Hard-Core-DX.com: X-Band Italian premiere from Canada

X-Band Italian premiere from Canada

Wednesday, March 21 2007

Do not miss Radioascolto.org's special report from the Italian North-
Eastern location in Piancada, where a group of friends regulary (once
per month, approx.) manages to organize very profitable DXpeds. The
long tips list just published on Radioascolto.org gives a nice
glimpse into ho conditions toward North and South America on
mediumwave can be promising on the Eastern seashores of Italy, in
spite the conspicous portion of land radiowaves have to cross from
the opposite coast. Voces Latinas, the community station from Canada
on 1610 was the amazing (and presumably First For Italy) log. We
hopefully will be able to provide you with some audio from that later