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My Favorite TP/TA AM Signals   
Sunday, March 19 2017

As the possibility of TP and TA AM DX signals winds down for me due to near
24 hour daylight in a few months, I was listening back to some of my
favorite signals heard this past winter.

O'd have to say my favorites were Eagle 810 Tokyo, Eagle 1571 Misawa, 6NM
Northam, WA (500 watts!!) and V7AB 1098, which when i did hear it, came in
pretty good!

I heard Absolute Radio 1215khz at about 0240UTC on November 12. I was using
my amp and the signal was much stronger and there wasn't as much noise.
SINPO rating for this broadcast would be 45344. My reception starts out
with "Way Down We Go" by Kaleo followed by a very clear Absolute Radio
station liner and into "My Favourite Game" by The Cardigans.

Audio clip here:

I heard Cadena SER's 1044khz from Spain on November 11th at 0217UTC. The
signal was actually pretty darn good, just some atmospheric noise but had I
understood spanish, this would've been easy to listen to. The signal did
start to take a noise dive. There is a woman casually talking in spanish
and thanks to Bjarne Mjelde for catching it, but at 1 minute 22 seconds the
lady gives a casual Cadena SER station identification. I would give this
broadcast a SINPO rating of 35333. It starts out OK but gets poor by the

Audio recording here:

I heard TalkSport 1089khz on November 11 at 0241UTC. The signal was fair
but there was a whine in the background and echo in the program audio which
means I was hearing more then one of the TalkSport 1089 transmitters, they
were coming at me from different directions and one was slightly off
frequency from the other. The Two Mikes was on the air talking sports and
taking listener comments via phone, email and text. SINPO rating for this
broadcast would be 34453. If it wasn't for the whine and echo, whatever one
TalkSport 1089 signal I would've heard would've likely been pretty

Audio here:

I heard TalkSport 1053khz as well on November 11 at 0226UTC. The Two Mikes
program was on the air here, again talking about sports and taking listener
comments. The 1053khz signal was SOLID and STRONG like a semi local AM
might be. SINPO Rating for this broadcast would be 55454. Overall,
excellent with just a bit of noise.

Audio clips of TalkSport 1053khz here:

*V7AB 1098khz Majruo, Marshall Islands *was in remarkably well, all things
considered on November 11th as well. There was quite a bit of atmospheric
noise but the signal was pretty strong and the mix of Island type songs and
american country music tines was very very easily cutting through the muck.
(i am a former country music radio personality, so that made it all the

I had V7AB in at listenable levels for over half an hour on November 11
between 0518UTC and 0550UTC. The signal would fade down at times but I
would give this an overall SINPO rating of 35354. I'd rate this as good
because I was easily able to understand the music and the clips I uploaded
to YouTube garnered me 4 notices of copyright violations for the songs,
which were all correctly identified by their systems in the copyright
violation notices.

Here's a clip of V7AB playing some island type music:

Here's V7AB playing Alan Jackson's "Good Times"

I had V7AB 1098 at very very very listenable levels, all things
considered on December 10th at 10:10PM AKST/11:10PM Pacific/0710UTC
December 11th)

Anyways, I heard what sounded like island christian/religious music
followed by an announcer talking and then more religious music

Here's a recording:

Here's KCBS Pyongyang on 873khz at the best levels I ever heard it, on
November 20th, 2016 at 1838UTC:

Here's HLAZ 1566 in in Russian on November 20th, 2016 at 1833UTC:

This is ABC Midwest & Wheatbelt's 6NM Northam, WA on 1215khz with 500 watts
non directional. The clip was recorded at 1837UTC November 25th, which
would be 237AM November 26th in Northam, Western Australia. ABC Midwest &
Wheatbealt never answered 2 emails and a snail mail letter, but I was able
confirm otherwise it was them.
Audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIBPaqhXQso

EAgle 810, from AFN Tokyo on Yakota Air Base was a regular visitor often
fair, but sometimes very good like this from November 21st at 1821UTC:

I had IRIB Iran, on 1026, The Voice of east Azerbyjan December 18th between
1900 and 1925UTC. One bit of audio here:

KIHH 1400 Eureka, CA 780 Watts with Christmas music and a merry Christmas
wish with specific mention of Immaculate Heart Radio. December 23rd
0956UTC/1256AM AKST. Audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJwDY_aRoFY

Radio 4TAB 1008, Brisbane with 10kw and very directional. 3 tower array. I
think the NE lobe from 4TAB must be smack pointed right at Galena, Alaska.
Recorded December 23rd at 1011UTC/1:11AM AKST with a very good signal.
Audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQjrBtmG-Dw

November 26th at 1829UTC/929am AK time, which would've been about 4:29AM
on Sunday November 27th in Queensland, Australia I heard "Superstition" by
Stevie Wonder, which turned out to be 4MK Mackay, QLD

Here is my recording:

I heard 4MK's sister station, 4RO 990 Rockhampton, QLD a few times,
December 26th around 1842UTC was the best I'd heard it:

One of my favorite catches was Eagle 1575 from AFN Misawa. 10:22AM
AKST/11:22AM Pacific/1922UTC, I had AFN Misawa on 1575 with The Plain White
T's and "Hey There Delilah". This is about as good as they ever were for
me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhplNNLyK1w

Here's ABC 4QD 1548 Emerald, QLD pretty loud, strong and solid from
December 26th at 1832UTC:

JOLF 1242 was my steadiest, strongest, most consistent TP signal, in almost
every day with a very listenable signal. Here they are on December 26th at
1929UTC: . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnYxyllvjec
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