Hard-Core-DX.com: non-Log: 9545 kHz, Solomon Island Broadcasting Corp., Honiara, 0200 UT

non-Log: 9545 kHz, Solomon Island Broadcasting Corp., Honiara, 0200 UT

Wednesday, March 15 2017

SOLOMON ISL SLM Solomon Is. Bc. Corp. Honiara
at noon time slot in Queensland Australia:

at 0200 UT on 9545 kHz S=8-9 -78dBm strong signal on the remote Perseus SDR
unit in Brisbane Queensland.
No audio at all, just empty CARRIER ONLY in 31 meterband,

only a 2nd transmission of digital STANAG program in 9910 to 9914 kHz range
visible and heard too.
Remaining 31 mb is EMPTY bcast-wise at this hour downunder.

The next radio program station heard up in 25 mb
on 11620 kHz CNR5 Chinese from Beijing tx,
and RTM Kajang pop mx 11665 kHz from Malaysia.

CHINA 9630 surprisingly heard LIVE English(!) on CNR1 Geermu at 0238 UT.
S=8 signal heard in remote Doha Qatar unit.
Live press conference of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in progress, also CNR1
program use as China mainland jamming against IBB RFA Tibetan service from
Dushanbe Orzu TJK at 01-03 UT on S=8 9670 kHz, same En/Chines live
transmission at 02-03 UT on Kashgar outlet 9825 kHZ.


[Live Now] Chinese premier gives press conference Chinese Premier Li Keqiang
holds his annual press conference in Beijing on Wednesday.
Chinaplus.cri.cn brings you a live broadcast of the event
starting from 10 a.m. Beijing time on Wednesday, March 15.

73 wb

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SLM Solomon Is. Bc. Corp. Honiara
zur Mittagszeit in Queensland Australien:

um 0200 UT auf 9545 kHz S=8-9 -78dBm stark auf dem Perseus in Brisbane.
Keine Audio, nur der leere Träger im 31 meterband,

nur noch ein STANAG Program im 9910 bis 9914 kHz Bereich sicht- und hörbar,
sonst ein leeres 31 mb da-dort.

Die nächsten Sender auf SW nach oben sind 11620 kHz CNR5 Chinesisch aus
Beijing, und RTM Kajang pop mx 11665 kHz aus Malaysia.

73 wb

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