Hard-Core-DX.com: Tequila bum-bum

Tequila bum-bum

Saturday, January 27 2007

Incredible opening this morning, Jan. 26th, with several strong-level
catches from Mexico. Here's what Giampaolo Galassi reported from
Savignano, not far from the Adriatic coast of Rimini:

1190 XEWK, Guadalajara,JL, Mexico, melodica mx and "Doble-U" id W/F
0628 26/1
1380 unid.mex. with "Centro exoterico la casa de la suerte" (and a
station disclaimer..) pres. XECO Romantica F/G 0605-0620 26/1
1410 XEBS,Mexico City DF, traditional mx px and id "Sinfonola" F 0615

1470 XEAI, Mexico City DF, advs and full id G/E 0558 26/1
1500 XEDF, Mexico City DF, "Radio Formula 1-500 AM" F/G 0559 26/1
1570 tent XERF -La poderosa- talk px from studio F 0610 26/1
1700 KVNS, Brownsville TX, mx and Id "La Preciosa" G 0623 26

What's more, similar conditions have been experienced by Saverio De
Cian, who has already alerted the Italian DX mailing list IDXM. His
tips, Saverio says, will follow soon. Let's hope to add some other,
possibly different station, to those reported by Giampaolo on:


So be ready to come back in the next days!