Hard-Core-DX.com: Stormy weather for Queen Mary's birthday

Stormy weather for Queen Mary's birthday

Thursday, February 01 2007

Suddenly, after a rather lengthy series of low K-values, the Sun came
up with some trick causing higher geomagnetic levels. The last days
have brought along mixed conditions, with an intriguing Brasilian on
4894.86 (a recently reported IPB Novo Tempo?) heard around 22.40 on
Jan. 29th. Altura from Peru on 5014.35 (same day, around 03.50) have
made a nice come back, together with Guaruja Paulista on 5045.
On mediumwaves, the only usable LPAM channel at our latitudes came up
live with Radio Carillon (Jan. 29th at 02.00) while an off frequency
Turkmenistan, drifting between 1471.1 and .42, tries to spoilsport
our beloved, and only, "clear" channel. Another anomaly from...
Spain: COPE Almeria 4th harmonic on 4896, where it can be highly

All this until the K index suddenly exploded on January 29th. And one
of those extermely unusual stations profited from the conditions and
a partially free channel in the 31 meters band. Radio UNAM, 9600,
Mexico, have been recently reported by Glenn Hauser, who has to be
credited with the following, prophetic, exhortation: "Europeans
should try for these now." Giampiero Bernardini, from an unreported
location, did just that, around 22.30 the other day (Jan. 29th) and
(strongly) tentatively logged UNAM with classical music. Thanks to
his tips on HCDX the station has been tried for in Parma and other
Italian locations the following day, and verified against an
excellent quality stream from UNAM Web site on http://
www.radiounam.unam.mx/htm/index.htm. The stream seemed to be
matching... Renato Bruni is going to upload a couple of recordings
from his surveillance session on 9599.25 (Jan. 30th). In spite of
their marked fading, one can fairly easily recognize a few bars from
Henry Purcell's Ode for the birthday of Queen Mary. A perfect match
indeed with UNAM's program at the same time. Let's hope the signal -
extremely faint - won't go away very soon, and that it may streghten
up a bit for a positive identification.
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