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Sunday, September 10 2017

Manuel MÃndez
Lugo, Spain

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Asunto: EMR Relays + More

EMR Relays + More

Scheduled Transmissions from Radio City are:

3rd Saturday at 08.00 to 09.00 UTC on 9510 kHz with Repeats all other

4th Saturday at 12.00 to 13.00 UTC on 7265 kHz via Hamburger Lokalradio

Contact address remains: citymorecars@yahoo.ca

Saturday HLR:
06.00 to 10.00 UTC, on 6190 KHz
10.00 to 16.00 UTC, on 7265 KHz

European Music Radio Relays:

16th September 2017:

08.00 to 09.00 UTC on 6070 KHz - to *Western* *Europe* via Ch 292

21.30 to 22.00 UTC on 7490 KHz - to *Central & North America* via WBCQ

17th September 2017:

08.00 to 09.00 UTC on 9485 KHz - to *Western* *Europe* via MVBR

19.00 to 20.00 UTC on 6070 KHz - to *Western* *Europe* via Ch 292

Internet Repeats on 17th September 2017:

EMR will have this months Transmissions via two streams running at the
following Times:15.00, 17.00, 19.00 UTC

http://nednl.net:8000/emr.m3u will be on 96 kbps /44 KHz stereo for normal

http://nednl.net:8000/emr24.m3u will be 24 kbps / 22 KHz mono will be
especially for low bandwidth like mobile phones.

Sunday HLR:
09.00 to 12.00 UTC on 9485 kHz

E-mail: *redaktion@hamburger-lokalradio.de
<redaktion@hamburger-lokalradio.de> *Thank you!

HLR FM-DAB+ Program via the Internet : www.hamburger-lokalradio.net Daily
24 h

*The Mighty KBC: *Programme Schedule

Please Email: themightykbc@gmail.com Thank you!

Hobart Radio International:

Full Schedule A17: http://www.hriradio.org/p/current-schedule.html

Please Email: hriradio@gmail.com Thank you!
Radio Channel 292 Transmission schedules:

Radio Mi Amigo Transmission schedules:


For outside the listening area please try the Twente/Netherlands Web RX at

You can also hear many European free and alternative stations via the
Internet at: http://laut.fm/jukebox

Good Listening! 73s, Tom

European Music Radio:
website: www.europeanmusicradio.com
email: emrshortwave@gmail.com

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