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Prosciutto's not enough

Tuesday, January 23 2007

Some night and early morning tips from Renato Bruni in Parma

A short, but interesting log from an ever-promising X-band:

1620 0445- WTAW, College Station, TX. Dominant over WDHP. Talk and
phone-in (Alan Comes Show at 0450, Coast to Coast at 0605) and lots
of 1-800 ID as "Newstalk 16-20" right before newscast at 0500.

1630 0435- tent. KKGM, Forth Worth, TX. The sweet and sour taste of
this morning: religious talks by female voice and soft mx in
background in clear // with their webstream (http://www.kkgmam.com/
final/index2.html), but faded out completely (!!!) at 0512 while I
was hearing their Call id via web... Heard then until 0525 with
christian country mx stil in // with the web. I will log it as
"tentative" for lack of proofs, but I have few doubts on who's guilty...

1640 0455- Radio Juventud Don Bosco, S.to Domingo, Rep. Dominicana.
Rel in ss and id with mentions of "Radio Catiolica Mundial". I have
to check the tape for further details.

1660 0558-WCNZ, Marco Island, FL, "This is Relevant Radio".

A few hours before, around 23 utc Jan. 22nd, Brasil was quite lively
in the 60 mb:

4865.03 R. Verdes Florestas, Cruzeiro do Sul, Brasile (a new one for

5014.5 tent. R. Altura, Cerro de Pasco, Peru.
4925.07 R. Educacao Rural, Tefè
5035.1 R. Educacao Rural Coari

For detailed timing and possibly audio please refer to


later on.