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Re: 162 Allouis France Inter at 23:00 UTC

Sunday, January 01 2017

FRANCE Check at 0102 UT in western Germany and Belgian remote post show

there very strong outlets of S=9+25dB
or more depending of the antenna.

162 Allouis? or UNID French location?,
ONLY DATA small band modulation, of 2 kHz wide visible,
but include some tiny 3% modulated low strength audio,
in French nx reader language at 0100 UT. S=9+25dB.

198 BBC S=9+15dB on the continent, 2 x 5.3 kHz wide signal.

183 EUR1 S=9+25dB 2 x 5.7 kHz wideband in French

234 RTL S=9+25dB 2 x 5.7 kHz wideband in French.

252 RTE S=9+10dB 2 x 5.7 kHz wideband. RTA S=3-4 in Doha Qatar

and the usual lower then S=9 signals
153 Romania S=7-8
171 Morocco S=6, S=7 instead on Doha Qatar remote unit.
207 Iceland S=7-8
225 Poland S=6-7
243 very tiny S=2 string, mayby exciter in Kalundborg.
279 TKM S=3-4, very low talk modulation in Doha Qatar.


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Yes, French. Who else remains on 162? Walt

On Saturday, December 31, 2016, lang@unb.ca [dxld] <dxld@yahoogroups.com>

Have this recorded via Twente and will archive later. Are we sure that it
is French that is still on the channel? There are a few other eastern
European stations on the frequency.

-- Richard Langley

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