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Wunderbar Bolivia

Friday, January 26 2007

Short openings on interesting channels in the 60 MB and medium waves
are going on. Renato Bruni in Parma has just received an e-mail
verification for a tentative log of KKGM-1630 from Texas (hrd at
04.35 Jan. 23rd), which makes the second highly unusual US State on
this frequency after Wyoming (a strong tentative by Andy Lawendel in
L'Ago, Borghetto (Liguria).
These days, the attention has shifted on 4865v with refreshing
announcements from Verdes Florestas in Brasil, hrd after 00.00 after
years of fruitless waiting. BUt what about the station on 4864.6ca
with what sounded German programming? Renato has been monitoring this
channel for three or four days, often with remote support from Rocco
Cotroneo, listening from Rio de Janeiro. Well, it turns out this one
(which actually precedes Verdes Florestas around 23.00 utc), could
really be Radio Logos in Bolivia with a program in "low" German for
the local Mennonites minorities. You can find a reference to this
peculiar broadcast in a recent issue of Glenn's DXLD newsletter:

** BOLIVIA. Caro Glenn, Ouvida ainda há pouco, entre 2250 e 2305 UT,
Radio Logos, Santa Cruz de La Sierra transmitindo nos 4865 kHz. Ouvi
programa religioso em inglês até as 2300 e em seguida a identificação
em espanhol onde ainda é mencionada a freqüência de 6165 kHz.
Provávelmente trocaram a freqùência, usando agora 4865 anteriormente
ocupada pela Radio Centenario que já estava inativa há algum tempo. 73
(Samuel Cássio Martins, São Carlos, SP, Brasil, Jan 14, DX LISTENING

Wayne, Tnx for your recent reply. Perhaps we should have asked R.
Logos what frequency they are really using. Just got this from a
Brazilian monitor (along with a tough to understand audio clip), heard
on 4865, but still saying they are on 6165.

We have also had an unidentified reported on 4865 before and after
2300 UT in German(?). Perhaps Low German, as for the Mennonites of
Bolivia. Could that be Logos? Tnx, and 73, (Glenn to Wayne Borthwick,
BC, via DXLD) No reply from him yet (gh)

Then Rocco has googled out a detailed link to Radio Logos and its
multicultural vocation:


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