Hard-Core-DX.com: 4QD 1548 into IL at sunrise today.

4QD 1548 into IL at sunrise today.

Tuesday, March 21 2017

Nice going, Kaz, congrats! Yesterday morning was better here with less
slop from adjacent KXEL. I was able to dig out some short bursts of Aussie
accented audio under the splatter this morning just prior to 1200 UTC. By
1208 UTC, it was gone, carrier and all...

Tim Tromp
West Michigan

On Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 12:45 PM, Neil Kazaross <neilkaz58@gmail.com> wrote:

> Noting that Tim Tromp in MI has had them twice in a week and has caught
> them in March in the past couple of years, I had to try this morning.
> Previous attempts at getting them have resulted in carriers in too much
> slop for audio.
> I got to the rx this morning a minute prior to my 1154 UT SR. Bingo,
> there's a big carrier on 1548.01 in much slop and sure enough I can hear an
> Aussie accented guy speaking. The signal fades up and down lots and I check
> around and note quite a few other highband carriers.
> 1548 was fading down somewhat by ToH but the ABC nx sounder mx was clear
> enough.
> A quick check of low band Aussie freqs showed about no trace. I'll see if
> any Asians came thru when I get home. Japan and Korea seem to not get east
> of cental OK unless cx are extraordinary.
> 73 KAZ Barrington IL Perseus and DKAZ at 330 deg
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