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Alert: Voice Of Turkey 9830khz   
Friday, May 19 2017


Hi Paul,

German isn't scheduled at this time of day ...

TRT Livestream, see the enclosed B-16 file of mid January 2017,
when 0000 UT started German language TRT service on livestream
"TRT VOT World" (i.e. 2300 UT in A-17 season)

In Winter B-16 season, TRT website livestream outlets:

TURKEY Die Stimme der Tuerkei, Postbox 333,
TR-06443 Yenisehir, Ankara, Turkey


Dazu kommen mit sehr langer Verzoegerung gegenueber dem Direktsignal
nicht angesagte Internetuebertragungen bei


(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 16, 2017)



0000 Arabic Chinese German
0030 Urdu Chinese German

0100 Urdu Azeri Portuguese
0130 Dari Azeri Portuguese

0200 Pashto southern Turkmen Spanish 9410 9650
0230 Uzbek Arabic Kazakh Spanish 9410 9650

0300 Uyghur 9460 Kyrgyz Malay (Indonesian)
0330 Uyghur 9460 Uzbek Malay (Indonesian)

0400 Georgian Tatar English 6080 7240
0430 Georgian Uyghur English 6080 7240

0500 Russian Uyghur French
0530 Russian Dari French

0600 Bosnian Pashto southern Farsi
0630 French Uzbek Arabic Farsi

0700 French Azeri Uyghur
0730 Tatar Azeri Uyghur

0800 Serbian Azeri 11710 Macedonian
0830 Croatian Azeri 11710 Armenian

0900 Greek Bosnian Romanian
0930 Greek Farsi 11795 Kyrgyz

1000 Arabic 11955 Farsi 11795 Hungarian
1030 Arabic 11955 Farsi 11795 Japanese

1100 Georgian 9840 Tatar 15360 Japanese
1130 Georgian 9840 Uzbek 13655 Azeri

1200 Bulgarian 7245 Chinese 15420 Azeri
1230 Romanian Chinese 15420 German 15270

1300 Urdu 15390 Turkmen 11965 German 15270
1330 Urdu 15390 Uyghur 13685 English 12035

1400 Russian 9410 Uyghur 13685 English 12035
1430 Russian 9410 Albanian Kazakh 9785

1500 Italian 6185 Albanian Arabic 7295 17720
1530 Serbian Armenian Arabic 7295 17720

1600 Croatian Dari 9595 Farsi 6070
1630 Azeri 5965 Pashto so 9595 Farsi 6070

1700 Azeri 5965 Uzbek 9595 Bulgarian
1730 Tatar English 11730 Spanish 9495

1800 Hausa English 11730 Spanish 9495
1830 Hausa French 9620 German 5945

1900 Arabic French 9620 German 5945
1930 Arabic Russian English 6050

2000 Portuguese Russian English 6050
2030 Portuguese Swahili French 5970 9625

2100 Spanish Swahili French 5970 9625
2130 Spanish Arabic English 9610

2200 Bulgarian Arabic English 9610
2230 Greek Macedonian Italian

2300 Greek Russian English 5960
2330 Arabic Russian English 5960

Pashto southern = Kandahar Pashto.
Malay (Indonesian) = macro language Malay / Indonesian

Listening to many hours of programming in languages I understand at least
partly, I realise how much of the content is centrally prepared. I note a
dominant word in all languages: "terrorist" (PKK, PYD, Guelen movement,
IS). And I note as inconsistent compositions of quotations from
international press reports into a commentary programme as in the German

Turkey - During my ongoing research of their web stream


I note that the designer of the web site of Voice of Turkey did not
envisage pages for frequency and programme schedules in the different

I know that a number of the services available via


are not broadcast on short wave; nonetheless interested listeners of those
on short wave should ask for current frequency information to be included.
It would also be in the general interest of the specific language services
to have all platforms (incl. FM affiliates) mentioned that they are on.

The German Service does give frequency and programme schedules for their
short wave transmissions. So, I did not note this deficiency of the design
of the web site before. I just came across this problem when finding
German on internet streams and not finding any references on the German

Listeners of the English service should also note that the link at


directly leads to the TV service


This leads me to ask whether there is still any English audio content to
be found on the web site of the Voice of Turkey.


(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, conversation help with Alexander Busneag-D,
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 16, 2017)

----- Original Message -----
From: "Paul B. Walker, Jr." <walkerbroadcasting@gmail.com>

Sent: Friday, May 19, 2017 3:23 PM
Subject: [HCDX] Alert: Voice Of Turkey 9830khz

VOT uses this frequency solely for their 2200 to 2300UTC broadcast in
English to Eastern North America,.

Well, at least 3 times in the last 2 weeks, I've heard the broadcast
continue after 2300UTC.

The interval tune without speech will play out after the English language
transmission ends, and about 2256, it will hiccup and restart with speech
in German saying "This is the voice of turkey". and then a broadcast in
German will commence.

German isn't scheduled at this time of day, it happens much earlier.

The transmission in German will continue anywhere between 15 and 45
minutes before being abruptly shut off in mid sentence.

I suspect that the Turksat 3A or Turksat 4A satelitte feed from Ankara is
what feeds the Emirler Shortwave transmitter site. And, when the english
broadcast ends on the satellite next up is German and since the 9830khz
transmitter doesn't shut off, that's what we hear.

_ Hard-Core-DX mailing list

Hard-Core-DX mailing list


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