Hard-Core-DX.com: Glenn Hauser logs June 16-17, 2017

Glenn Hauser logs June 16-17, 2017

Sunday, June 18 2017

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U S A. 7490.03-AM, UT Sat June 17 at 0003, WBCQ with `Allan Weiner
Worldwide` --- he starts off saying his fingers are sore from twisting
dials, working on the #5 transmitter, a ``10-ton monster`` (really?) which
is installed in the same building as the backup steam engine, and to be
used on ``Nifty 32-50``. It seems someone else had done a lot of work on
it over winter, but still needs more. He`s tweeting photos of the process;
all WBCQ SW transmitters are used, converted from MW.

0022 takes a call from Mark Sills in Dallas with an update on George
Thurman`s condition in Houston: terrible injury, real serious, brain
damage, may not be same person if he recovers. Mark laments he can`t
travel to Houston to see him. Allan calls for prayers for George.

USA 7490.071 WBCQ - played OVERMODULATED DISTORTED sound pop mx program
at 0340 UT June 18, 12.8 kHz wideband transmission. S=9+35dB strength in
Detroit-MI remote SDR unit.

U S A. 7505.00, June 17 at 0316, WRNO is on tonight with Chinese, and
incredibly, right on frequency; don`t stay with it long enough to tell if
This report despatched at 1926 UT June 17
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USA 7504.992 WRNO in Chinese program, at 0330 UT on June 18, superpower
S=9+40dB signal noted in remote Detroit-MI unit, 10 kHz wide signal of
Chinese singer "Maria ..." sung. Excellent audio quality sound.

USA 7385even WHRI "Your Story Hour" seemingly, in Russian lang of course,
at 0348 UT on June 18, S=9+25dB signal in Michigan post.
Radioplay in Russian performed.

USA 7435 IBB Radio Marti service in Spanish from Greenville NC.
Full-bodied, over-arching report from the President's 'live recording'
speech trip to Miami Cuban immigration community / society.S=9+30dB signal
in Detroit-MI. At 0350 UT speech of "fuerza bandera..." etc. etc.

USA 5129.823 WBCQ, pop song music, S=5 not much strong at 0352 UT June 18,
guitar solo mx + orchestra mx.

USA 5085even WTWW Lebanon TN, played instrumental mx at 0355 UT, S=9+10dB
signal in Detroit-MI, and followed by singer group of the 60ties.

Others heard, on log in Detroit-MI remote SDR noted:

SUDAN 7205 Sudan Radio from Omdurman, well sounded AHEAD of NoAM ham radio
operators. Real S=8-9 signal across the Atlantic Ocean into Detroit-MI
at 0343 UT.
Female Arabic speaking presenter. btw. at this time Grayline was further
north between Nebraska and Calgary...

VATICAN STATE 7260 VoA Somalia service via SMG Santa Maria di Galeria,
powerhouse S=9+40dB into Detroit-MI at 0344 UT, scheduled 0330-0400 UT,
10 kHz wideband signal. At same time Vatican Radio itself sce in Somali
language too, but only S=9+10dB signal at 0346 UT.

73 wb df5sx

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