Hard-Core-DX.com: Voice OF Vietnam A17 Schedule?

Voice OF Vietnam A17 Schedule?

Wednesday, March 15 2017

Hi Paul,

I have asked for A17, but haven't received yet. I don't think Woofferton
will be back.

See the latest WRTH for schedule, it may continue unchanged for A17.
9550 kHz was dropped last year, probably already before A16. It was
rathe useless anyway with huge CRI Vietnamese signal covering it.



15.3.2017, 16:55, Paul B. Walker, Jr. kirjoitti:

Has anyone seen their A17 schedule? Can you share it?

Are they bringing back broadcasts from Woofferton?

They had one broadcast listed, 9550khz to Africa and the Middle East,
listed for both spring and winter broadcasts season last year that I
never heard and I think several of their listeners never reported hearing