Hard-Core-DX.com: Alternative DX nights in Sicily

Alternative DX nights in Sicily

Tuesday, February 06 2007

In Europe, we take too often for granted that great DX conditions are
to be found in a northenly direction. As it happens, there's one DXer
living south of Mount Etna who day after day shows we might as well
think again. Working really hard on his newly acquired Winradio SDR,
Salvo Micciche' - who lives and listens in Ragusa, amidst
architectural gems of a world famous Sicilian baroque - exctracts
unexpected Central and South American signals, usually from
frequencies which are almost totally off limits in the Northern
Italian regions, due to side channel interferences. What's more, when
Salvo MW band plays salsa, merengue or milongas, some thousand
kilometers north from him different stations are heard. It's really
something one should go deeper inside. Perhaps on some breathtaking
beach in Sicily or in one of its incredible lesser islands (what
about Favignana?). Art, cuisine and DX vacations anybody?
To wet your appetites, why don't you help yourselves with a closer
look to Radioascolto.org latest tips. You'll be amazed to find how
good WKAQ Puerto Rico on 580 kHz (heard last night, Jan. 5th right
after midnight UTC) can sound... Sample it directly on this clip:


and read about Salvo and other Faiallo friends exploit on the usual