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Wednesday, April 19 2017

11856.099 BRAZIL R. Aparecida Noticed that this has been way off
freq for at least the last 5 days. 0730 Rosary recital, then soft rel.
mx at 0734, studio W pgm host in PT at 0736, then Rosary again. Weak
and QRMed from 11855. //9630.02 which wasn't much better. (Valko 28

7615 PIRATE (Rel.) ex-YHWH 0509 Joshua w/usual rel. tlk and
ments of Yaweh. Pgm end at 0510 coinciding w/signal drop down to S8,
but then came back up to S9+10 a min. later. So fady and very noisy
signal. Deadair until finally going off at 0514:41. Didn't expect to
find him on this late. If he's still coming on around 0230, then his
sked is a good 2 and a half hours. (Valko 18 April)

5910.02 COLOMBIA R. Alcaravan 0520 nice canned ID/promo between
lively LA songs. Really good signal. (Valko 18 April)

6010.14 COLOMBIA LV de tu Conciencia 0522 end of song
"Heatwave" and into soft LA song. 0524 canned ID by W between songs.
0534 slow banjo version of the Christmas song "Silver Bells"!! (Valko
18 April)

6185.01 MEXICO R. Educacion 0417 lively instru. XE Ranchera mx.
Finally call and name ID by W in SP at 0454, and back to Ranchera vcl
mx. All songs at this time seemed to be by the same W vclist. Deadair
after song at 0503 to at least 0507. Gone at 0518 recheck. Big signal
w/some 6180 splash QRM until it went off at 0456. Also some QSB.
(Valko 19 April)

7615 ex-YHWH on the air again tonight at 0434. (Valko 19 April)

4949.73 ANGOLA R. Nac. Angola Fair good signal at 0508 w/W doing
the nx in PT ending w/headlines over fanfare mx at 0513. M anncr
briefly, then nice canned ID, and more canned anmnts by M w/ment of
musica, internet, Angola, a website URL, and "voz popular". Good audio.
(Valko 19 April)


Dave Valko
Dunlo, PA, USA

Perseus SDR
Wellbrook ALA1530S and 153 foot Delta Loop
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