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TIP: Writing Reception Reports

Friday, June 16 2017

Iâll add my two cents on this â. yes Shazam is very useful in IDing music. I often use it when preparing reports for Europirate stations. I would never know the names of those Dutch drinking polkas they play!
QSLs are never a requirement that has be sent out by the station. It is courtesy of course and one always has âtheir fingers crossedâ that a reply will be forthcoming. Despite what we might think, stations donât always check reports for accuracy. I remember way back when, I thought I heard a station in Angola but what I was actually hearing was The Azores [at least I had the language correct!]. I had already sent my report to the Angolan station before I realized my error and they sent me back a really nice looking QSL card even though I did not hear them.
I think the only stations that irk me are the ones that promise QSLs but never send them.

- Chris Lobdell

On May 26, 2017, 10:44 AM -0400, 'Paul B. Walker, Jr.' walkerbroadcasting@gmail.com [badx] <badx@yahoogroups.com>, wrote:
> PRO TIP FOR WRITING RECEPTION REPORTS: If you listen to Shortwave stations that play music, like Radio Kuwait 15540khz and Radio Oman 15140khz, download Soundhound and Shazam on your smartphone or tablet device.
> Why? Stations like Oman and Kuwait play alot of pop/current music that I bet a fair amount of us DX'er have no clue of regarding title or artist and these two apps will identify those songs for you!
> All you have to do is play hold the phone up to the speaker during live reception or play back of recorded audio and it will identify it.
> I suggest both apps, as it seems Shazam is a bit better with weaker/crappier audio then Soundhound.
> Even if you don't record audio like I do, if you hold up your phone to the radio speaker, it'll identify the song in a matter of seconds.
> This is really handy, especially for those who don't have the ability to record, because including a playlist in your reception report is vital for stations to check against their programming logs to verify your report.
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