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Wednesday, January 11 2017

SOLOMON ISL When tuned in in Brisbane Queensland remote unit
at 2003 UT tonight Jan 11, mid morning in Australia,
grayline in Adelaide, nighttime at Perth western Australia,

noted music theme in progress from Honiaria Solomon Islands,
at S=7 or -88dBm at fade-out time.

5019.999 kHz exact fq on lower side to state.
Compared to ABC 4835 and WWVH 5000 kHz.

73 de wolfie df5sx
all the best in 2017 to the channel islands.

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Sent: Wednesday, January 11, 2017 8:35 PM
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Thanks Ron
great to hear from you !!
I will keep monitoring
Got an sdr now so can record any band when I like...any suggestions perhaps
would help us all

all the very best - Mark

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Hi Mark,
Welcome back. We missed you!

5020 has made for some interesting monitoring. In Oct.,
Nov. and through mid-Dec, SIBC had many days of an
extended schedule, running past the usual 1200* (Dec 2,
with 1253-1550+), with either their own SIBC programming
or more often than not with relay of "Wantok FM 96.3. Good
times, great music" programming.

Often after SIBC signed off (either at 1200* or after their
extended broadcast), both Hiroyuki Komatsubara (Japan)
and I noted there was a weak open carrier on 5020. We
both believed it was not associated with SIBC, but we
never heard any audio, so it still remains a mystery.

Sorry, no definitive help for you.


- - - - - Mark wrote:

Hi Everyone

Im getting a carrier on 5020khz early eves here from 17z have
not monitored when goes off..but will

Im probably fooling myself but at times seems to be a bit of audio.
Only Solomon Isles listed..are they on at this time cannot see listed ...
but only just back at the dials after a long break

All the best

Isle of anglesey

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