Hard-Core-DX.com: JRX Logs: January 10, 2017.

JRX Logs: January 10, 2017.

Tuesday, January 10 2017

JRX Logs: January 10, 2017.

** 9455. Jan 10 at 1842, China National Radio 1. A Firedragon: continuous instrumental chinese songs; 1900 Continues. Fair transmission, 35433.

** 15370. Jan 10 at 2005, Radio Habana Cuba, Bauta, in English (Aoki and EiBi skeds says Portuguese). Announcers (man and woman) presents a Newsletter; ID. Station with very good signal and modulation, 45544.
Note: RHC sked says 2000-2030 on 15370 BAU 100 kW / 010 deg to WeEu Portuguese.

** 9445. Jan 10 at 2108, All India Radio, Bangalore, in English. Woman annnouncer talks; ID; 2112 Indian Mantras; 2122 ID, Man talks. Transmission with good signal, fair modulation, 45433.
** 13695. Jan 10 at 1913, All India Radio, Bangalore, in English. A musical program: Indian songs; 1920 Woman annnouncer talks, ID, and now, folk songs; 1930 ID and folk songs. AIR has a good signal and modulation this afternoon, here in Cabedelo, 45544.

** 7255. Jan 10 at 2047, Voice of Nigeria, Abuja, in Hausa. Men annnouncers talks. Station with good signal and very slight interference by China Radio International, presumably, 44533.

** 15140. Jan 10 at 1903, Radio Sultanate of Oman, Thumrait, in Arabic. Man annnouncer talks. In collision with Radio Habana Cuba, in arabic, too (today, RHC itÂs a few better than RSO).

** 15390. Jan 10 at 1935, Radio Exterior de Espana, Noblejas, in Spanish. Man annnouncer makes a interview and coments about politics: Reforms of the Liberal, Socialist and other parties of Spain and Europe, too. Very good signal and modulation, 45544. Parallel logs on 9690, 35333; 11685, 35332 and 15500kHz, 15441.

** 9860. Jan 10 at 2130, Radio Free Asia, Tinian, in Korean. Woman and man annnouncer talks; Poor transmission, 35332. Parallel on 9985kHz, 35433
** 15580. Jan 10 at 1950, Voice of America, Selebi-Phikwe, in English. Woman annnouncer talks in slow english; 2000UT ID. Poor transmission, 25332.

DXer: Jose Ronaldo Xavier (JRX).
Location: Cabedelo-PB, Brazil (UTC-3).
RX (s): Tecsun S-2000.
Antenna: Own home-made.
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