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Radio Clube do Para 4885khz

Monday, September 11 2017

I am nearly certainly convinced Radio Clube do Para on 4885khz from
northern Brazil must've upgraded their transmitter or other equipment in
their transmitter plant very recently thus beefing up their 2000 watt non
directional signal or possibly hand't been running full power.

I had never heard them for 3 months or so and all of a sudden they're
becoming a semi regular and often GOOD catch here in Northern Pennsylvania.

Right about 2 minutes and 30 seconds that is a very clear "Radio Clube do
Para" ID in Portuguese with menitons of "kilohertz" and "Tropical" (4885khz
is in the 60 meter tropical band!) and shortly after the mention of 4885khz
there is another mention of "kilohertz" ago, which is their standard AM
frequency, 690.

0137UTC September 11th, 2017 S9+20 signal in Northwestern Pennsylvania
using a JRC NRD535D, 25 foot long by 10 foot tall Volleyball net shaped
Magnetic Loop Antenna connected to a Wellbrook ALA100LN controller head,
DXEngineering HF PreAmp and EmTech ZM2 Antenna Tuner.

Here is a 5 minute video, including a view of the signal meter on the radio:

Here is a 1 hour 7 minute audio only recording:
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