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WTWW Plus Noise on 9475 kHz

Thursday, February 16 2017

I've no clear opinion,

need a DF direction finding unit measure ...

scratchy metallic like audio sound,
similar like China mainland jamming in past 5 years
against VoA and BBC English sces, 20 kHz broadband.

Could it be a new OTHR signal from western Russia towards North America, or
an Alaska HARP test ?

First reported in Austrian newsgroup A-DX on Febr 13,
signal lasted til 2258 UT cut off at this evening.

Covers the range 9467 to 9497 kHz broadband.

Not heard in Japan, Thailand, India, nor Qatar remotes.

But heard well in western Europe, also in KY, MA, NJ / USA,
and also at Alberta Canada remotes.


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There is a mess this afternoon centred on 9475 kHz with weak audio but
noise of some sort stretching from about 9455 kHz to 9495 kHz. Can be seen
clearly on the U. Twente SDR waterfall. Does the noise originate from the
WTWW transmitter or somewhere else?

-- Richard Langley

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