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Friday, February 02 2007

Eusebio Mejia Yerves, station engineer at R. UNAM Mexico, has sent
Renato Bruni an almost instant e-mail QSL for a report based on the
evidence recorded on 9599.25 the other night (see previous news here
on Radioascolto HCDX channel and other details and audio samples on
Giampaolo Galassi reported much stronger signals from UNAM yesterday
evening, Feb. 1st, around 22.30 UTC. Andy Lawendel checked the band
at the same moment, against a noise background which was hopelessly
unfavourable and with a short piece of wire connected to his Palstar.
Only a carrier was detected on 9599.3, but Brasil R. Cultura could
pierce through the noise floor on 9615 (which is exceptional in such
circumstances). Fluttery, almost Sporadic-E like signals from Brasil
came also in the 25 mb, namely 11.815. Andy reports it was funny to
experience that, given concurrent low K values.

Here's Ing. Mejia Yerves e-mail:

2007/2/1, Eusebio Mejia Yerves <emejiay (at) servidor (dot) unam
(dot) mx>:

Estimado Renato Bruni

Muchas Gracias por tu reporte, ya revisamos el fragmento de audio y en
efecto es Radio UNAM.

espero que sigas recibiendo señal de Radio UNAM y nos la puedas mandar.

Muchas gracias

Ing. Eusebio Mejia Yerves
Radio UNAM
860 KHz, 96.1 MHz y 9600 KHz.
México DF

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