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Radio Prague celebrates 80th Anniversary with special QSL.   
Thursday, September 01 2016


Review of the Radio Prague special broadcasts via Gavar Armenia relay on
August 31.

ARMENIA Radio Prague celebrates 80th Anniversary with special QSL.

On August 31, 1936year Czechoslovak Radio launched its international
service on shortwave.
The station itself Identified as "Radio Prague, Czechoslovakia".

Radio Prague will mark its 80th birthday with a series of special reports
and events posted on their website.

Special QSL

Radio Prague will issue a special QSL card to mark its 80th birthday.
To obtain it, please send a reception report from their special birthday
broadcast on August 31st 2016.

More about 80 years of Radio Prague at:


Radio Prague 80th Anniversary Competition


Meanwhile <www.shortwaveservice.com> has announced special transmissions
via Yerevan to commemorate Radio Prague's celebration of 80 years of


Tune in on Wednesday, 31st of August. {Via CJSC Yerevan-Gavar, adj.}

According to <www.shortwaveservice.com> the UTC schedule reads
as follows:

1630-1700 UT 9535 kHz towards 65 degr Russia / ex USSR / Mongolia
at 100 kW (Russian)
1800-1900 UT 11845 kHz towards 305 degr Europe at 100 kW (German / French)
1930-2030 UT 9885 kHz towards 330 degr Scandinavia at 100 kW (Czech / En)
2100-2130 UT 9405 kHz towards 280 degr Southern EUR at 100 kW (Spanish)

As the broadcasts are shorter than 30 Minutes Shortwave service would like
to fill it with your Radio Prague Birthday Greetings. Please leave a
message on answering machine +4922517724266 or send a pre-recorded file to

<Info -at- shortwaveservice.com>

(Via Alokesh Gupta New Delhi-IND, DX South Asia Aug 27)

Radio Prague on shortwave ... via CJSC Yerevan-Gavar,
"Radio Praha czeskoslovensko sahranici visalni" and very old Radio Prague
Interval signal, Radio Prague's 80th anniversary broadcast.

Excellent reception of Radio Prague here in Remscheid Germany, in the German
midlands Northeast of Cologne (S=5, -22dBm).

I used my Inverted V antenna #2, beamed at 90 degr / 270 degr with a lend
ELAD FDM S2 and my own PERSEUS connected to a whip bonuses (nearly the same
reception quality).

Reception via Twente Holland what not as strong as at my location
(approx. 140 km To / SoEast of Twente).

According to their website Radio Prague will verify correct reception
reports with this special QSL.
(Manfred R. Reiff-D, dxld Aug 31)

The direction 65 degr turned beam eastward also comes in at Twente
on 9535 kHz on. From 16.30 UT August 31 starts the Russian program.

9535 kHz Radio Prague, special birthday broadcast on August 31st 2016

1629 to 1705 UT 9535 kHz Radio Prague via Armenia in Russian language.
The Russian mission came obviously to Japan quite well by:

9535 excellent reception in Japan


taken in Nagano City Japan, Perseus / ALA-1530s+.

(Christian Milling-D, A-DX ng Aug 31)

ARMENIA 11845 kHz via Gavar Armenia relay site, German / French.

Radio Prague celebrates 80th Anniversary with special QSL.

Great copy from Armenia. First 3 minutes in German Language
Best DX - from Adam Poland <http://dxadam.blogspot.com/>
(Adam Grzenia sq9jks, dxld Aug 31)

At 18:55 UT Marseillaise, President Benes, historic recordings
of 1938year Nazi pressure against CSR, and CSR talks with France and Great

Pause signal at 18:58 UT.
10 kHz wide signal,

excellent feed level signal from Euskirchen to Gavar Armenia.
S=9+20 or -55dBm.

At 19:01:53 UT mentioned the special Czech greeting "Ahoy".
TX off 19:03:06 UT.

Excellent transmission, congratulation to Christian at
<info -at- shortwaveservice.com> ...

Radio Prague now on 9885 kHz via Gavar Armenia.

At 20:08 UT in English, European Heritage Day.
S=9+5dB or -70dBm. In Hungary, Amberg Bavaria and in Belgium.

Interesting would it be to learn how the transmission signal
at Scandinavia Beam arrives in the target ?!

The 25 mb signal on 11845 kHz was somewhat stronger than the 9885 kHz

9885 kHz Radio Prague Czech / English, aaah now I see -
send far north at 330 degrees azimuth:
at Mauno in Finland, the signal is quite stronger,
S=9+20db or -54dBm signal strength.

Unfortunately, the Swedes bring no clever remote SDR units in the network,
really shameful for a great DXers nation,
and the stuttering Web connections show absolutely nothing
of commonly executed presence as a media model of Sweden,
compared to poor web speed in Germany.

9405 at 2100-2130 UT over the southern direction antenna toward Spanish
Peninsula with 280degr.

Noted at 2106 UT in Finland Remote Unit S=8 or -83dBm signal.

Spain, Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium and Amberg remote SDR installations
S=9+15dB or -58dBm.
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 31)

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