Hard-Core-DX.com: 4QD 1548 into IL at sunrise today.

4QD 1548 into IL at sunrise today.

Monday, March 20 2017

Noting that Tim Tromp in MI has had them twice in a week and has caught
them in March in the past couple of years, I had to try this morning.
Previous attempts at getting them have resulted in carriers in too much
slop for audio.

I got to the rx this morning a minute prior to my 1154 UT SR. Bingo,
there's a big carrier on 1548.01 in much slop and sure enough I can hear an
Aussie accented guy speaking. The signal fades up and down lots and I check
around and note quite a few other highband carriers.

1548 was fading down somewhat by ToH but the ABC nx sounder mx was clear

A quick check of low band Aussie freqs showed about no trace. I'll see if
any Asians came thru when I get home. Japan and Korea seem to not get east
of cental OK unless cx are extraordinary.

73 KAZ Barrington IL Perseus and DKAZ at 330 deg