentatively WPTX, Lexington Park, Maryland

1370 2257 Super Iguatemi (ex Atual AM), São Paulo, Brasile, clear, in

1330 2344 in PP, Super Tupi, São Paulo, Brasile, This is "Iguatemi"
1130 2351 carrier, some words in EE, should be WBBR, New York.
950 2357 strong some words unreadable in SS Radio Belgrano, Buenos
Aires, Argentina?
1200 2358 tlk EE, I suppose WOAI, San Antonio, Texas.

1190 0018 talk in EE e gospel, WLIB, New York, recently hrd in Europe.
1060 0113 mx and sermond in PP, Radio Tapuyo, Mossoró, Brasile? or Radio
Grande Belo
Horizonte, Pedro Leopoldo, Brasile;
1470 0136 some word in EE, WLAM?
1050 0141 speaker in PP, surely from Brasil, what's ,
790 0153 female speaker in EE, unid
1010 0201 WINS, classic TA station from New York,
740 0247 talk in PP, è Sociedade de Bahia, Salvador, Brasile
1480 0359 some word in EE: WSAR, Fall River ?.
820 0404 Radio Paradise 820, St Kitts & Nevis...
1280 0406 only mx no words and fade out.
1650 0436 talk in EE, should be WHKT The big H, Jollif Road, Virginia.
1050 0446 talk in EE, suddenly disappear; CHUM Toronto or WEPN New York?

1370 0018 Super Iguatemi, strong like its name was "Atual AM".
1200 0029 in PP, Radio Cultura, São Paulo, Brasile.
1660 0231 talk SS and ids in EE , WGIT Canóvanas El Gigante, San Juan
1690 0234 talk in EE, Tentatively WPTX Newstalk, Lexington Park,