Hard-Core-DX.com: Summing up

Summing up

Saturday, February 17 2007

Faiallo's channel here on Hard Core Dx was silent for a while due to
some professional engagement and travel. Mediumwave channels weren't
that silent however. Please refer as usual to http://
www.radioascolto.org/html/index.php for latest news and clips,

New name for Radio da Cidade on 1370 (formerly Atual) from Iguatemi
Llanerisima 14-70 from Valencia, Venezuela (was R. Latina) as
reported by Gert Nilsson, has been logged by Renato Bruni and others.

Nice audio clip from Radio Minuto de Dios Barranquilla, as recorded
by Giampaolo Galassi on 1370.

Also, two excellent catches by Saverio de Cian, operating from a
mountain location in the North-Eastern province of Belluno (almost
the same area of a world-renowned Cortina D'Ampezzo). Definitely,
Saverio doesn't live close to the sea shore, but he's exctracting
incredible transatlantic signals with his K9AY all the same. His two
most recent high quality tips, around 06 in the morning are R.
Rebelde on 1180 (Cuba is very seldom reported here) and La Voz de la
Raza from Medellin on 1200.19.

Saverio's crystal clear ID of LV de la Raza can be savoured on:

http://www.radiopassioni.it/audio/1200.19 160207 0607.wav