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Sunday, December 11 2011

JAPAN PREMIUM -Kanto DXers Circle weekly loggings-
No.709 -Nov.25 2011-


Compiled by IWATA Gaku.

JAPAN PREMIUM welcome your contributions.


You can read "JAPAN PREMIUM Archive" at

JP No,001(Apr,30 1998) - No,557(Dec,26 2008) was ziped.


All time in UTC

===== ASIA =====

4750 Bangladesh 1425 OM with talks in HI like lang with traditional HI music background .
YL talking on 142620 Mixed with CNR carrier but audio is cler S6

Voice of Korea-DPK 15100 0032 GMT Chinese 333 Nov 20 YL with comments in Chinese. In Spanish by 0036 GMT. //15180[333].


===== AFRICA =====

===== EUROPE =====

Radio Exterior Espana-REE 11680 2335 GMT Spanish 444 Nov 19 YL with comments and vocal music plus an OM with comments 0026 GMT



Radio Nacional 15345 0040 GMT Spanish 433 Nov 20 Two OMs with ongoing comments.

===== PACIFIC =====

=== Site Unknown ===


==== PIRATE ====

==== Un-ID ====

5965 unIDed (Aoki says CRI ) in Korean , with music then then YL in Korean S6

==== LW / MW ====

===== QSL =====

===== ...and others =====

Vatican Radio B11 Frequency Changes

Vatican Radio introduces new frequencies for their morning b'cast to South Asia : w.e.f 20-11-11

0025-0040 UTC Urdu (Monday and Thursday) 5890 kHz TAC 7410 kHz SMG (ex 5895 TAC, 7335 SMG)

0040-0200 UTC Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, English 7410 kHz TAC 5890 kHz SMG (ex 5895 TAC, 7335 SMG)


Finally after 19 days updated B11 schedule of All India Radio has been posted in their website, here's the link :



Water-powered radio hits the market

The man who helped turn the Wind-Up Radio into a global success in the 1990s has invented a radio that is powered by the motion of water flowing into a shower.

More at : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/8916834/Water-powered-radio-hits-the-market.html


Radio Gloria is on this Sunday

Date 27th of Novemberber 2011
Time 10.00 to 1100 utc
Channel 9480 khz via Göhren + shortwaveservice.com
Channel 6005 khz via Radio 700 + shortwaveservice.com

Time 14.00 to 1500 utc
Channel 6140 khz via Issoudun / Nauen

Time 16-17 UTC via Coloradio.org

EMR is on 9480 khz this Sunday

Date 27th of November 2011
Time 0900 to 1000utc
Channels 9480 khz
09.00 Tom Taylor programme
09.30 Mike Taylor (Mail Box programme)

EMR Internet radio service on Sunday and Monday
Programme repeats are at the following times:
09.00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00 utc

Please visit www.emr.org.uk and click on the “EMR internet radio” button
which you will find throughout the website (see the menu on the left).

Please send all reception reports to: studio@emr.org.uk Good Listening 73s Tom


Russia’s radio station, Voice of Russia, which airs in important capital cities and centers around the world has begun broadcasting from its newly opened office in ?stanbul.

The station, formerly named Moscow Radio during the Soviet Union, has been spreading Russia’s voice to whole world. The radio’s name was changed to Voice of Russia, when it was restructured following the collapse of the Soviet Union.
The head of the radio station, Andrei Bystritskiy, mentioned in an interview with the Cihan news agency that the concept behind broadcasting had been mainly ideological during the Soviet Union, but people were no longer interested in ideologies. Bystritskiy came to ?stanbul to introduce Voice of Russia’s ?stanbul branch office and showed the radio station’s programming office located in the Güne?li district to the journalists at a press conference held at the radio station’s office.
Among the attendants at the press meeting were employees from the radio station and Dmitry Peskov, the press consultant of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
Answering questions posed by Cihan at the branch office, Bystritskiy stated that broadcasting in the Turkish language will be done in ?stanbul, while other programs will be broadcast from Russia. Bystritskiy noted that their radio broadcasts in Turkish are to be carried out in collaboration with their business partners in ?stanbul.
In response to a question on the state of affairs between Turkey and the Soviet Union during the Cold War, Bystritskiy responded, “Russia was part of a group, the Warsaw Pact, during the Cold War. On the other hand, Turkey was a member of NATO back then. Today, no hostility exists between Turkey and Russia. Both countries are very successful as partners and allies; they do collaborative business. They have collaborative economic projects. There is no serious opposition between the countries. Therefore, all this has paved the way for the radio station to broadcast in Turkish.”
As for the target audience of the radio station, he said, Voice of Russia aims to address the elites, influential people and the people in charge of making crucial decisions. “Our goal is to reach a very broad audience. However, the qualities of our main target audience vary according to the situation of countries and their regions. Our target audience consists of elites, influential people, decision makers and people who care about what is going on around them. However, that is a specific statement. In general, we aim to access a wide group of people. That is what we consider when doing our broadcasts. We consider everyone from different educational backgrounds, age groups, with different interests and occupations. In Turkey, we want educated and sensible people who care about what is going on around them to be among our audience,” Bystritskiy said.
To the question of whether there will be programs targeting Muslims and Christians living in Turkey, he responded: “Our radio station is not based on religion. However, information and news regarding religions are also addressed in our broadcasts.”
Bystritskiy pointed out that the radio stations’ Russia office covered issues regarding Muslims residing in Russia, and added that they could cover such issues in Turkey as well. “There are many Muslim citizens living in Russia. Therefore, we consider them with regards to our broadcasts and radio programs in Russia. Of course, in our Turkey office there will be similar programs related to the Muslim community. However, I would like to point out that our radio station is not a religious one. We only aim to inform people. For instance, we will cover information and news regarding different religions pertaining to different countries. However, supporting any kind of religious group, whether they are the Christians residing in Turkey or any other group, will not be what our programs will be about,” Bystritskiy asserted

Voice of Russia is on air seven days a week on FM 101.4, which Radio Kuzey also uses. Broadcasts start at 3.00 p.m. and end at 4.10 p.m. The broadcast stream consists of daily commentary on events in Russia and around the world, a Russian language course and news programs.
The Russian station is on air in critical regions such as Washington, New York, London, New Delhi, Baghdad and Kabul. The radio station aims to improve the content of the Turkish broadcasts and will also start playing music.

Voice of Russia, has been preparing programs aimed at foreign countries since Oct. 29, 1929. It was previously called Moscow Radio; however, its name changed to Voice of Russia following the fall dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The government covers all expenses of the station. The station’s audience exceeds 100 million.


Voice of Russia starts broadcasting in ?stanbul http://bit.ly/u7phOT


VOA Croatian Service final broadcast
Washington, D.C. — November 23, 2011 — Voice of America’s Croatian Service signs off for the last time Wednesday, after 19 years of broadcast history that began during the bloody breakup of the former Yugoslavia, and ends with Croatia’s emergence as a democratic member of the European community.
VOA Director David Ensor called the service “a model of journalistic integrity that provided the people of Croatia with fair and impartial news during the dark days of civil war in the Balkans.” Ensor commended the service, which he said, “served as a vital source of independent reporting and insight into American policy.”
Voice of America established its Croatian Language Service on February 20, 1992, a time when the most brutal war since World War II was raging in the Balkans.

Spun off from the former Yugoslav Service which had been broadcasting to the area since 1943, VOA Croatian broadcasts began on radio, but were quickly expanded into television. The service was one of VOA’s first to establish an online presence.
VOA Croatian’s five-minute TV NewsFlashwas broadcast daily on eight affiliate stations and focused on American news of relevance to Croatian audiences, including business, science, American culture, and politics. The popular Breakfast Show, a roundup of US, Croatian and world news, aired on radio for 19 years, without a single day of interruption. An evening radio show aired on shortwave and ten affiliate FM stations in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
In addition to news coverage, VOA Croatian served as a source of entertainment and cultural programming for more than a decade. Nearly 700 episodes of Saturday’s American Cultural Magazine were aired, with stories on leading entertainers, from blues guitar legend B.B. King, to Los Lobos, the Grammy-winning Los Angeles band that performed in Zagreb in 2010.
VOA Croatian Service Chief Zorz Crmaric called going off the air a “bittersweet moment” that comes as the country begins a new chapter in European integration. He noted Croatia is now a NATO member and is scheduled to join the European Union in 2013.

VOA Ends Croatian Broadcasts http://bit.ly/sKaWyx
Website: http://www.voanews.com/croatian/programs/



Many thanks!
This week's Contributors are:

Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany.
Alfredo Canote, Peru.
Yimber Gaviria, Colombia.
Alokesh Gupta, India.
IWATA Gaku, Japan.
Anatoly Klepov, Russia.
Zacharias Liangas, Greece.
Stewart MacKenzie, USA.
Ruben Walter Suarez, Uruguay.
Tom Taylor, UK.
Volker Willschrey, Germany.

Also thanks to

radioascolto.org / ITALY.

Next deadline : Nov.30 1500 UTC
Please send your loggings and tips to: gaku@apple.email.ne.jp

///// Ohkini! from Kanto DXers Circle /////



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