Hard-Core-DX.com: ** Re. DX LISTENING DIGEST 17-14, April 5, 2017 (Glenn Hauser).

** Re. DX LISTENING DIGEST 17-14, April 5, 2017 (Glenn Hauser).

Tuesday, April 11 2017

** Re. DX LISTENING DIGEST 17-14, April 5, 2017 (Glenn Hauser).

-------------------** CAMEROON [non]. 15315. Mar 30 at 1835, Radio Sawtu Linjiila,ÂIssoudun-FRANCE, in Fulfulde. Man and woman announcers talks, both inÂconversation; 1842 Woman talks and a song; 1845 Man talks, ID andÂDrums; 1847 Woman announcer talks. Very good signal and modulation,Â45544. Â

15315. Mar 31 at 1848, Radio Sawtu Linjiila, Issoudun-F, in FulfuldeÂ(not in French, today). Man and woman announcer in conversation; 1858ÂIS (Drums and vuvuzela), ID and POBox. This station (SAWTU LINJIILA,ÂVoice of the Gospel) has a very good signal and modulation, 45544Â(DXer: Josà Ronaldo Xavier, Cabedelo-PB, Brazil, Sony ICF-SW100S,ÂAntenna: Longwire, Hard-Core-DX mailing list via DXLD)

I still have my doubts this qualifies as a ``station`` rather than aÂreligious program, like many others in a certain language which areÂnot considered distinct stations (Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

** Comments: It's true, Glenn. Some broadcasts are "Radio" when in reality they are just "Programs".
-------------------** IRAN. 9550. Mar 30 at 0149, Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran,ÂKamalabad, in Spanish. Woman announcer talks News; Interview with aÂman about BRexit and European Union situation; ID. Fair transmission,Â35332. Parallel on 12025 kHz, Kamalabad-IRN, itÂs signed-off today.Â(DXer: Josà Ronaldo Xavier, Cabedelo-PB, Brazil, Sony ICF-SW100S,ÂAntenna: Longwire, Hard-Core-DX mailing list via DXLD)

How do you know 9550 is Kamalabad?? That site was closed severalÂmonths ago, not clear whether temporarily or permanently. HFCC A-17Âhas duplicate registrations for the 0020-0320 Spanish on 9550 both forÂKAM, 500 kW at 259 degrees, and for SIRjan, 500 kW, 295 degrees. SoÂpossibly KAM is on standby status at least (Glenn Hauser, OK, DXÂLISTENING DIGEST)

** Comments: This log was made at the beginning of the A17 period and my reference was the HFCC A17 schedule. You are absolutely right, Sirjan is the true transmitter.

See a reference log:A17 ALL 31-mar-2017Global HF ScheduleProcessed on 31-mar-2017 at 13:25UTCTimestamp: 1490966705
FREQ STRT STOP CIRAF ZONES          ÂLOC POWR AZIMUTH SLW ANT DAYS  ÂFDATE ÂTDATE MOD AFRQ LANGUAGE  ADM BRC FMO REQ# OLD ALT1 ALT2 ÂALT3 ÂNOTESÂ9550 0020 0320 12-16             ÂKAM Â500 259   -15 215 1234567 270317 291017 D    Spa    ÂIRN IRB IRB Â1545           SPANISHÂ
-------------------Â** ROMANIA9730. Mar 30 at 0208, Radio Romania International, Tiganesti [sic], inÂSpanish. Man announcer talks News; ID; 0213 Program "Sociedad"; 0221ÂID an program "Vale la pena visitar Romania". Good signal and fairÂmodulation, 45433. Parallel log on 7375, 35433; 9510, Galbeni, 45544Âand 11945kHz, Galbeni, itÂs a awful transmission (DXer: Josà RonaldoÂXavier, Cabedelo-PB, Brazil, Sony ICF-SW100S, Antenna: Longwire, Hard-Core-DX mailing list via DXLD)

It seems I am the only one who spells it Tsiganeshti. The reason isÂthat the real name in Romanian has cedillas under the T and the S,Âwhich makes them sound ts and sh. If you can`t or don`t want to makeÂthose special characters, you should respell it, and other RomanianÂwords/names fonetikaly like this! (gh, DXLD)

** Comments: Glenn, this is complicated for me. I will continue to write Tiganesti (and not fonetikaly Tsiganeshti and/or ÈigÄneÈti) to this RRI (Radio RomÃnia InternaÅional) transmitter.Step the ball for you to score the goal!ÂRomanian philology and semantics await you !
-------------------Glenn, one question:When should I write sign-off and signed-off ?That's all for today.


Josà Ronaldo Xavier
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