Hard-Core-DX.com: QSL's and an Apology!

QSL's and an Apology!

Friday, July 28 2017

Listen, I did wrong by bot sending out QSL cards for reception reports from
hosting some previous broadcasts of "The Classics Experience" on shortwave
via WRMI/WINB/Channel 292/Laser Hot Hits.

It was totally my fault, with no one else possibly to blame. I got so
flooded with mail and ended up being reminded how much I hate paperwork.
For real folks, I'm really sorry. "Office work" isn't really my field of
expetise or enjoyment.

Here is my offer for anyone reading this...if you send me an email with the
subject Reception report and simply include some time/date/frequency/song
details, I will send you back an EQSL. A short audio recording will help,
but not required.

No personal attacks or snide comments will be accepted, if they are in the
email, you get no reply.

If I do any future broadcasts, only EQSL's will be offered!!
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