Hard-Core-DX.com: Information about a New Book: "Hitler's Radio War"

Information about a New Book: "Hitler's Radio War"

Sunday, February 06 2011

Dear readers of CR at HCDX,

You probably remember Roger Tidy from a few years ago
when he occasionally contributed to Clandestine Radio Watch .

He just published a book "Hitler's Radio War".

I do not yet know this book but I want to pass on the information
abouit it. If you do want to get in contact with Roger I will forward
your E-mails to him.

Martin Schöch, Eisenach

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Datum: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 10:44:55 -0800 (PST)
Von: Roger Tidy
Betreff: New Book: "Hitler's Radio War"


I have recently written a book entitled "Hitler's Radio War", which has
just been published.  This book, based on archival research, is the
story of the external service of the wartime German radio (the RRG) and
the 'personalities' who worked for it.

Many of the chapters are about clandestine radio. 
The German Geheimsender covered include:
The New British Broadcasting Station; Workers' Challenge; the Christian
Peace Movement station; Radio Caledonia; Lenin's Old Guard; For Russia,
the Militant Union of Russian Nationalists; Station Debunk; Free nIndia
Radio, Free Moslem Radio and National Congress Radio (broadcsating to
India); and many more broadcasting to such countries as France,
Poland,Yugoslavia,Greece and the Middle East. There is also a list of
all known German clandestine stations from the Second World War period,
and a secret organisation chart of Buro Concordia. I believe that the
book is the most comprehensive account of German clandestine radio ever

In addition there are chapters on Lord Haw-Haw, Mary of Arnhem and the
two women known as Axis Sally, as well as new information about
Kurtzwellensender Lil Malene.

The book, which is published in London by Robert Hale Ltd., can be
ordered from www.halebooks.com or from any reputable online bookstore.

Best wishes

Roger Tidy

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