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DX galore at dawn

Saturday, February 24 2007

Wonderful team job for the Italian DX scene. From Sicily to the North-
East, excellent catches happen during local sunrise. A short but
intense and fruitful early morning passion. Recent highlights include
Radio Cordillera, Bogotà on 1190, identified through the Todelar
network phone numbers recorded and succesfully googled out by Andy
Lawendel, who also managed to extract a decent announcement from a
newly assigned CJRS Radio Shalom station in Montreal, on 1650, and a
couple of station slogans from Iowa's KCJJ, The Mighty 16-30, on
1630 . Saverio De Cian keeps playing up with his new SDR toy,
producing an everlasting series of surprising IDs. Much of these and
other brilliant DX artcraft is being detailed, as usual, on: