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"Golden 80's Rewind" - today soon

Saturday, March 11 2017

Program content correction, read below.

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Mauno Ritola wrote on the WRTH Facebook group:
Christian Milling announces test on Saturday 11.3. from "Golden 80's Rewind"
9900 kHz via Tajikistan 100 kW towards Australia starting at 1200 UT.
Email contact: jordan.heyburn@outlook.com

TAJIKISTAN re 9900 kHz exact fq from Dushanbe TJK, 11.50 - 12.59 UT
on March Saturday 11th.

Instead of "Golden 80's Rewind"
heard "Radio, Menschen und Geschichten" in German language,

recording of Sunday February 26 in 49 mband on 6045 kHz.

"Radio, Menschen und Geschichten" today Dushanbe bcast center,
empty carrier on air at 11.50 to 11.58 UT
nice signal at remote unit in New Delhi India at S=9+20dB level.

Audio Carillon 'Glockenspiel' signal from Euskirchen western Germany
Broadcasting House switched on,
b u t at very tiny 5 per cent modulation level,
heard between 11.58 and 12.00 UT underneath, - in New Delhi India.

12.02:17 UT late REAL TRANSMISSION START with 100 per cent
modulation audio level,
"Radio, Menschen und Geschichten" ID in German language.

S=9+20dB or -54dBm signal in Delhi India remote post.

Worldwide could be heard, here the reports:
S=9 -72dBm in Brisbane Queensland, North Eastern Australien remote SDR.
S=8 -80dBm in Doha Qatar.
S=9+10dB in Western Hungary.
S=9+5dB in DARC Amberg, Bavaria, Germany.
S=9+5dB in Rome and Calabria Italy.
S=7-8 in Manchester UK and the Netherlands.
S=5 -94dBm in Tokyo Japan.
S=7 -85dBm in central Florida USA.
S=3 in Edmonton Alberta CAN und Michigan USA.

"Waltzing Mathilda" at 1212 to 12.15:35 UT.

Later on reports of former "FM Radio 100" interview
in West-Berlin during GDR era,
as well as a traffic transmission sce report from Sweden.

10 kHz wideband, exact broad signal, nice audio modulation !

Station ID and Euskirchen Germany adress given at 12.58:30 UT.
12.59:35 UT Carillon, 1x GlÃckchenspiel.
12.59:55 UT TX Dushanbe OFF switch.

73 de wolfgang df5sx

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