Hard-Core-DX.com: JRX Logs: January 11, 2017.

JRX Logs: January 11, 2017.

Wednesday, January 11 2017

JRX Logs: January 11, 2017.

Correction log:
** 9455. Jan 9 at 2130, Radio Free Asia, Sitkunai, in Korean(*). Man and woman annnouncers talks; Music. Fair signal, poor modulation, 35332. Parallel on 9410kHz, Saipan, 25431.
(*) Correct language is Mandarin.

** 4950. Jan 11 at 0217, Radio Nacional dÂAngola, Mulenvos, in Portuguese. Man annnouncer talks and says "humildade social"; ID. Barely audible transmission, 35431.

** 15345. Jan 11 at 1936, RAE Argentina al Mundo, Gral Pacheco. RAE continues in total silence, at all times and languages, on 15345kHz.

** 7415. Jan 11 at 2035, China Radio International, Kashgar, in English. Man and woman annnouncers talks in english and CNR1 Firedragon, both in collision and blocking RFA this time.
Note: Radio Free Asia, 2000-2100UT, on 7415,7445,9455 and 9590kHz, are blocked by CNR1 firedragon! Interesting: CNR1 in collision with own CRI!
** 9860. Jan 11 at 1903, China National Radio 1 (CNR1). All Firedragon very good signal transmission, blocking Radio Free Asia, in Mandarin at 1900-2000UT. CNR1 with 45544. Parallel log on 9455kHz, 1927UT, itÂs a CNR1 Firedragon too, 35433.

** 13740. Jan 11 at 1941, Radio France International, Issoudun, in French. Woman annnouncer talks. Barely audible transmission, 25431 (sometimes, 25432). Parallel log on 15300kHz, unlistenable (sometimes, barely audible).

** 9525. Jan 11 at 1950, Voice of Indonesia, Jakarta, in English. A song; Woman annnouncer talks, ID. Other song. 2000UT ID; Woman annnouncer talks News, in French. Poor broadcasting, 35332.

** 6195. Jan 11 at 0405, NHK Radio Japan, Furman, in Spanish. Man annnouncer talks a NHK Newsletter. Station with good signal and modulation, 45444. Parallel on 5985kHz, Okeechobee, barely audible transmission (sometimes, unlistenable).
** 9855. Jan 11 at 2053, NHK Radio Japan, Talata Volonondry, in French. Man and woman annnouncers talks; 2059 ID. Station with good signal and fair modulation, 45433.

** 6015. Jan 11 at 0335, Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), Dole, in Swahili language. Woman annnouncer talks News, presumably; 0340 Local songs; 0358 Man talks; ID at 0359UT, Drums and time pips at 0400; Woman talks News. Fair signal and modulation, 35433.

** 9650. Jan 11 at 0200, Voice of Turkey, Emirler, in Spanish. IS, ID, programming of the day. Woman annnouncers presents a Newsletter; 0208 ID. Very poor transmission, 35432. Parallel log on 9410kHz, 25331.

** 9860. Jan 11 at 2100, Radio Free Asia, in Korean. On 9860, 9985 and 7460kHz, sign-off till 2110. Yesterday, 9860 and 9985kHz were on-air!
Note: At 2120UT, on-air 9860 and 9985kHz, with a barely audible transmission!

** 7315. Jan 11 at 0137, Voice of Vietnam, Furman, in Spanish. Man and woman annnouncers talks News; 0150 Coments about Vietnam people; 0158 sign-off. Very poor transmission, 35432.
** 7280. Jan 11 at 2014, Voice of Vietnam, Son Tay, in German. Man and woman annnouncers talks about Vietnam; ID; 2024 A song; 2028 ID. 2030 IS, ID; Program in French. Fair signal and very poor modulation, 35332. Parallel log on 9730kHz, Sontay, 25331.

** 5915. Jan 11 at 0308, Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC)-Radio 1, Lusaka, in Vernacular language. Local songs; 0332 Woman annnouncer talks. Very poor broadcasting, 35432.

DXer: Jose Ronaldo Xavier (JRX).
Location: Cabedelo-PB, Brazil (UTC-3).
RX (s): Degen DE1103 & Tecsun S-2000.
Antenna: Own home-made.
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