Hard-Core-DX.com: Nice radio-weather in the weekend

Nice radio-weather in the weekend

Sunday, January 21 2007

Given the situation the night before, it was somewhat unexpected.
Sunday morning, Jan. 21st, in L'Ago, has brought some nice signals on
mediumwaves instead, after a few intriguing catches on shortwaves the
day before. No outstanding receptions, barring perhaps WVVM from
Georgia ("Viva 16-70"), on 1670. But a general good feeling of high
DX potential even in an overcast but fully a-light Italian sky. 1700
La preciosa was still audible at 07.05 UTC, which is *late* south of
the Alps, even in January.

The quest is still open for a positive identification of Wantok Radio
on 7120 kHz. There's a very short window, two or three minutes when
China's co-channel moves from Russian to Kazakh language programming.
A station is there and it could well be PNG, hopefully. Another
excellent catch from D.U. would be Australia's Aboriginal service on
a split 5049.9. Music has been heard Saturday 20th, around 18.30 (ABC
had been generally booming since 15.50 on 120 meters, plus SIBC could
be heard starting from 16.00 UTC) when, guess who?, China had left
the frequency. But again, no positive ID.

Full details from this weekend DX session can be found as usual on
"Quelli del Faiallo" Web site at:


Please take due note of two possible Afghan stations on 6700
(presumed Radio Solh new QRG) and 6800, as reported by Jari
Savolainen on HCDX and DXLD (thanks, Jari) hrd after 22.30 UTC.
Please, check also:


later on, for these stations', plus others', audio excerpts.